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Been spending more time on LinkedIn lately.

The other day someone wrote, “Is it more important to get new customers? or Repeat buyers?”

To which I replied, “If you can get repeat buyers then you can spend more to acquire new ones.”

Smart…I know.

And it's exactly why I didn't write you yesterday.

I realized I've been slacking off on keeping in touch with my clients.

That's why last month I secretly launched a client only newsletter to keep them engaged and informed of all the things we're doing behind the scenes to make them even more influential then they already are.

Originally the February newsletter was only supposed to be a couple of pages.

But it ended up being way more than that.

There was too much ground to cover on our new discoverABILITY focus for 2019.

There's no question this newsletter is one of the most valuable pieces I have ever written.

What's inside those pages could mean the difference between a total life of obscurity.

Or walking into a room where everyone knows your name.

People are excited to see you.

And they're lining up willing to pay any price to work with you.

Alas, this newsletter is only for my clients.

If you're reading these words right now I know you want to be unforgettable to the people you serve.

I know you want to make the biggest impact and help the most people you can.

I know you want to walk into a room and have everyone know your name.

So what are you waiting for?

Book a call with me and I'll show you how we do this for our clients.

Plus, when you book this weekend (only) I'll give you a copy of the February 2019 Podcast Factory Insiders Newsletter about being unforgettable (as a gift.)

Yes, it's truly priceless – because these newsletters aren't for sale anywhere and not available to the general public.

Book now at http://ThePodcastFactory.com/call

Talk Soon,
Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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