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Here's a dumb question I got from a reader over the weekend:

“You seem to send a short, spammy (“sales oriented” for the euphemistically inclined) messages sufficiently often to stray well over the line from helpful into annoying.

If you had a list that only entered my inbox 1-5 times per month (quality contact mgmt options can do this automatically) i might actually interact with them & consider collaboration rather than shaking my head at all the ‘sales noise' spewed forth in a pitiful attempt to simulate something worthy of actual attention & consideration as opposed to solicitations to engage in interactions motivated by money with minimal consideration spared for soul, enlightenment, or higher purpose.

If you have a low volume list feel free to add me with thanks for playing a part in parenting the above paragraph.  i suspect some similar words will spew forth from my ‘publishing empire' should I ever see fit to sullie myself with association to such ….. 

And the perverse imp of verbosity says enough for now ;).

It's like I always say,

You can't trust a “man” who uses 😉 in his typing.

It gives me the willies.

Dumb questions like his “low volume list” is exactly why I don't encourage anyone to ask me anything.

It's also why I limit the amount of hard teaching I do in these notes.

He was responding to the note I wrote telling you how The Secret is a total crock.

In that note you also got a tool to live a happier life without all the B.S.

Which is funny.

Why? Because he's whining about all my daily “sales” pitches in the note with all the “value.”

This is the exact reason I tell all our clients not to hard teach in their podcast episodes.

You give it all away and they'll hate you for it.

It's better to tease.


And make your call to action the sweet relief your listener is looking for.

Alright, I've already given too much away.

Don't want you accusing me of more hard teaching this week.

I'll be back tomorrow with a big fat sales pitch for you.

Hasta la bye bye
Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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