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When people ask me, “What is your favorite podcast?”
I look over both shoulders.
Then lower my voice to a whisper.
And tell them….
Doberman Dan’s “Off The Chain” show.
It’s not because I’m ashamed.… READ MORE

After I lost everything in 2008 I got gun shy about Real Estate.
It was a low point of my life.
I told myself I didn’t deserve anything.
I felt like a total P.O.S.
And I honestly thought I was better off getting a job and some “security.”
The only thing that kept me together was Cupcake.… READ MORE

Being in sales is tough.
Especially when you own your business.
Keeping the lights on and the team paid depends on you.
Eating, keeping a roof over your head, food in your belly.
It all depends on you making the sale.… READ MORE

​It might sound impossible to average ordinary people.
But you’re reading these words right now.
So you’re not average.
And you sure as heck aren’t ordinary.
That’s why I know you’re gonna dig this.… READ MORE

I’ve heard this story a thousand times…
And it never gets old.
A guy wants to start a podcast.
He does some research.
Buys a course or two.
Dives in and thinks he can do it all himself.
Which makes sense, because he built his business with his own two hands.… READ MORE

It never fails.
Say something “bad” about The Secret
And the fanboys come crawling out of the woodwork to defend it.
Yesterday I posted up a video about The Law of Attraction being B.S.… READ MORE

Before the Internet, TV, Radio, and books.
There was one way people shared critical information.
For generations people passed on the most important lessons in life using…
These stories kept people safe, happy, and alive.… READ MORE

Kinda embarrassed to admit this, but…​
I’m in my fourth year of Strategic Coach.
I’ve invested over $40,000 into being in the program.
Looking at the time and dough I’ve put in,
You’d think I’d listen to every word they say and do what they tell me to do.… READ MORE

“When will you ever learn?​”
That’s the question I kept asking myself during my latest Bone-headed Blunder.
You’d think after 15 years as an entrepreneur I’d quit making such stupid mistakes.… READ MORE

So many things trip people up when starting their podcasts.
What equipment to use?
What to talk about?
How to get it into iTunes.
But one of the biggest things that holds most people back is…
What do I name my show?… READ MORE

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