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Had an interesting conversation with one of our writers today.
He’s excited about launching his new eMail copywriting service.
And he wanted to rap with me about how we do “high ticket sales.”
In particular, how we sell our retainers to clients.… READ MORE

I know it’s weird.
But I pride myself in talking people OUT of podcasting.
Which seems counterintuitive for a guy who produces podcasts for a living.
But the fact is, not everyone needs a podcast.
If you’re just stating out.… READ MORE

Have you ever struggled with…
What to say?
Whether it’s in eMails.
Or in your podcasts.
Maybe you’ve struggled with not wanting to offend people or say the wrong thing.
And you know what?
That’s a HUGE mistake.… READ MORE

Got something new for you.
It’s a tool that’ll make you…
More Impactful.
More Memorable.
More Profitable.
Than all your competition.
This tool (and the science behind it) are responsible for millyuns of sales across all different markets.… READ MORE

Wondering if…
You should Podcast?
There are three things you need to have in place before you start a podcast.
Find out what the are in this video
Producer Jonathan

For years I’ve heard people talking about them.
People say they’re responsible for untold fortunes.
The guys who have them, make out like bandits.
And the poor saps who don’t are left penniless like paupers on the street.… READ MORE

If you’re in any kind of business where you need to…
.:: Get your name out there ::.
I want to save you years of frustration, wasted time, and embarrassing failure.
Getting your name out there is overrated.… READ MORE

There’s a reason why some of my favorite clients are the ones who…
Tried to do it all on their own.
Why? Because they know the massive amount of work it takes to have a good, quality show.
And most times they’re so involved in the “day to day.”
They fail to see the big picture.… READ MORE

Do you believe in luck?
Seneca said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
2,000 years later, this still holds true.
When you’re ready.
And an opportunity comes your way.… READ MORE

Can you guess what the 2 biggest questions I get about podcasting are?
The first one doesn’t matter.
Because if you get the second one right,
The first will take care of itself.
The second most popular question I get about podcasting is…
“How do I profit from my podcast?”
In the last ten years I’ve found only three ways you can profit from your podcast.… READ MORE

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