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Can you guess what the 2 biggest questions I get about podcasting are?

The first one doesn’t matter.

Because if you get the second one right,

The first will take care of itself.


The second most popular question I get about podcasting is…

“How do I profit from my podcast?”

In the last ten years I’ve found only three ways you can profit from your podcast.

Most people think they know the answer.

It’s the pie-in-the sky story every podcasting Guroob has been shoving down your throat for years.

They tell you to “follow your passion.”

And talk about it…((passionately.))


People won’t be able to resist you.

It’s the old, “Build a loyal audience and sponsors will line up with fat stacks of crispy new hundies making it rain until the cows come home.

As you know.

If you’ve been hanging around me a while.

This is a bunch of Bull Honkey!

But you wanna know something?

I’m a kind guy.



I don’t mind letting other people believe that nonsense as long as you…

My loyal reader.

Know the truth.

Those Guroobs are only 1/2 right.

There is only ONE perfect sponsor for your show.

Profit from your podcast with this ONE sponsor

The ONE who will be a perfect fit for your audience.

The ONE you audience won’t be able to resist.

This ONE sponsor will make the BIGGEST investment in your show.

And they’ll maker the BIGGEST profit too.

Want to know who that PERFECT sponsor is?

Plus 2 other ways you can make a profit from having your own podcast show?

Then shoot me an email back.

Tell me you want to know how you can make a ridiculous profit from your podcast even if you’re just getting started using my…

P3 Profit Maximizer.

All you gotta do to get started is:

Reply to this email,

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I’ve teamed up with one of my buddies who has been begging me for nearly a year to do this.

And now,

You’re a single “reply” email away from getting in on one of my most closely guarded secrets.

This is the kind of “mojo” my clients pay me tens of thousands of dollars for.

And you’ll be able to get in on it for a song.

By simply clicking “reply” on this email.

And telling me you want to profit from your podcast.

Ta Ta for Now,
Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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