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I think I did it again.
I made you believe I only did one thing.
Oh baby.
It might seem like I’m nuts.
But I’m serious.
Oh baby, baby.
Oops, I did it again.
I talked someone else out of podcasting.
On a call today with my favorite kind of business.… READ MORE

​Had an interesting call today.
The fellow started a podcast and wanted to know how to “monetize” it.
Which made me laugh.
Because he said he read my Direct Response Podcasting™ book.… READ MORE

I keep telling you how important it is to get great mentors.
How you need to be around the right people – the ones who lift you up and elevate you – if you want to have any shot at success.
You need to be around people who challenge you.… READ MORE

​If you love marketing like I do.
Theres no doubt you’ve heard the “I Love Marketing” Show with Dean Jackson and Joe Polish.
Anyone who knows the show
— knows —
Dean and Joe are prolific Direct Response Marketers.… READ MORE

​Got an interesting eMail from a subscriber this morning.
Here’s what he said:
“Appreciate you getting out there and producing content.
I saw the word “guroob” in your book and again in this email.… READ MORE

This is hard for me to admit.
I’m embarrassed and ashamed.
Turns out I’ve been living a total lie.
I’ve told everyone, “I’m doing this for my family.”
My work.
My art.
My life.
Is for my family.… READ MORE

​I gotta be honest with you.
When I talk to a person I know should be podcasting,
I want them to work with me.
Maybe I’m a little selfish.
It could be my ego?
But when I find that special person, with the right personality, great message, and ability to deliver.… READ MORE

​I hear it all the time.
People talking about “monetizing” a podcast.
And I laugh.
Why? Because they’re asking the wrong question.
What they should be asking is,
“How do I profit from my podcast?”
And that’s exactly what I’m about to show you.… READ MORE

​Just because you’re an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you should be…
Hustling and Grinding all the time.
In fact, if you’re doing things the right way you don’t have to live that way.
Missing out on your family.… READ MORE

​You’ve heard it before.
Maybe in Church, or from a friend, or from your family.
“Money is the root of all Evil.”
These piuos paupers preaching about moolah being a bad thing.
They’ve got it wrong.… READ MORE

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