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Here’s how you can tell if you’re doing something wrong in your marketing.
You get on a sales call and the other person says,
“What do you do?”
If they don’t already know what you do and how you can help them you may as well hang up.… READ MORE

The most common question I get from my clients…
“How do I get more downloads?”
Watch this short video for three tips that will ensure you never have to worry about downloads again.… READ MORE

Got an eMail this afternoon.
It read, “Jonathan, what happened to your daily eMail? I’ve missed you in my inbox.”
To which I replied, “I was just thinking how slacky I’ve been about my nightly notes.”
I’ve been in the lab recording Daddy’s Working Podcast episodes.… READ MORE

You remember those old AT&T commercials from the 80’s?
They said, “When the people you love come through loud and clear — that’s AT&T”
Then the jingle played…
“Reach out and touch someone.​”
People used to love getting phone calls.… READ MORE

There are two kinds of people in this world.
The Average Ordinary People (AOP)
They’re deathly afraid of being wrong.
They never take risks.
They cower away from a challenge because they prefer to stay in their ‘comfort zone.’
They’re always asking themselves…
What if this happens?… READ MORE

Yeah, Yeah…
I know it’s Labor Day.
And that’s why I’ve got something extra special for you.
​I’m about to share a strategy most average ordinary marketers don’t use.
It’s a long forgotten relic of the analog days.… READ MORE

If you’re new around here,
You prolly won’t notice this.
But the guys (and Gals) I call OG’s.
The originals.
The folks who have been around a while might are noticing.
It’s my dirty little eMail secret.
And it’s the way I make sure that I’m talking with you…

I think I did it again.
I made you believe I only did one thing.
Oh baby.
It might seem like I’m nuts.
But I’m serious.
Oh baby, baby.
Oops, I did it again.
I talked someone else out of podcasting.
On a call today with my favorite kind of business.… READ MORE

​Had an interesting call today.
The fellow started a podcast and wanted to know how to “monetize” it.
Which made me laugh.
Because he said he read my Direct Response Podcasting™ book.… READ MORE

I keep telling you how important it is to get great mentors.
How you need to be around the right people – the ones who lift you up and elevate you – if you want to have any shot at success.
You need to be around people who challenge you.… READ MORE

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