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It’s official.
The World Health Organization is calling the Corona Virus a Pandemic.
The stock market is plunging.
The Walmart is out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and Bleach.
What should you do?READ MORE

Want people to know your name?
Want more followers and faster sales?
Who doesn’t?
Good news friend…
I’ve got a formula that’s going to make you stand out, head and shoulders, above everyone else in your market.READ MORE

We’re lucky, aren’t we.
In a digital world we’ve got access to ‘on demand’ everything.
That’s why I hardly ever watch cable.
You can get any show you want.
When you want.
On Demand.
The other day my internet was down and I was forced to watch cable.… READ MORE

Got something cool for you.
Especially if you want to know how to create a business that runs by itself.
With or without you there…
The dough keeps rolling in.
Did an interview with a guy who runs 12 companies that keep the cash flowing while he makes memories with his family.… READ MORE

​Weirdest thing happened yesterday.
Two guys from opposite ends of the spectrum.
One was in a group of millionaire real estate investors.
The was a complete noob in business.
Both of them were making excuses.… READ MORE

If you’re like most people…
You hate your job.
It’s even worse if you’re an entrepreneur and the business you built is nothing more than a low paying J-O-B you hate.
No time for family.
No time for fun.… READ MORE

If I asked you,
“What makes a great podcast?”
What would you say?

It has to be entertaining.
It has to make you think.
It has to be informative.

Sure, those sound good.
But how do you measure it?… READ MORE

​There’s nothing more frustrating than…
Painstakingly creating content.
Minute after Minute.
Hour after hour.
That no one.
On earth.
Cares about.
It hurts your pride.
Show you’re out of touch.… READ MORE

​Have you hit a plateau?
Noticed you’re on the phone with the wrong kind of people asking the wrong questions too often?
Feeling like your sales are slowing down and you’re not sure why?
You might be making this major marketing mistake.… READ MORE

​One of the hardest parts about being a coach or consultant is…
Having to sell your services.
Especially if you have a higher ticket offer you must sell over the phone.
And you’re using paid traffic to get leads.… READ MORE

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