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​There’s nothing more frustrating than…
Painstakingly creating content.
Minute after Minute.
Hour after hour.
That no one.
On earth.
Cares about.
It hurts your pride.
Show you’re out of touch.… READ MORE

​Have you hit a plateau?
Noticed you’re on the phone with the wrong kind of people asking the wrong questions too often?
Feeling like your sales are slowing down and you’re not sure why?
You might be making this major marketing mistake.… READ MORE

​One of the hardest parts about being a coach or consultant is…
Having to sell your services.
Especially if you have a higher ticket offer you must sell over the phone.
And you’re using paid traffic to get leads.… READ MORE

If I asked you,
“Who is your product for?”
Would you be able to answer me in a single sentence?
One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is thinking your product is for “everyone.”
But it’s not your fault.… READ MORE

Got something super cool for you.
Especially if…
You have an audience (even a small one) that haven’t bought enough from you.
The reason they’re not buying is because you haven’t given them what they need.… READ MORE

Get this,
Last week a guy applied to work with me.
His list of credentials included: D.J. + Speaker +​ Cannabis Professional + Activist.
Pretty eclectic mix, huh?
I knew he wasn’t a fit for what we do here at The Podcast Factory,
But I called him anyway.… READ MORE

Here’s how you can tell if you’re doing something wrong in your marketing.
You get on a sales call and the other person says,
“What do you do?”
If they don’t already know what you do and how you can help them you may as well hang up.… READ MORE

The most common question I get from my clients…
“How do I get more downloads?”
Watch this short video for three tips that will ensure you never have to worry about downloads again.… READ MORE

Got an eMail this afternoon.
It read, “Jonathan, what happened to your daily eMail? I’ve missed you in my inbox.”
To which I replied, “I was just thinking how slacky I’ve been about my nightly notes.”
I’ve been in the lab recording Daddy’s Working Podcast episodes.… READ MORE

You remember those old AT&T commercials from the 80’s?
They said, “When the people you love come through loud and clear — that’s AT&T”
Then the jingle played…
“Reach out and touch someone.​”
People used to love getting phone calls.… READ MORE

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