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Have you heard of Thor? He’s a Hammer wielding God from Norse Mythology. He’s also one of my favorite characters from Marvel’s Avengers. Thor’s main job is to protect mankind. Along with his super strength he’s got the power of lightning and thunder to help him on his mission.… READ MORE

The commercial starts with a wide angle shot of ten pink bunnies banging bass drums. Each second another bunny dies and stops drumming. At the end, only one is left. You might remember the 1988 ad for Energizer batteries where the bunny keeps going, and going, and going.… READ MORE

We were at the top of the mountain, facing another treacherous journey to the bottom. Tired, bruised, and beaten up my wife “Cupcake” and I strap in for our last run of the day. The average snowboarder takes 15 minutes to get to the bottom.… READ MORE

In 1679, French physicist Denis Papin invented a new way to cook. He created an airtight cooker that leveraged steam to raise the boiling point of water. His invention, the pressure cooker, made cooking much faster.… READ MORE

In August of 1992, Florida was devastated. Hurricane Andrew had landed. At that time, Andrew was the most destructive hurricane to ever hit Florida.
Andrew easily blew the roof off every house he came across.… READ MORE

When people think of advertising they think of companies like Apple and Coca-Cola. If you asked what their favorite ads were, they might think of colorful dancing silhouettes with iPods. Maybe they’d have memories of big white Polar bears drinking Coke at Christmas.… READ MORE

I love being silly with my son. The other day while sitting on the couch watching T.V. I asked him, “You want a Chelbow?” His nose scrunched up, his eyes got wide, and he excitedly asked, “What’s that Daddy?”
I proceeded to poke my elbow into the middle of his little chest.… READ MORE

You’ve likely never heard the name Bharat Jain. He’s well known in his home city, Mumbai. In a country where the average worker makes less than $1,700 USD per year, he defies the norm. On a good day Bharat brings home $1,000 USD per day.… READ MORE

After 10 months of living off savings, and doubting himself, Sal Khan began wondering if he made the biggest mistake of his life. After leaving his unfulfilling, but well paying job as a hedge fund-manager, Khan decided to pursue his dreams.… READ MORE

A virus that wipes out nations.
The totalitarian government takes over.
People are oppressed.
And there’s a crazy masked vigilante running around trying to start a revolution.
Nope, it’s not the nightly news (even though it sounds like it.)
Last night, after we put our son Huddy to bed, Cupcake and I decided to catch a flick.… READ MORE

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