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We were at the top of the mountain, facing another treacherous journey to the bottom. Tired, bruised, and beaten up my wife “Cupcake” and I strap in for our last run of the day. The average snowboarder takes 15 minutes to get to the bottom. It was our first day on snowboards, and this run would take us another grueling hour.

In 2010 Cupcake and I were fed up with ski boots crushing our feet, so we decided to learn how to snowboard together. We didn't realize how painfully fun it would be to learn to ride. It was incredibly scary to have both feet strapped to a board with no brakes facing down a 3,200 foot descent. One of the biggest mistakes we made when we first started was going too slow.

Starting your own podcast can be equally scary. It's a rollercoaster of emotions with no brakes. You've got no one in front of you giving you feedback. You're scared you might say the wrong thing. You wonder if anyone will listen. You don't know what to expect, so you think your best bet is to slow down.

While your instincts may be telling you to slow down, the key to having more control is to go faster. The faster you go, the more control you have. Today we'll explore a concept called The Mountain Effect, when to use it, and how to leverage it to get your podcast on the air faster.

The problem with slowing down

On a snowboard, when we go slow, our edges don't dig and we have no control. When your edges don't dig in the board will flop around wildly from side to side until you finally catch an edge and get catapulted head first into the snow. This lack of control is incredibly scary.

What goes up must come down

Gravity is a force of nature that can not be beat. When Cupcake and I finally hired a snowboard instructor he said, “When you try to fight gravity, you will lose. Instead of fighting it, use it to your advantage.”  He showed us to point our boards down the hill and let gravity do its thing. When we did this, we had a lot more control of our ride.

This is where I discovered The Mountain Effect

Snowboards are made for speed. When you have enough speed your edges dig into the snow and allow you to carve into turns. This gives you total control. It's the same when starting your podcast. Instead of fighting the process and slowing down, you'll have more control when you go faster and dig in.

The faster you go, the more confident you will be

Once you've made the choice to start your podcast the best thing you can do is to move quickly through the process. Put your self doubts aside, forget about slowing down, and let the momentum carry you to where you want to go. We've helped over 50 experts launch their podcasts to eager audiences and we know one thing for sure. The faster your podcast gets into your listeners ears, the sooner you'll start enjoying the ride.

Next Steps:

We talked about speeding up in this article. The faster you move through the process, the better you will be. One of the reasons this works is because of your repeated practice. More practice = More Confidence. I recorded a short training on this concept, you can listen to it here https://thepodcastfactory.com/dwp007/

And, when you're ready to get your podcast on the air quickly with no headaches or hassles we're here to help. I can show you how to have your podcast on the air in 30 days without all the bumps and bruises of doing it all yourself. Book your 30 minute call here: https://thepodcastfactory.com/start/

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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