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In August of 1992, Florida was devastated. Hurricane Andrew had landed. At that time, Andrew was the most destructive hurricane to ever hit Florida.

Andrew easily blew the roof off every house he came across. After the massive destruction caused by Andrew, building codes in Florida changed. Builders were required to use hurricane ties to secure roofs onto houses to make the structure stronger.

Much like Hurricane Andrew, a powerful story can blow away our listeners and destroy our connection with them if they aren't prepared. That's why we need “Story Ties” to keep them locked into our content. Story Ties make the connection with our listeners much stronger.

In this article we'll discuss what a Story Tie is, why we need them, and how to use them to make your podcast stronger.

We all know the right story makes a connection with our listeners

But how do we connect seemingly random stories to the core content we are creating. A Story Tie is a single idea that transitions the story your are telling into the content of your podcast. Want to see what a Story Tie looks like?

Take a look at the Hurricane Andrew story above. When you read it, what comes to mind? Destruction? Connection? Stronger? Any one of those could have been the Story Tie. I chose stronger.

Remember the time someone told you a story and you wondered, “What's the point?”

That was a story with no tie. When we don't have a Story Tie it can leave our listeners lost and confused. People get consumed wondering, “What's the point?” They stop listening to us. The Story Tie locks our listeners in and keeps them interested in what we're saying.

The best stories are the ones that don't seem to connect

What do hurricanes and podcast have in common? Nothing. That's what creates contrast. When you have contrasting ideas it causes people to become interested. They want to know how the story ends. The only way for them to know is to listen to your show.

Story Ties keep our listeners locked in

Builders don't put up walls without a plan. It's the same for podcasters. We can't record a single word until we have a plan. Part of the planning process is knowing what stories we want to tell and how we'll tie them into the lessons we're sharing. We need Story Ties for every single story we tell to keep our listeners locked into our content.

The best place for a Story Tie is at the very end of your story

Often, the last word we say is the one people remember. When planning your stories, make sure the very last word ties into your content. When you use Story Ties correctly, your content will make a bigger impact and you'll have a much stronger connection with your listeners.

Keep your listeners from blowing away

If we want to tell good stories that keep our listeners from blowing away like a roof in a hurricane, we need Story Ties. Tying our story to our lesson takes planning and practice. The best stories are the ones that don't seem to connect with our content. Story Ties keep our listeners interested and makes our bond with them much stronger.

Next Steps:

In today's article we talked about storytelling. If you want to tell better stories that people remember and repeat back to you, check out this episode of The Daddy's Working Podcast https://thepodcastfactory.com/dwp-024/

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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