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Employees say the darndest things.

A while back I was on a call with someone we hired to help with marketing stuff.

We were talking numbers.

I wasn't happy with what she was saying.

So I kept digging.

Asking question after question trying to understand why she wasn't hitting her numbers.

Finally, she'd had enough.

That's when she said,

“I don't have any magic answers for you.”

This infuriated me.

Why? Because she's living the safe life with nothing at risk.

She shows up to work sits her a$$ in a chair and gets paid for having a pulse.

No risk.

Nothing on the line.

And a nonchalant attitude about my dough.

I tried to hide my anger as I said,

“I'm not asking for magic, I'm asking for data.”

To which she had no response.

The point:

Most employees have this attitude.

It's to be expected.

They're on the safe side of the equation where they're guaranteed a paycheck just for showing up.


The entrepreneurs.

We take the risk.

We take the pain.

We're willing to brave uncertainty to get the rewards we deserve.

Which is why we work so well with other entrepreneurs like us.

We know what you've been through.

We've been there too.

So when we decide to work together,

We're in it to win it with you.

You want someone who takes your struggle for granted and is only there for a paycheck?

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You want someone who'll be there through thick and thin to get you the results you want?

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Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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