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Just got off a call with one of our clients.

He said, “I feel like I've talked my topic to death. You think we can pivot to talk about something else?”

My answer in a second, but first…

When I started podcasting (way back in 2009) I used to box myself into a topic, beat it to death, get bored, and burnt out, lose interest and quit.

After a few years and some failed shows I realized this was a terrible mistake.

Especially if you want to make your show a part of your business for the long term.

Nowadays I have a whole different philosophy about it.

So when he asked me if he could change topics I said…


Your show should evolve with you.

As you grow, your perspective will change.

What was once important will no longer matter.

That's why I always lean towards picking show names that can start a movement.

Can activate your base.

Can keep people excited year after year and still give you room to grow.

One of my favorite parts working with clients is the process we go through to uncover the name of their show.

We usually find it inside The Content Vault™.

9 times out of 8 it's something totally different than either of us expected.

That's what keeps it fun.

Anyways, after giving him the “go-ahead” to talk about other stuff on his show he said,

“This is awesome, now that I've got the blessing from the Pope of Podcasting I can move forward…”

I'm no pope.

A poop maybe.

But that's a discussion for another day.

For now,

If you want to get your message clear so you only attract the most qualified clients to your business using strategic content – that's what we do.

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Jonathan “His Assholeyness” Rivera

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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