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When I saw the application come through I told Cupcake,

“This one isn't going anywhere.”

“How do you know?” she asked.

And I told her we received almost the same exact app from the same person a year ago.

The income hadn't changed.

The reason they booked the call hadn't changed.

Nothing changed.

But I was feeling generous, so I took the call anyways hoping I might be able to give this person the kick in the butt they so desperately needed.

No dice.

We got on the call and the conversation was nearly identical to the last time we spoke.

I didn't even have to take notes – the notes I had from last time were still good.

When they asked me what I thought I said,

“You're income is the same.”

“You're situation is the same.”

“I have the solution for you, but you won't like it.”

They asked me to give it to them straight.

Here's what I said:

“You don't need a podcast.”

“You need sales.”

I told them to go out and get clients, come up with an offer people can't refuse.

And when he's doing $25k per month consistently come back and I'll show him how to double it.

The weird part is…

It's the same exact advice I gave them last time.

This is the reason I talk so many people out of podcasting.

If you don't have a stable business.

If you're not making consistent sales.

You need to sure up those parts of your business before I can help you.

In other words…

We don't start fires.

We pour gas on them.

Ready for gas?

Find out how we can help at http://ThePodcastFactory.com/call/

Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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