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As expected,
The reviews for my new Podcast Recipes book are flooding in.
It’s more of a trickle.
Better yet,
A drip.
OK, it’s only two so far.
But who’s counting?
Here’s what Mark Wilcox has to say:
“If you want to know how to make a podcast that’s going to change people’s lives for the better and make you piles of moolah in the process then you need this book.READ MORE

Around my house we call my Dad, “Opposite Man.”
Becuase when you expect him to do one thing, he always does the opposite.
It was difficult when we were working together.
I’d give him a list of things to do, and he would do his own thing.… READ MORE

The first glowing review for my Podcast Recipes book:
“This is the most valuable information about about podcasting I have seen pound for pound (well, no pun intended, it’s a REAL book).READ MORE

Can you guess why today is so special?
It’s definitely not becuase I’m doing one of those lame ”Flash” sales every other Guroob is doing.
It’s not becuase we’re celebrating Independence Day here in the good ol’ U.S.… READ MORE

If you’re trying to break into a new market it can seem difficult.
Especially if no one has ever heard of you.
You’ve got established competitors taking up mind share and market share.
People who have been around longer than you, with larger companies than you, who have more customers than you, and a way bigger budget than you.… READ MORE

As if I didn’t give you enough reasons last time…
Here is some more of the yummy goodness inside my brand spanking new Podcast Recipes Book

Why 99% of podcasters miss this hidden resource that will build their email list and make them sales
The secret of starting your podcast with no money down.… READ MORE

Yesterday I had a small glitch with my email system.
Instead of getting one email from me you got two back to back.
The one about my new book wasn’t supposed to come out until today.
Now you know my brand spanking new Podcast Recipes book is available on Amazon.… READ MORE

I’m neck deep in packing right now.
Cupcake and I are moving The Podcast Factory world headquarters 15 miles east into the heart of Downtown.
I’ll be sharing more about this move in future notes.
To celebrate I wanted you to have some of my best Podcast Recipes to help you build your brand, grow your audience, and make more sales.… READ MORE

In our microwave society,
With fast food, fast cars, and overnight success.
It’s rare to see anyone playing the long game.
If they can’t have it right now they don’t want it.
It’s no wonder most new businesses fail within the first two years.… READ MORE

What a day.
Eight hours locked in a room working on my business.
It’s my third year of Strategic Coach.
If you’re not familiar with “Coach”, the whole point of the program is to create a self managing company.… READ MORE

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