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Facebook is at it again.
Some new change to their algo-thingy has my news feed all messed up.
There’s these weird videos of crap I never watch.
But one of them stopped me dead in my tracks.
It was a video with a chick sitting on a bench at the mall with a very revealing top on 
(her chestacles were practically hanging out.)
People passed by.… READ MORE

If you’re reading this and you’re not sure if you’re a baller or not…
I’ll help you figure it out in 2 simple questions:
1. If you had to ask yourself, “Am I a baller?” – then you’re prolly not.… READ MORE

This is no joke.
In a few short hours my next issue of The Podcast Mogul newsletter goes to the printer.
The next one is my 24th.
Inside you’ll find timeless tips for networking, getting more downloads, becoming a better leader, and making more sales.… READ MORE

I know I’m right when I tell you…
The next issue of my Podcast Mogul Newsletter is the MOST valuable issue EVER.
Why? Because inside you’ll get my top 24 BIG MONEY tips from the last two years worth of issues.… READ MORE

Have you ever heard the Lou Holtz quote, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”
I like it a lot.
Only, I would change one thing.
I’d say if you’re not growing you’re going extinct.
That’s why I developed a tool that measures your “daily growth” to make sure you’re on target to hit your goals.… READ MORE

Read in the paper yesterday the great evangelist Billy Graham died.
According to the article he was one of the most influential spiritual leaders of modern times.
He counseled many US presidents.
And he was a rock star.… READ MORE

On back to back calls yesterday I realized something interesting.
There is an underground world of experts behind the experts.
These are the people doing the things that make the GuRoobs shine.
I call these people “Invisible Experts”
Nobody sees them.… READ MORE

Look, if you’re a spelling (or grammar) Nazi you should know one thing.
I don’t care about that stuff (and YES – I know I misspelled school)
I’m not turning this note in for a grade.
A while back we were looking at “schools” for our 3 year old son.… READ MORE

It was nice when I was behind the scenes.
Nobody knew who I was.
Nobody bothered me.
But ever since I decided to be the “face” of The Podcast Factory I’ve been dealing with some new stuff.
Like for instance… HATERS.… READ MORE

Are you running paid ads on Facebook?
Have you heard the rumors that everything is about to change?
Yeah, me too.
One thing that won’t change is the FAT mistake I made with my ads that cost me BIG buckeroos.… READ MORE

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