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I’m not too proud to admit when I screw up.
And boy have I screwed up recently.
I totally forgot the first law of Direct Response Marketing – “Tell them what to do next”
I’ve been telling you all about my adventures on Facebook.… READ MORE

There’s no question in my heart that every other “witty” marketer has sent you some sort of Valentine eMail.
Good for them.
This isn’t one of those.
Instead I want to tell you a dirty little secret about me.… READ MORE

After 2 years and 2,452 people.
A study by Northwestern University has found that proximity to high achievers CAN improve your performance.
Either through peer pressure or new learning.
When you get around high achievers you get a boost.… READ MORE

I’m sitting on my back patio with the grill blazing at 400 degrees.
It’s Daddy’s turn to cook dinner.
Nathans dogs on the grill.
Blue Moon Beer in hand.
And all I can think is, “Seinfeld made me do it.”
Did you ever watch The Seinfeld Show?… READ MORE

People will do anything to hold on to the world “as they see it.”
And I get it.
Who wouldn’t want to pretend to eat a medium-rare T-Bone Steak smothered in butter,
Rather than:
Wake up,
And realize you’ve been eating shit all these years inside the Matrix.… READ MORE

Check it,
Last week I was high in the mountains of Utah for a mastermind.
The people in this group are collectively doing tens of millyuns of dollars in sales each year.
The investment to be there – over 40k.… READ MORE

On Tuesday and Wednesday I was locked up…
In a room with a bunch of seven figure businesses.
Getting access to this group is the single biggest investment I’ve made since becoming an entrepreneur 14 years ago.… READ MORE

When I was a kid I took up with the wrong crowd.
They were a bunch of hooligans always getting in trouble.
My parents told me, “Those kids are keeping you down. You need to get new friends.”
And they were right.… READ MORE

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” ~ Jim Rohn
Who are you hanging out with?
Are they elevating you or bringing you down?
Here’s a quick video showing you the difference and how you can fix it pronto

What if you could leverage someone else’s authority to build a multi-million dollar company?
A while back I did an interview with a guy who has done this over and over again to the tune of 400 million dollars per year and growing.… READ MORE

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