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The next issue of my Podcast Mogul Newsletter is the MOST valuable issue EVER.

Why? Because inside you'll get my top 24 BIG MONEY tips from the last two years worth of issues.

These timeless classics will make you the smartest, sexiest, most popular person on the planet.

Here's a sneak peak inside:

1. The ALR formula for effortless networking   p3
2. The Linchpin of your online business    p3
3. Podcast Launch Formula    p4
4. No Money Down Podcast Recipe    p4
5. Jedi Interview Trick    p5
6. Your one page media kit    p6
7. How to get people binge listening to your shows    p6
8. The boring old analog secret to never ending happiness    p7
9.  The cure to information overload    p7
10. Double your learning    p7
11. Eat your broccoli    p8
12. The Billion Dollar Man    p9
13. Podcast Promotion Checklist    p10
14. The Law of Reciprocity    p11
15. Building BOTS for your biz    p12
16. Podcasts SUCK for getting leads    p13
17. The Course Corrector Tool    p14
18. The wrong way to “give value”    p14
19. My Direct Response Podcasting™ Framework    p15
20. The Audience Expander (expanded)    p16
22. Turning listeners into subscribers    p18
23. The P3 Power Matrix    p20
24. Nothing bad ever comes from writing daily    p20

Put one of these to work in your biz and you'll see a difference.

Put a few of these to work for you and you will rule your market.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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