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Look, if you're a spelling (or grammar) Nazi you should know one thing.

I don't care about that stuff (and YES – I know I misspelled school)

I'm not turning this note in for a grade.


A while back we were looking at “schools” for our 3 year old son.

We visited a bunch and weren't impressed with any of them.

After months of searching we found a cool place down the street we really liked.

Everything was going well until the director started telling us about their “theme months” where they teach a certain “values” to the kids.

When I asked what she meant she said, “Next month is giving month. We'll be teaching the kids how it's better to give than receive.”

That's when alarm sirens began ringing uncontrollably in my head.

WTF have I stepped in to?

This is some kind of Socialism brainwashing bootcamp.

I snatched up Huddy and held him like a loaf of bread while grabbing Cupcake's hand and making a mad dash for the parking lot.

Why? Because that kind of thinking is what keeps people broke and unhappy.

And I don't want those AOP's infecting my son's brain with that stuff.

I'm teaching my son the opposite.

It's better to receive then give.

That way you know you can take care of yourself and those close to (((you first)))

Then you can share.

Take care.

Jonathan “The King of Podcasting” Rivera

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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