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Hmm, I better choose my words carefully this time.
Last week I wrote to tell you the story about a guy who I jumped on a strategy call with, even though he didn’t match my criteria.
Looks like it was a bad choice of words.… READ MORE

Here’s what Nathan Segal said about his call with me:
“Our call today was unexpected. It was less about building our podcasting audience and more about our message; our marketing. You surprised me me by saying that the message of another guru was not what we needed, the the answers were already there in form of the customers we have already served, that we have helped.… READ MORE

Got something for you.
It’s kinda old.
It’s kinda funny.
Back in 2014 my buddy Ben Settle had me on his show and I proceeded to give what he described as “The World’s worst sales pitch for podcasting.”
Before I give you the link you should know…
This was back before The Podcast Factory was a real biz.… READ MORE

Last friday morning Cupcake woke up in shock.
Her eMail inbox was overflowing with “Black Friday” sales from every retailer on the planet.
Normally she has 10-20 eMails in the morning.
But on this particular morning she had over 150.… READ MORE

I was heading into bed,
It was 9:00 pm.
Cupcake’s phone dings with a new eMail.
She looks at it and says, “Oh, it’s only you. I used to read your emails when you were sending them once or twice per week.… READ MORE

You want to know one of the biggest mistakes I see people making all the time?
It’s looking for answers in all the wrong places.
They jump from book to book.
Guroob to Guroob.
In hopes they’ll fine the magic answer to their problems.… READ MORE

I’m going to make you a bold promise here.
And for the right person, this could be awesome.
So here’s the deal.
I want to DOUBLE your sales.
Yes, you read that correctly.
DOUBLE your sales.
I’m so confident in my Direct Response Podcast™ framework.… READ MORE

You remember the OLD way to gain authority in your market?
Where you had to write a book,
Fly across the country,
Live in Hotels,
Speak at Conferences,
And work your tail off just so people knew your name.… READ MORE

The other day I asked,
“Why are you here?”
And I got some interesting responses.
One of them came from Jon Paul Ahsworth.
Here’s what he wrote:
“Not at the level for a podcast yet but I am however, learning email marketing by studying the lists that I am on.… READ MORE

I know you might not be from the U.S.
But we’re celebrating “Thanks Giving” over here.
Around this time of year people start playing up the, “I’m grateful for this & I’m grateful for that” act.… READ MORE

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