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In his book, The Strangest Secret, author Earl Nightingale tells the story of a Sea Captain setting sail on a voyage across the ocean. The Captain can't see his destination, but he has faith that he'll arrive safely to his destination by following the map.

Similarly, our podcast listeners can't always see where they're going. That's why we must give them a map.

If we're doing our job correctly on the podcast, they will have faith that we can deliver them to their destination. In today's article we'll talk about turning podcast listeners into booked appointments on our calendar using The Client Matrix.

You are the guide

Best selling author, Donald Miller says, “Everyone is the hero of their own story.” The businesses that try to be a hero fail. What we must realize is we are the guide. This fundamental shift allows us to collaborate with our clients instead of competing with them.

Once we realize we're the guide, things become much simpler

Instead of trying to compete with our clients to be the hero of the story, we become their supporter. Our wisdom and experience becomes an asset to help them on their journey. Once they know we can help them reach their destination they'll be much more excited to work with us. That's when it's time to reveal the map.

The sea captain needs a map (and so do our listeners)

In the story above, the Sea Captain confidently sets sail knowing he'll reach his destination because he has faith in his map. The same goes for our listeners. When they have confidence that we can help them, they need a map to reach their destination.

One of the biggest mistakes most podcast hosts make is not having a map that leads listeners to their calendars. When listeners don't know where to go, they get lost. That's why we must tell them exactly where to go, and what to do to get to their destination.

This doesn't have to be complicated either. In his show, Cleveland Real Estate Investor, Joe Lieber tells his listeners to call him if they have any questions. He gives his number on the show and listeners know they need only pick up the phone and dial to get in touch with him.

On the other hand, Ben Settle runs a product business and he would never give his number out publicly. Instead, he tells his listeners to go to his website and sign up to receive a free issue of his $97 per month eMail Players newsletter.

No matter what business we're in, we have to give clients a clear map to get what they want.

But, how do we get people on our calendar?

If you're like me, you do your selling by phone. It's no different than the two previous examples. If we want to book more calls we have to tell people to go to our website and book a call. It's really that simple. But, booking a call is a big ask if people aren't ready yet.

That's why I always recommend our clients have a second call to action that's a smaller ask. We can simply invite them to our website optin for a free report. Once they're on on our eMail list we can ask them again to book a call. Now let's pull this all together.

The Client Matrix is the Map

Most people who start podcasts don't consider how they'll turn listeners into clients. They think building a brand is enough to get more business. It's not. People need to know they can trust us, then we need to show them how to move forward.

The Client Matrix gives your listeners a map from where they are, to where they want to be, simply and safely, without question.

Where are you going?

In today's article we talked about The Client Matrix and how it helps turn listeners into booked appointments on our calendar. Before listeners are ready to book a call with us, they need to trust that we can help them. That's why our podcast must be stocked full of valuable content. To find out how you can create valuable content check out this article on The Content Vault https://thepodcastfactory.com/the-content-vault-how-to-make-your-podcast-more-valuable/

When you're ready to attract more pre-sold clients, we should talk. We've been helping coaches and consultants attract more high-value clients since 2013. We can help you to. Book a quick 30 minute call and I'll show you how it works https://thepodcastfactory.com/start/

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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