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Have you ever had your day ruined by something someone else said to you? How much would your life change if you were able to move on and get over being offended quickly and easily?
In today’s episode, you’ll learn the reality behind the thought patterns that keep us stuck when we get upset or offended and the secret to overcoming those thought patterns to help you live a free and uncommon life.… READ MORE

If you want to outflank your competition and be at the seller’s door before anyone else, you need to know where sellers go when they realize they want to sell their property. If you’re not there, somebody else will—and take the lead from you.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll learn…

Why a better swing leads to worse scoring and how to fix it (1:02)
Why wanting a perfect swing is making you worse (1:51)
The reason a perfect swing makes you hit some of the crappiest shots in your life (11:48)
The “six-inch” problem that’s sabotaging your score (1:16)
Why working on your game is causing you to 3-put more than ever (7:37)
How to retrain your brain to find the good in every shot (9:42)
What to do immediately after hitting a bad shot that automatically fixes your next shot (10:17)
How your warmup can take 3.7 strokes off of your score (12:50)

Find out about the 3 most common mistakes that sabotage your game before you tee-off at: https://mygolfcode.comREAD MORE

Whether its a presentation for work or sharing an idea with your book club, public speaking is the number one fear among women, even though we face it on a regular basis.
For most of us, we prepare to speak, and the nerves kick in.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover:

How to assess the risk of any medical procedure—whether it’s knee surgery or taking a few herbs. (6:08)
Why “weak” medicinal interventions can be just as helpful as a full-blown surgery.… READ MORE

Listen. If you think you’re never going to overcome the hurdles of addiction and negative thoughts you may be facing, I’ve got news for you brother…
Bob disagrees.
If you’re stuck battling addictive behaviors, then today’s guest is here to help you beat it FOR GOOD and help you can become the father, husband, and man you’ve always wanted to be.… READ MORE

If you look up to millionaire financial advisors, here’s some relief: Rich financial advisors aren’t rich because they’re naturally better than you.
The truth is much simpler. They do things on autopilot most financial advisors don’t even do with tons of effort.… READ MORE

We are individuals from all backgrounds; juggling many of life’s priorities including jobs, our families and their needs AND trying to find time to take care of ourselves.
The Everyday Athlete Podcast highlights clear, concise and actionable strategies you can use to get the most from your fitness, nutrition and mindset so you can optimize your life, without compromising your time!… READ MORE

In a perfect world, you’d probably want yourself and all your loved ones to be wealthy and happy without worrying about money.
Unfortunately, the world makes it easy to think you can either create positive experiences for yourself or for others—and that doing something for yourself takes away from the time you can impact others.… READ MORE

When you’re becoming a more successful chiropractor, you know you’re facing challenge after challenge.
And while there’s a lot of advice out there, the best people to learn from are those who’ve solved the exact problems you’re facing.… READ MORE

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