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In this episode, you’ll find out…

Why you win with your bad shots–not with your best strokes. (0:50)
Accepting this one fact will make you a better golfer, even if you hate it now. (3:04)
The 3-step checklist to warming up like a tour player.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover…
What Steve Young learned from treating over 8000 patients. (7:17)
Why physical pain doesn’t always have a physical cause (this might just be the key to remove “unfixable pain”).… READ MORE

If you’re struggling to land more clients even though you’re doing all the right things from books and training programs, you might be making a different mistake.
Because while you can learn a lot from what successful people do, you can learn much more from what they quit on.… READ MORE

In this episode, Bob Gardner is back to talk about battling addiction, dropping the habits, and ending the fight.
He dives into dreaming BIG, the idea of possibility, dealing with your doubters, and the wrong way to deal with an addiction.… READ MORE

Whether it’s with prospects, patients, business partners or staff: Communication can make or break you. If you communicate ineffectively, your staff will revolt, your patients will leave and prospects will choose another doctor.… READ MORE

How do you view money? Jesus used parables to teach many things. One parable about money could be a metaphor. But was it? We are told to read the scriptures and apply their teachings to our lives but how we understand those readings can make all the difference!… READ MORE

Have you ever had your day ruined by something someone else said to you? How much would your life change if you were able to move on and get over being offended quickly and easily?
In today’s episode, you’ll learn the reality behind the thought patterns that keep us stuck when we get upset or offended and the secret to overcoming those thought patterns to help you live a free and uncommon life.… READ MORE

If you want to outflank your competition and be at the seller’s door before anyone else, you need to know where sellers go when they realize they want to sell their property. If you’re not there, somebody else will—and take the lead from you.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll learn…

Why a better swing leads to worse scoring and how to fix it (1:02)
Why wanting a perfect swing is making you worse (1:51)
The reason a perfect swing makes you hit some of the crappiest shots in your life (11:48)
The “six-inch” problem that’s sabotaging your score (1:16)
Why working on your game is causing you to 3-put more than ever (7:37)
How to retrain your brain to find the good in every shot (9:42)
What to do immediately after hitting a bad shot that automatically fixes your next shot (10:17)
How your warmup can take 3.7 strokes off of your score (12:50)

Find out about the 3 most common mistakes that sabotage your game before you tee-off at: https://mygolfcode.comREAD MORE

Whether its a presentation for work or sharing an idea with your book club, public speaking is the number one fear among women, even though we face it on a regular basis.
For most of us, we prepare to speak, and the nerves kick in.… READ MORE

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