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When you saw the title, did you think…
“Why would somebody pay me money for that? I don’t see how I’m worth that much?”
Most of the people I speak to feel like this — me included sometimes. But everybody has a skill they can sell — and charge a handsome amount of money for it at the same time.… READ MORE

The Fed is all over the place. They say one thing, but then they go ahead and do another.
They facilitated wasteful (and useless) government spending during the pandemic. How? By effectively printing up money for the deficit upon demand.… READ MORE

Nobody wants to work with a boss breathing down their neck, observing their every move. Yet today, lack of trust is fast developing into a pandemic. It’s killing workplace culture everywhere it goes and leaving behind a trail of broken (and unprofitable) businesses.… READ MORE

Real estate ain’t always yachts, Lamborghinis, and unicorns. What do you do when you’re losing $10,000 a month on a deal? What do you say to the investors and general partners?
In today’s episode, Jennings reveals exactly how he navigated his failed $6.1 million dollar apartment deal.… READ MORE

Here’s a tale of a winner and a loser: Moe wants to close his first multi-family deal (and amass a portfolio of a few thousand units.) The other day he closed his first 30 unit deal. He’s constantly making offers, raising money, getting attention, and making it happen.… READ MORE

“Buy when there’s blood in the streets.”
That’s what a lot of real estate investors preached in 2009. Many of these charlatans are making the same mistakes 95% of investors made in 2009. And it’s being repeated right now in 2022.… READ MORE

We all know a guy like Joe. He’s a good dude. Drinks beer on Friday nights, and likes to shoot 12 point bucks on Sunday. He graduated high school, but never attended college. He got his high school sweetheart pregnant — which killed his college dreams — so he settled in his hometown and got hitched.… READ MORE

Goldman Sachs recently predicted the Fed is expected to raise interest rates to 4.75% and 5% by March 2023. What’s going to happen to commercial property over the next 6 months to a year?
But here’s a more important question: what’s the main thing you should stop doing?… READ MORE

A 100% tenanted multi-family property with 34-units — rents below market by $150 — with absolutely no money down. This deal seems like it’s too good to be true, right?
Well, it’s not.
Thousands of deals occur across the country with no money down.… READ MORE

Do you ever feel like something’s not right? Here’s the scenario: Finished high school, got a degree, worked a 9-5, built up a decent amount of savings, and yet you still feel chained down. If you resonate, you’re not alone.… READ MORE

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