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Imagine a real estate asset where you can:

Invest with minimal to no competition

Tie up sellers for 12 to 15 months — and have them THANK you for it

Specifically tailor the highest & best use of the land

Pay little to no property taxes, insurance, or maintenance costs — and watch the as the value of asset appreciate exponentially due to inflation

Benefit from demand outstripping supply

These are just some of the benefits of raw land investing. And in today’s episode, Cody Bjugan, founder of VestRight reveals how to invest in raw pieces of land and double, if not triple your real estate profits.

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Show Highlights Include:

  • How to add an extra 0 at the end of your bank account by clocking out 5 hours earlier than your employees (3:11)
  • The insidious way pocket listings puts you in fierce competition with 40 motivated buyers (and how to ethically “Cut In Front” of your competitors by sending out a few text messages) (9:39)
  • How to never depend on real estate brokers ever again for consistent deal flow with “OFP” (10:28)
  • Why “Contextualization” allows you to tie up sellers for 12 to 15 months when purchasing a piece of raw land (12:06)
  • “Tweak” your mind to think like this (and you’ll never have a raw land subdivision denied by the local jurisdiction) (21:38)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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