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The stats are out.  About 20% of startup businesses fail within the first two years, and only about 50% of those businesses last five years.  Think about it – all that time, capital and sweat only to have a mediocre chance of survival.… READ MORE

Real estate investing is a great generational wealth creator.
Not only do you have amazing tax benefits, but the appreciation over the years and access to easy cash flow gives you the chance to quit your day job and even retire long before your peers.… READ MORE

When tragedy strikes it can be hard to imagine life will ever be good again. But if you refuse to give up, you can find new opportunities that lead to success beyond your dreams.
Chris Singleton, a baseball player turned real estate investor, is a firsthand example of how your response to hardship can take your life in a surprising and successful direction.… READ MORE

Most newbies don’t have $1.2 million to invest in real estate.
And nobody knew this better than today’s guest, Brent Bowers. But instead of throwing in the towel, and giving up, he discovered the lucrative opportunity of investing in “Tax Delinquent Land.”
And by doing this, he was able to purchase a piece of land for $285, and then sell it for…
$5,000 — a 17x ROI.… READ MORE

Going “HAM” is seen as a strategy for your investment success.
You heard the strategy before – burn your boat, quit your job, and focus on your goals with 100% commitment.
What usually happens?… READ MORE

Struggling entrepreneurs “force” their services down their prospects’ throats.
This never works out, and only creates resentment in your leads. And if you do this, they feel the sudden need to “object” to every talking point you have.… READ MORE

There is one threat in particular that faces all entrepreneurs this year:
It’s powerful enough to wipe out your business, sabotage your free time, and strip you of your ability to help others when they need it.… READ MORE

If you’re a single family investor, then this episode might change your life forever.
Here’s why:
I turned $240K into $415K in 18 months with a multifamily deal. I also increased the value of a multifamily property by $857K.… READ MORE

“I can’t afford a $100K downpayment.”
This is a lie most single family investors like to tell themselves. Instead of earning $240K per year in passive income, they’ve convinced themselves it’s not possible.… READ MORE

Most real estate investors spend way too much time on “Short-Term Equity” deals.
These are the types of deals where:

You find the property
You fully lease it out
You do all the hard work…

And when it’s all said and done, you only own 3% of the total equity in the deal.… READ MORE

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