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Banks take all the profits from the leads you get when you process loans.
But, what if you could work for yourself? Going on your own could be the most rewarding thing you do in your career.
It’s challenging to switch from the mortgage banking channel to processing loans for yourself.… READ MORE

Becoming a branch manager is hard.
But, it can be the most rewarding career you ever choose. It incorporates writing lots of loans, building an awesome team, and leading the branch.
When you learn and combine those skills, it becomes life-changing with the friendships you create and the money you make.… READ MORE

Creating a podcast can be a daunting task.
But, if you use the basic marketing principles:
* Who is your audience?
* What is the message for that audience?
* How are you going to deliver that message to that audience?READ MORE

Without real estate agents sending you leads to process loans, you could go out of business.
But, you don’t have to cold call real estate agents for those leads. Find someone to do that for you and your business can thrive.READ MORE

Brady Webb learned hard work and moral integrity from his dad growing up on a farm in Kentucky.
Using those skills, he played baseball and put himself through college. Upon graduating, Brady entered the workforce and started his mortgage company.READ MORE

Dreaming about living in a beach house is awesome, but making it happen is even better. 
Toni Taylor grew up in a small town in Michigan. She wanted a beach house. So, with her lower-middle class upbringing, all she had were her values and work ethic when she moved to Florida.READ MORE

Taking silly selfie videos during your work seems like a waste of time. But it can make you millions of dollars.
Jen Conley created a selfie video, published it and netted her first client. She kept setting herself apart by doing fun, silly things to get more clients.… READ MORE

Most full-time mom’s don’t dream of having a loan processing side-hustle.
Bridgette Morgan is a stay at home mom. To make some extra cash for her family, she wanted to process loans for 2 hours a day and then not think about it.READ MORE

Saying “I quit” to your boss could make you go broke.
Brenna Maples quit her waitress/backup singer gig with Dolly Parton. Her friends and family said she was nuts for leaving the country music legend.READ MORE

Every job has tasks people hate and love.
How do you get rid of what you hate to do, and do more of what you love?
Multi-million dollar loan officer Ron Pippin implemented a process that eliminated what he hated to do, and let him focus on the tasks he loves.READ MORE

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