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If you want to be laying under a palm tree while your friends are back home shoveling snow, maybe having the freedom to live anywhere you want is for you.

But for most people it has always been “I can't afford to do that.”

MLO Roger McGuire runs a successful loan office while living in a RV. He has the freedom to live wherever he wants while working on his phone and on Zoom calls. Roger shares how you can live and work anywhere you want.

Listen now to discover how you can work while you're on the road too!

Show highlights include:

  • How traveling to your home territory once a month lets you see 29 states in 7 months (3:35)
  • Why working remotely gives you the freedom to live anywhere you want (and how you can get started doing that today) (7:07)
  • How using Zoom deepens your relationships with your referral sources (even if you're not able to do it in person) (9:55)
  • Why homeschooling your kids grows your business (15:42)

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Welcome to The Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host, Scott Hudspeth sharing tools, tips and strategies so that you can go from a mortgage loan officer to a millionaire loan officer. It's your host, Scott Hudspeth.

Scotty: Hey, hey, hey. Hello everybody, this is Scott Hudspeth with Millionaire Loan Officer powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals and the Loan Officer Breakfast Club. I'm like beyond excited to have a dear friend of mine business partner on Roger McGuire. Roger, you have been for me, one of the biggest inspirations in my life just to see what you've done with your family and I can't wait to share your story. I know you’ve; you've talked about this at events and stuff like that, but just unbelieve. I mean, it almost is like dream come true to see somebody really take the bull by the horns and go out there and just see the war world and create memories. You know, I always talk about either you're gonna live with regrets or you're gonna live with memories and I just can't wait to share what you've been doing with your family over the last, I don't even know how many long, but they really hit home when I called you and you said, man, dude, you gotta come down here to the keys like it's so awesome. I'm like, man, what are you do? He goes, I've been down here for two weeks, we're gonna stay an extra two weeks. So, without further ado, my brother from another mother, Roger McGuire. Dude, tell us about yourself, man. How long you been in the business where you're at right now? Cause I wanna get into that big time. [01:30.5]

Roger: Sure, absolutely. So, I've started in 01. Opened up my own branch and got the application in 04, license done in 05 and yeah, been doing mortgages since. I’m married to the coolest lady in the world. Got two awesome little boys, they’re are nine and 11. And right now we're in Panama City, beach, Florida, so. So, live in the Sarasota area. I'm from Chicago. We moved to Florida about seven years ago and Chicago's still about half my business and I've been doing the remote thing before everybody was and yeah, been traveling the country since June 12th.

Scotty: Wow, June 12th. So, and the cool part, I wanna back up a little bit. So, you originally lived in Chicago and you said, man, I want, I, I don't know if you or your wife or both, you said I'm we tired of the cold. We’re tired of Chicago, let's go. And so you ended up in Sarasota. What, like, what was the reason behind that? [02:20.5]

Roger: Well, in Illinois, every, and I got I'm born and raised here of it, Chicago and Illinois, but everyone kind of hibernates in the wintertime and it would drive me crazy. And we always had good winners, but you know, I always would say, I'm not a roofer, right. We can work in the wintertime and I get it, but it was just, it was frustrating. So, at one point I, it was actually was September 1st, 2013, I think it, and it was, everyone was starting to get ready for hibernating. Rates were going up and they're like, oh, I'll see you in March. And like, this is nuts. So, I said, I could either deal with it or get licensed somewhere warm. And I got licensed somewhere warm. And I knew one guy who lives in Sarasota, that was, it happened to be in real estate is a very good friend of mine and called him up, said if I get licensed very few, when we get started, he said, absolutely. And I actually was on his boat in March, following March when I was still waiting on my license. And he said I was on his boat about six o'clock at night. My phone was blown up that we were getting a bunch of snow. So, I left my wife in Illinois with a and a three-year-old. It's just a next time I'll be in Florida. You can go to; you can go to Illinois. So, it was a unanimous family decision to move to Florida, so. [03:27.6]

Scotty: Unbelievable. Good for you, man. I'm glad you did, man. We might not have ever met if you didn't move so. It's cool you did.

Roger: Likewise, yeah.

Scotty: So, you said that half of your business is still to this day and how many years ago did you move to Florida?

Roger: Seven.

Scotty: Seven years ago.

Roger: It was seven years ago, like a week and a half ago, yeah.

Scotty: And still half of your business is still from Illinois?

Roger: Correct. Yep.

Scotty: And so how many times do you, and I'm sure it's coming from referrals from people, you know, like and trust, but then referral partners as well. So how often do you go back to nurse those relationships or is it just by zoom and like how does that all? Cause I think a lot of people, like you have no idea, Roger, how many people I talk to that wanna do what you're doing. And so, I wanna give them encouragement and inspiration to go, man, you can do this and not lose all your business that you've built over the however, however many years. [04:11.8]

Roger: Yeah. Great question. I, I was going back a week a month when we moved here to do real estate relationships you know, face to face meetings. Carl kind of challenged me, said, you have to go back that often. A few years later and then we, we went through some chaos, I lost a teammate. And so, I couldn't go. And then I line, so my last face to face meeting was February 27of 18.

Scotty: Okay.

Roger: So, it's been almost four years face to face. I was doing zoom in essential and then the I had a big presentation I’m doing April 20 and obviously the pandemic hit so I haven't done that. So, I have not got.

Scotty: Yeah.

Roger: I've gone back to see family, but I haven't done a face to face, I'm long overdue. So, this this spring and summer I’ll be going.

Scotty: Four years. Wow, good for you. So, for everybody listed, man, just like it's been four years and he's still has 50% of his business from Illinois. He's living in a beautiful, well kind of living in Florida a little bit.

Roger: Yeah.

Scotty: Not much.

Roger: We're one trip. [05:08.9]

Scotty: So, the other cool part is you said, I think June 12th, you've been on the road since June 12th, 2021.

Roger: Yep, 2021. Yeah, it's been a little over months.

Scotty: 2021.

Roger: We’ve been on the road, yeah.

Scotty: So, what is for people dunno what on the road means? What is on the road mean? Like how many states were, had you been in before you left and how many have you been in now and what is on the road mean?

Roger: Let’s. I don't remember, what number it was before I realized that I had seven states before I left home for college, which is crazy. So, what, what being on the road means we, what we bought a travel trailer when COVID hit so we could still travel even though you know, you weren't allowed to, right. So, we upgraded to a fifth wheel in May and we left, we put the kids and the dog and, in the RV, and, and we'd been to 29 states in that period of time.

Scotty: Wow.

Roger: We, we flew back once we drove back for, we still have our house in Florida. So we flew back once I had to fly back twice for work stuff, and then we drove, we were in Mississippi, so drove back for Christmas. But, but yeah, so yeah, 29 states working from the road and at the end of the day, instead of being at home, going in, watching TV, we get to explore wherever we're at.

Scotty: Wow. [06:14.9]

Roger: So, we we've had a lifetime of, of traveling, I think. So. Yeah, it's been pretty, pretty remarkable.

Scotty: I think you've done more than like 50 people have done in their lifetime in seven, eight months. So, congratulations to you on, like I said, creating those memories. What, like, what is one of the, like being on the road? Cause I'm sure like, okay, everybody wants to do that. I wanna work from wherever. I wanna see things. I wanna experience things. I wanna have memory with my family. You homeschooled your children, correct?

Roger: Mm-Hmm My wife, yeah. Okay, give credit.

Scotty: Your wife does okay.

Roger: My wife does, yeah. Pretty much everything.

Scotty: Yeah, your wife does. And that was your kid's choice, right?

Roger: Correct.

Scotty: Like when I talked to you, you said you gave them a choice.

Roger: Right.

Scotty: You guys wanna go back to school or you wanna go on the road?

Roger: Right? My kids are, they're sharp kids. Yeah, we have family meeting individually and said, cause we were eLearning right with everything going on. So, you go back or they buy a bigger RV and hit the road and and they both were independently, yeah, let's let's hit the road so. Yeah, they're, we're all in on it. [07:05.3]

Scotty: Wow. Good for you. So, what are the hardest things have been about living on the road and running a business? Obviously, your business hasn't suffered one iota.

Roger: Mm-hmm

Scotty: If any, what would have been the, like the number one or number two challenges people might face if they decide to go on the road.

Scotty: I think most of any challenges are in your head, right. Or however you're working with . So as long as the plan is there and it's mapped up the right way, 90% of you can handle. I mean the two obvious ones there's number one was obviously having internet, wifi out always. You hit the record button, but I say to give the disclaimer that we've got the, you know, went on that the wifi is, but I have all that prebuilt in, you know, I know people thankfully through the freedom club that have done this, right. So, I went right to them. I didn't talk to the people who've never done it. I wanted to talk to the people who have, so they gave me a lot of advice. I'm having that redundancy. So, you know, I I've got a, a portable wifi with, I think every service provider. So, the, the internet knock on wood has been good. I mean, I've of us dropped plenty of calls, but that's one thing, but we were prepared. So that's been pretty easy too. And then the only other thing is everyone's had to deal with this working from home and you've got, you know, two and four legged friends, you know, that you share space with. So, there's always that, right. We always have cameos might have one in ours, you know, here, but again, the, the world's changed to where that's normal. I mean, if that happened five years ago, when I was doing this virtually, it was like, it was a different world that we were living in. But you know, the, world's kind of what we've been doing for seven years, the world caught up. You know, as far as working remote, at least the, the expectation on it. But yeah, those are the two. [08:33.5]

Roger: Good stuff.

Scotty: So, and you I don't know what exactly your volume was, but I know it was north of 40 million, correct.

Roger: Mm-Hmm

Scotty: 40, 50 million somewhere in there.

Roger: Mm-Hmm

Scotty: What does a team think about that? What does a team look like to do that remotely map that out for us?

Roger: Well, we've talked about this, right? If you're a good leader of anything I think, and I have talked about this, like, you know, most people think it's, you know, you're at the top and everyone's below, but if you're doing it right, it's the complete opposite. And that's how my family is, that's how you know work is. And my team is second to none. So, and they're the reasons, you know, one of the main reasons in addition to my family, while we're able to do this. So, my team is awesome. We do have each other's back. So, I, I like to think I'm very, very cool with them too, right? The approach we always say is, you know, they win a billion dollars in the lottery tomorrow, I'm kicking them out the door and you go live your dreams, right. Give two weeks’ notice to help me train next first as I go. They'd like stay in touch, but if you don't do that, I want the mentality of, you know, of course I don't, you know, it'd be nice to do that, but if I have to work in the place, I'd rather be them here. And, and that's what we really preach. And, and, and not just the wounds in the feeling, so. Yeah, we got processor.

Scotty: Awesome. [09:39.6]

Roger: Two LPs, and then I got a set of person and we share two people on my team with another LO on the first impression. So, my LPs do a lot of the, the chasing and the filing. And then I do a lot of the consultations and prospecting and getting the systems in place to where most of my time can and should be used prospecting.

Scotty: Very cool. Very cool. So, you spend most of your time still building nourishing, deepening relationships through zoom.

Roger: Yeah.

Scotty: You use zoom a 100%

Roger: Zoom and yeah and, and just the phone. I mean, I had three calls yesterday and people like, oh, thank God, it's not zoom. I don't know. I mean, face to face is always best, you know, but again, even when its, you know, the world’s been so goofy that sometimes you, that you offend people and if you don't, then you will too. So honestly some phone call.

Scotty: Yeah.

Roger: Man goes just as far, sometimes as, as anything else, right. Cause you don't have to get makeup on our hair done or to, to prep for their calls. But yeah, we do. We're very good at staying at their clients and do most consultations and staying in touch with any referral sources we work with as well, you know.

Scotty: Awesome. You're kinda like me, man. I just got my haircut short enough to where no matter when, where, how, what time I wake up, I can just jump on a zoom call and look like I got ready, so. [10:45.2]

Roger: Yeah, exactly. That's exactly it.

Scotty: I think we've all done that, you know.

Roger: Yeah, exactly.

Scotty: So good stuff. So, man, it's so instrumental man, since June of June 12th.

Roger: Yeah.

Scotty: So, knowing what you know now, what would you, if anything, would you have done it sooner and like what would you have put in place sooner knowing what you know now being on the road, you know, growing, you know, you have this amazing business that just continues to nourish and you have great people working for you. What would you tell somebody that doesn't have what you have that's man, I would love to do what you're doing? What would you tell them? [11:16.2]

Roger: You know, there's a popular YouTube family that, you know, cause again, you follow, you want, they just say, start now, start small, just do something. It's kinda like Steve Pouch, right? Anything we're doing is worth doing.

Scotty: Yeah.

Roger: You know, wrong. I'm gonna say that right. Doing it poorly, just get started, right. It's kind of the same thing. So, when I left broker world and went to where I'm at now and, and moving forward in this, it was always, man, I just any regrets, I just wish I did it sooner. I mean, it's, it's definitely something we, you know, I wish we did a little sooner, but again, I'm not going backwards. I'm just crazy grateful. We did it.

Scotty: Sure.

Roger: You know to me people look back on and we all have done it, right. It just so fast, kids are getting so big, so fast that I didn't wanna look back and be like, or, you know, I wasn't there while they think I'm cool, right. I wanna be, be there physically and you know, mentally and you know, there'll be a time where they don't think it was cool they do now and right.

Scotty: Sure.

Roger: Right.

Scotty: For sure. Yeah. [12:09.0]

Roger: But we wanna make sure we take advantage of that. It's awesome, man. But yeah, just get started. I mean talk to somebody who's done it, right. Just being real.

Scotty: Yeah.

Roger: I mean, I was at a, I was somewhere where we were talking about it when it got real and the room was a lot of why it won't happen, why it can't happen. No different than when I went to Florida, right. And it's like, and immediately, thankfully, because of who I hang with, I immediately said, you know, I'm cutting out the noise. I do, I think we do a good job of that. Just kinda all the, and let me talk to the people who have done it. The ones who did it liked it and the ones who did it and, and didn't like it, right. So, you wanna make sure you're asking people who've done that. So that's what I would suggest for the ones who did it and just, you know, learn from them. I mean, I, I, I do get calls from people wanna move remotely and, and try this in and out of the mortgage world and, and I'm always there. Reach out, yeah.

Scotty: Good stuff.

Roger: Definitely talk to somebody who's done it.

Scotty: So, if somebody wants to take a trip, man, well, like what's the number one place like you have to go like all the 29 states. Like I know that's a tough question, man, but I gotta throw it out there cause.

Roger: It is. [13:07.6]

Scotty: I'm always looking, you know, I'm looking.

Roger: Uhm...huh...

Scotty: So, I know you told me the Keys was a beautiful place, but like.

Rogers: Keys is killer man.

Scotty: If you to go.

Rogers: Yeah, we had a own pear and paddle board and jet ski right off that that place was, it was pretty remarkable. Glacier national park was awesome. We spent a few weeks there, that was just ridiculous. I can't pick a favorite kitty, can't do that. It's you know, South Dakota was actually fantastic, you know, that was the, the Mount Rushmore, the, the caverns and bad lands. And that, that Southwest South Dakota was awesome. Utah was incredible Bryce and Zion. I mean, that's.

Scotty: Hmm.

Rogers: A great, but yeah, they've all been pretty awesome. We've when we got two places that were a little bit of a bus, I think was more timing than anything else, but I don't wanna say anything. I don't wanna offend anybody who lives there but, we're going back to both. At some point we will go back to both.

Scotty: Okay, but different time of the year.

Rogers: Those are the, we went to Camp Cole, so I'm gonna do a plug for.

Scotty: Okay.

Rogers: You know, Ben Hanks and Camp Cole. That was the first real step we had was to see that. And that was at a pretty cool coaching moment, teaching moment for my kids to see that. And that was pretty awesome. So, but yeah, those are some of my favorite places. was awesome.

Scotty: Okay.

Rogers: So yeah, some pretty, pretty cool stuff so.

Scotty: Amazing. Were you there for that baseball game? [14:19.9]

Rogers: We were there.

Scotty: Were you there for.

Rogers: So yeah, we were actually.

Scotty: Okay.

Rogers: I'm a White Sox fan. So, we, we were there the week before and I went there a lot as a kid, but came to place over there.

Scotty: Good stuff.

Rogers: So, we were there Minnesota when the game was going on. So, I think we, we woke up the whole RV park, when they hit the , but it was, it was pretty pretty awesome, so yeah.

Scotty: Man, I tell you, I could talk to you forever about this stuff. See, so my last question for you, man, and I, I know this, like, what's your favorite gadget? What's the one thing that comes to mind that if somebody's gonna go this RV route or fifth wheel or class A what? Like, what would you say your favorite gadget is of all time? If you have one.

Roger: Me…RV.

Scotty: Yeah. Like that you have to have, you have to have this gadget. If you're gonna go camping or spend any time in an RV or fifth wheel, you got anything.

Roger: I don't know. Obviously, the internet things are, are given there's, there's some must things.

Scotty: For sure. [15:07.5]

Roger: As far as fun goes, we gotta, we, my wife is she's I married up, but we got a pizza maker. That's like a, obviously we use our grill a lot, but there's a pizza maker. You make your own dough and throw that in there. And that's been pretty awesome, right.

Scotty: Huh.

Roger: Kids can make them own pizza called an uni. So, he's pretty cool, so.

Scotty: Sweet.

Roger: I like that. It's not like a good gadget, but it's a cool way to, you know, eat nice, eat fun, you know, teach kids how to make their own.

Scotty: Yeah.

Roger: And that's been pretty cool thing. And again, I know I'll hang up and think of 20 things on it, but that, that's the main way jumping off my head here, what makes sense but.

Scotty: I know you and I were throwing stuff back and forth. You gotta have this, gotta have this, gotta have this.

Roger: Yes.

Scotty: And it's just a ton of fun. So, man, man, I can't thank you enough for just leading the way, man. I know we all at the freedom club have, there's a couple of us that, you know, do a, of spending time on the road and it's just so nice to talk to likeminded people.

Roger: Yeah.

Scotty: That just put themselves out there, man. It's just, it's always cool to hang around really cool people.

Roger: Okay.

Scotty: So, congratulations on the memories, your kids, kids will forever be talking about what they're doing. Are you gonna continue to do this?

Roger: Yeah.

Scotty: Like, are you gonna do another six months, 12 months? What are you thinking? [16:09.7]

Roger: That's a good question. I'm gonna give you a think before I forget here. We sat, it was four years ago this month down, me and you and we were in Michigan, like what do, what do you wanna be in five years? I'm like, not the question. It's a question I've always asked myself. And I finally had awareness like it's what I wanna do for the next five years, right. Work will be there; money will be there. Business will be there, but I knew I had a window with my kids. And that was so thank you for asking question, cause we really helps do that. But as far as the plan, we're, we're, we're landing on Sunday just to get it cleaned and warranty stuff and you know, do bells and whistles. And we don't know we're gonna go back out for sure, I think in a couple months, and then as far as how long it's, you know, the approach was always, and we had the meeting, like I, the greatest language, I, I I'll, I'll clean it up, but we individually, as a family had said like at any point, like, this is not for us, right. Like I don't care where we're at. We're just gonna sell it. And then we'll hop on a plane and we'll be, we'll be back home, right. So that's always been the worst case and the best cases is to do it as long as it's fun. So, we're definitely leaving in spring once the weather up.

Scotty: Okay. [17:11.2]

Roger: But yeah. How long? I don't know, man. I honestly, I don't know. As long as it's fun, we'll do it and then whatever, it's not, you know, we'll stop. So yeah, we still got our place.

Scotty: Good stuff.

Roger: Like we could hop back.

Scotty: Yeah. Well, if you're anywhere near Colorado next summer, dude.

Roger: Will do so.

Scotty: Please let me know, man, I'll meet up with you. I'll hop on my motor home. We'll meet up and maybe.

Roger: Yeah.

Scotty: We'll get Paul Dolan to come out there with us or.

Roger: That would be awesome. That would be super, super, cool.

Scotty: That would be so cool.

Roger: That’ll be really cool.

Scotty: We should probably just plan it. We should probably just plan that, so.

Roger: Right. Scott and Carrie do it. I mean, there's a lot of people that have been doing it. So.

Scotty: Scott Carrie, Scott and Kerry would totally be, yeah, they would totally be down for it. So maybe that would be so awesome to hook that all up. That'd be so much fun.

Roger: That would be, that would be, would be, would be man. I'm in. You just tell me. We will be back there.

Scotty: Good stuff, man. Hey, congratulations man. Unbelievable. You're just an unbelievable person. Unbelievable team. Unbelievable leader. Unbelievable father, husband. So just you hit, you check all the boxes, man. I'm just honored to call you a friend and a leader, man. It's, you know, everybody's watching you, you're an inspiration to so many people, so it's just really cool to really cool to be a part of it. [18:08.2]


Scotty: Part of your journey.

Roger: No, thank you for your help. I mean it's, it's the freedom club is 99% of the reason why I'm here. So, the other 1%, you know, it just thank you guys. So, it literally.

Scotty: Yeah.

Roger: Starts with the conversation, met some pretty awesome people and great fans along the way, man. Thank you.

Scotty: Amen brother. Amen brother. All right guys. Roger McGuire with Millionaire Loan Officer powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals and Loan Officer Breakfast Club guys tune in next time and make sure to hit our link, go to Loan Officer Podcast Network to catch all of our podcast from everybody. We got a bunch of 'em just about everything on there. So, Loan Officer Podcast Network. Dude, love you, man. Can't wait to see you again. Hang out. Take care of your family. Will see you be safe and appreciate everything you do man. [18:52.3]

I'm a Millionaire Loan Officer.

Thank you for tuning into the Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host Scott Hudspeth, don't forget to visit MLOlive.com to have your questions answered. See you next time. [19:11.7]

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