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Most people love to travel. But, running a business while constantly traveling is challanging.
Shannon Rose runs her business while traveling the world months at a time. And, her phone rings off the hook while she’s on the road helping others get their dream home.READ MORE

Wouldn’t it be nice to live near the ocean or in the mountains or in the city you’ve always wanted to move to, while writing loans in your home state?
In today’s technological world, it can be done. But, the key is having the skills and relationships to do so.READ MORE

While drinking a cup of coffee, Scott Griffin walked through a crosswalk. He was wrapped up in his own world walking by himself.
A car hit Scott, nearly killing him. When Scott awoke in the hospital he learned what happened.READ MORE

To build a great mortgage business, every loan officer faces challenges. Many use them as excuses to stagnate.
But, Hakim Singleton let nothing stop him: Growing up in a rough neighborhood in North Philadelphia, he learned invaluable lessons that let him fast-track his success in the mortgage industry.READ MORE

Most everybody loves to travel. Running your own business gives you the freedom to work from wherever you want. But running a business while you’re on the road is hard.
But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams.READ MORE

Nobody ever wants to fail. But, you can’t learn if you never fail.
Losing clients, getting rejected by prospects and missing your targets all hurt. But, these experiences let you fail forward.
In this episode, former quarterback and millenial Mike Fitzpatrick reveals how to fail forward and become a million dollar loan officer.… READ MORE

Want to take on more loans without losing your freedom?  Hate doing busy work all day?  Stuck on 3-4 loans per month?
Most loan officers know how to get more work and more income. But they have no idea how to get more freedom.… READ MORE

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