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Many loan officers do a great job of helping their clients get their loans processed. And you appreciate it when your customer tells you “thank you.”
But when you acknowledge their gratitude, you miss the free opportunity to ask for more business.… READ MORE

Nearly all sales people believe they provide exemplary customer service during the sales process. And most likely you are part of that percentage as well.
But did you know that less than 10% of loan officers ask for referrals during the sales cycle?… READ MORE

The two biggest fears people have why they don’t become a loan officer are 100% commission and building relationships.
But when you focus on relationships, you can make the 100% commission people shy away from so much.… READ MORE

Starting your mortgage loan business from scratch is similar to being the new person in the room. And most of the time it is weird and awkward. But it doesn’t have to be.
When you are new to the industry or a new area, meeting a group of people that are vibing makes being the new guy or gal a lot easier.READ MORE

Many times life throws you a curveball such as moving to a new state or God forbid you or someone else you love gets cancer.
But in either case, you may have to start your business over. And, wow, that could be very difficult.… READ MORE

A lot of people are jealous of how much loan officers can make. And maybe you want to quit your dead end job to start a new dream career.
But most people are not willing to put in the hard work it takes to do that.… READ MORE

If you want to be laying under a palm tree while your friends are back home shoveling snow, maybe having the freedom to live anywhere you want is for you.
But for most people it has always been “I can’t afford to do that.”
MLO Roger McGuire runs a successful loan office while living in a RV.… READ MORE

You’ve probably heard of millionaire loan officers who came from nothing and became wealthy. But most ambitious loan officers actually never make it big.
What’s the difference between the MLOs and those who live paycheck to paycheck?… READ MORE

Posting on Facebook is easy. But building a brand on Facebook can be very difficult.
How do you get exposure on Facebook?
You post original content at regular intervals. But there also is an algorithm you must crack.READ MORE

Many loan officers struggle to do more than 4-5 loans per month.
Why do you think that is?
MLO Jorge Aldrete toiled for years doing 4-5 loans a month. He now runs a successful firm that’s pushing $100 million and expects to double that next year.READ MORE

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