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Many times life throws you a curveball such as moving to a new state or God forbid you or someone else you love gets cancer.

But in either case, you may have to start your business over. And, wow, that could be very difficult. But it doesn't have to be.

There is a simple formula that you can follow. And when you implement it, you will have multiple referrals lined up to process.

MLO Brad Brondt runs a successful loan processing business. And it's the systems in place that makes it run on autopilot. He shares how to create those systems for your business.

In this episode, discover how you can put processes in place to make your company run more efficiently or start over if you ever have to.

Show highlights include:

  • How creating an online form for your clients sets up your team for processing a successful loan (even if you know nothing about technology) (2:56)
  • Why uplifting your teammates builds trust with your clients (4:13)
  • How creating a referrable experience process for your clients skyrockets your business (even if you are terrible at sales) (4:42)
  • The “Protecting Your Commissions” method that increases your realtor's paycheck (and makes them think of you first) (8:09)

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Welcome to The Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host, Scott Hudspeth sharing tools, tips and strategies so that you can go from a mortgage loan officer to a millionaire loan officer. It's your host, Scott Hudspeth.

Scotty: Hello everybody, this is Scott Hudspeth with Millionaire Loan Officer powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals and The Loan Officer Breakfast Club. Super excited to be here with my dear friend, Brad Brondt, who is just knocking it out of the park. And I wanted to kind of go a little deeper with Brad. He was on quite a while ago and Brad's been a huge part of the breakfast club. He's shared so much, he's kind of taken things to another level. He sees something and just like putts it on steroids and shares everything and anything. So, Brad, I just wanna call kind of rewind this wheel a little bit for you and go back to when everybody starts at zero, right. And first off man hey, introduce yourself, bro. Where are you at and how long you been in the business? [01:08.0]

Brad: Yeah, what's up Scotty. Thanks for having me on man. I'm actually sitting in Voorhees, New Jersey as we speak. I started in mortgages January of 2009, which was kind of like a blessing and a curse. If you remember time, it was like for the first six months I did no business at all, but it really lit a fire under my butt. So, it, it kind of created that hustle inside of me. So, so yeah, man. What's that like 12 years whatever the case is and yeah, so New Jersey I'm, I'm talking to you outta New Jersey today.

Scotty: Excellent, excellent, excellent. So, man, 09, bro. And you're still here. That's the best part you're still here. So that was definitely, probably I would have to say the worst time to get in the business.

Brad: It's funny, I was having a conversation today with somebody and just kind of like telling on my backstory. Well, I was in school, like finishing out my last semester, learning like sitting in finance classes, thinking about how I'm gonna go work for a hedge fund or be a financial advisor and learning about Lehman brothers and all these institutions going under. And I'm sitting there like, what the heck am I doing right now? So. [02:10.3]

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: That's how I found myself into mortgages.

Scotty: Awesome, man. So, you've been in since 09. So, you've been a long time, you've crushed it almost. I think you hit 70 million last year in 2021.

Brad: Yeah, we definitely wanted to do more, but that's where we ended, so yeah.

Scotty: Yeah. And you have a dynamic setup where you are pretty much all sales and then your partners pretty much all ops. Is that correct?

Brad: That is correct. I do pretty much all business development. So, I'm, I mean, I'm still talking to clients because naturally they call me.

Scotty: Sure.

Brad: Naturally real estate agents refer me, but you know, it's a quick conversation just to get the basics. And I created a form that I fill out and when I fill that out, it doesn't matter where I'm at, on the road in the office, I fill it out just that way. I could provide my team with some context and then they take over from there.

Scotty: Awesome. And you always come up with cool stuff. So, what is this form like? What do you use for this form? Like, is it name, address, phone number, you know, and the notes or how like how does that work out?

Brad: Yeah, yeah.

Scotty: I think a lot of people have a hard time. Like when do I turn it over? How do I turn it over? So, what is it? What's the form that you use? [03:11.1]

Brad: Yeah, it's basic stuff. So, I had some developers, there's a lot of code involved, which I'm not gonna get into, but the form basically gets filled out. It's borrowers name, email, phone number. If there's a co-borrower and that's selected, yes, then it drops some more fields into the form, dynamically and, and same information for them. And then there's like a lead source, that way I can fill it out. So, if, if it's a realtor, that's referring me the business, I'll put realtor lead source and then that will populate some more fields so, I can put the realtor, their email and the phone number. Additional notes, how they're gonna occupy the property. The reason for the different fields for the realtor specifically is because depending on that information, it will put them right into, we use Jungo or Salesforce. People know it as it will put them right into Salesforce and it will run a query to find the realtor in the system and associate that borrower or contact to that realtor. So, it's basically a form I use it, my business development reps use it cuz they can tag themself as a business development rep, that way we can pay 'em out on it, you know, once those loans close. And it's really like my conversation is just introducing myself, talking about what I do and how I'm not really as involved in the loan process as I used to be. And then I have an awesome, A+ team behind me, that's gonna handle it from here, right. [04:27.6]

Scotty: Awesome.

Brad: And my business partner is doing all the consultation. So, I always tell him like, look Craig is, which is my business partner. Craig has been in the business longer than I have. He was my manager at one point, and he knows just as much as I do if not more. So, you're in great hands.

Scotty: Beautiful. So, I think a lot of people have a hard time with Brad. They have to talk to me; they want to talk to me. They always like they won't talk to, so I heard you just talk him up. So, it sounds like he's equal or above you as far as knowledge in the mortgage business. Is there anything else that you say that kind of makes him go, Hey, he's the one you wanna talk to and not me so you can get it off your plate.

Brad: I mean, that's it, I mean, you're gonna like this one, cause I always tell people that we care, that we're trying to create a referable experience, right. I think I, who, who made that you or, or Gillespie or one of these guys, right?

Scotty: That's a category thing, man.

Brad: Okay.

Scotty: Creating a referrable experience. [05:16.7]

Brad: So, and that's what I say is like, look, we want to create a referable experience. And we found that having more people involved in the process is gonna ensure that every step of the way is done correctly, that we don't drop any balls, we don't miss any steps. And our goal, you know, at the end of this transaction is to have as and receive the referral from you. And the only way to make that possible and to get a five-star review is to make sure that I'm not doing too much. If I was handling everything, I'm gonna end up making mistakes because it's just natural, you know, we're humans. So, I don't have any pushback on that, man.

Scotty: Hmm.

Brad: Like I had a few realtors that didn't wanna adopt it at first, but then they found out like, man, you know what, this guy, Craig really knows his stuff. So, I'm not, nothing's really changed, right. So that's kind of the thing. [06:01.7]

Scotty: Beautiful. So, when you meet with new agents, is it part of your process? Like if you start, you know, you doing the Thor’s hammer and you're making the calls and you like, you're a beast at that stuff. You have, so, and it's some other stuff I wanna talk about the texting and the voice drops and the video and all that stuff. But when you meet with an agent, do you have like, that, is that part of your process? Like, Hey, I have a big team, this is how we roll. Do you set up the expectation from the front so that they know when you talk to a client it's gonna get love from all your team?

Brad: Yeah. I mean the realtors cause now like the, my value prop is helping them grow their business. And between me and you half the time, I would say 99% of the time I share things with them and they don't implement, but it's really for, for them to have that wow factor where they're like this guy really knows his stuff.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: And I kind of mention that up front that this is our process. And then usually my second meeting is asking them for a second meeting to talk about the loan process, right.

Scotty: Interesting, okay.

Brad: So, I, I do set that expectation up front and you know, I think people want to hear this is we have a lot of agents that are asking, what, do you attend closings or are you gonna send me leads? Right. So those are the two biggest things I get during my meetings. Not that you ask, but a lot of times that comes up is, is anybody attending meetings? And it's no, we're not like we have this defined process, everybody's in their lane. Everybody's making phone calls. And would you be okay if you're sending me a lead and I'm in, John's closing right now because he wanted me to be there to, you know, and we kind of talk about the process, how we're making the Tuesday calls and stuff like that. And then leads like realtors ask me, do, can you send me leads? And I always say no. Like I, I can't guarantee that like, of course, if I'm looking, if I have a buyer looking in Bergen County and you're in Bergen County, I'm gonna send them your way. But I mean, we're at the, we're at the end of the road, like we're on the downline, right. So, chances are, people are coming to us, they already have a realtor, right. [07:53.0]

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: So, but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna help you grow your business. So, a lot of times my meetings with realtors are to strategize and things they should be doing to grow their business, so.

Scotty: Beautiful.

Brad: It's usually the second meeting where we're talking about our process.

Scotty: Okay. Yeah, that's cool. Second meeting, all right cool. So, you just say, Hey man, I'd love to have a second meeting, talk about our process. So, you set that up.

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: Okay, cool. You, do that at the right, like right at the end. Hey man, I man, I really like you. I think man, I'd love to do a deal with you. I'd love to set up a second meeting to kind of walk you through our process if we ever do a deal together.

Brad: Yeah. I mean, I had a meeting yesterday with an agent. The meeting was fully automated, came through LinkedIn, kind of went through some strategies, figured out what she's trying to do. Then I gave her some suggestions, talked about that. Wowed her with the marketing stuff. And at the very end I'm like, look, I really think that we hit it off. Like I, I feel good.

Scotty: Hmm. [08:40.1]

Brad: About this meeting, I hopefully you do feel the same. And first we talked the entire time about the importance of asking for business. So, I wouldn't be fulfilling my job if I didn't ask you for business. Is there anybody that you're working with right now that I can help?

Scotty: Hmm.

Brad: Can I audition for you? Of course. No, not, not right now. She doesn't have anybody. And then the next step is like, listen, I really want to go over our process cause I think it's second to none. And we spend a lot of time today talking about marketing and strategies. I'd love to meet with you next week, if you're open to it, to talk about our process because I think that's really gonna wow you, because it's important to us that we're protecting your commissions and we have a way to do that.

Scotty: I love the protecting your commissions man. That's so huge.

Brad: I stole that. Somebody on the.

Scotty: I know.

Brad: Somebody on the morning call, shared that right.

Scotty: Steve.

Brad: Ever since then I've been using.

Scotty: That's Steve. I think that's Steve. That shared that one, man. Yeah. So, protecting your commissions. Man, dude. So many good stuff. Dude, I could talk to you forever. So, let's just go, Brad, I'm gonna take you from where you are and I'm gonna, you, I'm gonna take you to a different state where you know, no one knowing what you know now, what are some of the first things that you would do like now, like, man, I have to close a loan or I'm, I'm not gonna eat. I'm gonna lose my ha, like everything's going away. I have nothing. What would you do? [09:49.8]

Brad: Well, multiple things right. I mean, I would set up some Facebook retargeting ads where I'm hitting agents so that they start you know, seeing my face like some video ads, right.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: I'd get a VA. I'd pull a list of realtors and just start calling. Not 30 qual… no, I wouldn't do Thor’s hammer because I'm in a new area. I would hire a VA, eight hours a day just calling realtors, all day long. And I wouldn't go through that list where I'm calling 12. Like I, it wouldn't be be your traditional Thor’s hammer, like we practice. It would just be like, here's a list of 5,000 people call 'em and start over, keep calling 'em and start over, keep calling 'em and start over, right.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: The third thing is there's a lot of different systems out there that do LinkedIn automations, right.

Scotty: Hmm.

Brad: That's the first thing I would do is go on sales navigator, pull a list of all the agents. Really dial it down to people that have that job title realtors, real estate agents, real estate brokers in let's say Texas, I'm going to Texas. I'm gonna find that job title in that geographical location. And then I'm gonna set a marketing sequence where it's sending them an invite to connect, right. And with these programs, you can have an invitation or connection sequence, but then once you're connected with them, you can now have a marketing sequence where every month you can do the same thing, realtors’ real estate, broker, real estate agent in Texas, but that you also have a first-degree connection with. Ao now you automatically have without phone numbers or emails, you have a real estate database with thousands of people after a couple weeks or a couple months, whatever the case is. And every month now you're sending them some type of video message or LinkedIn text message, whatever, you know. So those are probably the first three things that I would do, and I'd be really focused on getting zoom meetings and meeting with people face to face because although I'm against that now, if I was in a new area. [11:36.1]

Scotty: You had to.

Brad: That’s probably what I would do. I would have to.

Scotty: Yeah. So, you'd do Thor’s hammer five days a week, eight hours a day, you'd have somebody call setting appointments, meet, meet, meet, meet, meet.

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: Cool. Yeah.

Brad: Yep. That was the second thing. The last thing I was gonna say is that I would be doing a 30-agent list where I'm doing 12. I would do your traditional Thor’s hammer four days a week.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: Like the VA would be doing the one thing and then I'd be calling like qualified agents.

Scotty: Yeah. There you go. Awesome. And you know, it's funny, there was a guy on the breakfast club that did that before he had his license.

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: And he had 54, literally 54 referrals that had come in that he, he gave to a company before he was even, I mean, he was doing the Thor's hammer cause he couldn't do anything else.

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: You know, so that's brilliant. So yeah, it's not just one day do it every day. Cause you have nothing else, right.

Brad: Yeah. [12:21.5]

Scotty: So brilliant. And I love the retargeting ads. I love that stuff. That's high tech. And so just so everybody knows, we have Mortgage Marketing Animals has a social day. Like we talk social. So, I don't know which day it is, but Chelsea's amazing at that stuff. So, she talks about it all the time, she shows you how to do it. Man, you do tons of texting voice drops like you literally, oh man, I need to come and hang with you, dude. I need to be a fly on the wall and just see how all this stuff works. It's like you showed me your setup, which is unbelievable. So, texting and voice drops and all that stuff. Like tell me what all that's about. Cause man, I don't know how many times I text from you and you're like got another one, got another one. Like you're just doing hundreds of things all the time and it's all automated. What's, tell me about that. [13:01.5]

Brad: I don't do ringless voicemails.

Scotty: Okay.

Brad: I don't know why I just don't do it. I've done it in the past. And I don't know if it was like a slide broadcast thing, or something messed up where people actually answered the phone and heard my voicemail, right. So, I'll be very upfront as you know, from the last time we met on here, I was working on my plumbing. I'm still doing that. As you know, I'm taking a realtor CRM to market probably in the next week or so. So, I've had a lot of things going on.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: I started my own podcast. You were a guest recently, so.

Scotty: Yeah man, thank you for that.

Brad: There are a lot of irons in the fire, so I'm not being as proactive right now with my outreach to realtors. I'm being more are reactive, but I bring this up because of what you just asked me. Every Thursday, I send a text message out to all the agents in my system who haven't opted out, right. And it is a text message with value. So actually, I interviewed AJ with Curb hero on my podcast, you know, AJ, you guys had him on, right.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: I interviewed him. So, today's message with something like, Hey, I interviewed the founder of Curb Hero a couple weeks ago on my podcast. Did I just say that out loud? Yeah. I started a podcast. It's not live yet, but I'll definitely share once it is, but either way he has this system. If you're looking to convert leads during open houses, it's, it's great. Feel free to check it out. And don't forget if you're looking for someone to co-market with you on it. Don't forget who introduce you to it, right? So that's like my Thursday text today and now that'll get a bunch of responses. I have a VA who, she knows that anytime we get a, a positive intent type response from a text message, she's reaching out to schedule them on my calendar, right. [14:32.6]

Scotty: Beautiful.

Brad: I have the LinkedIn thing that I'm doing. Anytime, someone expresses positive intent, she calls them, schedules them on my calendar. And my buddy Scotty Hudspeth if you know that guy, right, Agent mastermind, he hooked me up with.

Scotty: That’s right.

Brad: I'll give a shout out to Joe Garris. He hooked me up with Joey and Joe set up that whole automation.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: So, I have Agent Mastermind going out on Friday, a reminder on Tuesday and a replay on Thursday and anybody that signed, that opts in to agent mastermind. She calls and schedules them on my calendar. So just those three automations alone.

Scotty: Wow.

Brad: I'm getting a dozen appointments a week, just doing that.

Scotty: Crazy. with not even picking up the phone

Scotty: Crazy.

Brad: Dude.

Scotty: Crazy.

Brad: You know.

Scotty: So, what I heard you say is you literally put stuff out there. There's no way it gives me chills talking about this. There's no way you could pay attention to all that.

Brad: Not at all. [15:21.4]

Scotty: There's no way with all that stuff. So, you hired somebody to go, all right, I'm gonna throw stuff out there. You're gonna catch it. And like literally if you see positive, I love the word positive intent, which is anything from wow, sounds awesome. Hey man, tell me more.

Brad: Yep.

Scotty: Like whatever it may be, she just grabs 'em Hey man, Brad would love to spend some time with you share with you, whatever it was that went out, cause coming back in and puts 'em on your calendar and then you just you're continually automated. So, you get to think about what goes out. She gets to think about what's coming in and take care of it. Like that's brilliant, bro. What do you send out the text messages like with? Is it Jungo or?

Brad: Yeah, I use Jungo for the text messages.

Scotty: Okay.

Brad: And it's a company called 360SMS.

Scotty: Gotcha.

Brad: They're amazing.

Scotty: We use that too. Beautiful.

Brad: Yeah, it's cool.

Scotty: Man, dude. So, you got a lot of stuff going on. What would you say what's next for you? Like you're at 70 million and a lot of people think more loans is more work and the system you have, like you have no fear. You could go 170 million and like its no big deal because you've built this out. What would you tell somebody that's thinking, man, I I'm closing four loans a month, five loans a month, I wanna go to 10, but man, dude there's so much works. Five more loans is 10 more agents, 10 more borrowers. Like how'd you get rid of all that stuff, so you could just go? [16:36.7]

Brad: Well, first of all, I pay myself 50 basis points, Scott, which is, if anybody's listening to this, they're gonna smack themselves in the head, like what the hell is this guy doing. But the reason I do that is because I want to invest in my team. Like I don't wanna work Fridays. I don't wanna work Saturdays. I don't wanna work Sundays. So, I have a team of people doing and fulfillment and it really, I think that's the biggest thing is if you're closing four or five loans a month, if you're listening to this, you're making 75 to 150 basis points. I don't think anyone's making under a hundred. Like maybe a small few, but I'm making half of that. Right?

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: So, what's more important doing applications yourself and doing all this stuff yourself and to make that more money or getting your team. So, if someone's doing four or five loans a month, the very first thing I would do is get an assistant, right. And if your company's not willing to support you and, and pay for that person for you, then do it yourself.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: I mean you're making a 100, a 125, a 150 basis points. You can afford to pay somebody because I'm inclined to believe if you hire someone, even if you're doing it stateside and paying 'em 20 bucks an hour, the value that they're gonna bring to your business, it's just gonna add to the loan volume and, and you know, the, the amount of loans you're doing, so.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: It's gonna pay for itself, right.

Scotty: Yeah. [17:47.9]

Brad: So that, I mean, that's the very first thing is if you're doing four or five loans a month, you can afford to get help, whether your company's gonna support you or not. Like you just do it yourself.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: Especially with the cost of VAs too. I mean, you can.

Scotty: I know.

Brad: Get a virtual assistant for practically nothing. So, I don't know, that's my thought on that.

Scotty: Yeah. It's hard for people to let go, man. So, like I'm the one that, you know, like going back to that thing, so you guys would laugh, but I won't even tell you what I make. But here's the thing, part of a watermelon instead of all of a grape, right?

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: I mean, that's really what you're saying. And you, you heard that early on, which is, I wish I would've heard that a long time ago. It's not about how much you make per loan. Cause you know, like Kevin Broden, a good buddy of mine, he says you can't spend bps at a grocery store.

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: Well, I make 150 bps. Okay. Well, how, how does that spe…okay, so you're closing five and I'm. I literally got paid on 138 million, right.

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: Last month. So, I know next year I'm gonna be doing this interview with you and it's gonna be way, way, way more. You know what I'm saying?

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: So, who is the first person that you would have that you'd say, man, this is the person you like. I know if, if I was to put you in Texas and I, I just picked Texas cause it's easy. You know right, everything's bigger in Texas. [18:54.7]

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: So, who's the first person besides a VA that you would hire?

Brad: A loan partner.

Scotty: Loan partner.

Brad: Yeah. Teach 'em how to run credit, teach 'em how to run DU. Teach 'em how to check the bank statements and the pay stubs and all that stuff. So that way, cause that's what you want to do, right. You want to shake trees and then the people that have opted in and, and, and are ready for, to be pre-approved you just wanna show up to the consultation, like that's how it's structure is. I'm gonna be the doctor I'm gonna check in for 15 or 20 minutes on my client and go over the terms and conditions. Get them pre-Approved.

Scotty: Crazy, dude. So impressive brother. So, anything that you're using that you're like, man, you have to have this that just has made your like life. Not just awesome, but fun. Any fun thing you're using to connect, engage, interact with your either past clients or realtors or anything like that?

Brad: Well, connecting, I mean you need to have a CRM, right? Like in a CRM that gives you the ability to have a dialer in it.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: Send text messages. Like you need to be able to send text messages, right?

Scotty: Right. [19:53.3]

Brad: So that's the biggest thing is you gotta send text messages. People respond to that because we call people, and a small percentage of people answer the phone, right. But I feel like you always get a bigger response rate on a text message cause people are on the go. They just wanna shoot a, even if it's a no, there's nothing wrong with a no, like I'd rather know that you're not interested so I stop calling you, right?

Scotty: Yeah, yeah.

Brad: So, I feel like a CRM is important and there's so many people not using CRMs. Not, maybe not in our group, but I'd have these conversations with realtors all day long.

Scotty: If somebody works with you, they, they just plug into your system, they just get your system. Is that like if.

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: Okay, cool. And now do you have other LO's that like if somebody is in your area and say, Hey man, Brad, I want to talk to you. Is that so you're doing or is, are you staying away from that?

Brad: I'm building. Cause I use Salesforce, but I'm building a whole front-end system for advertising, marketing, doing outreach, all that stuff. That that's what my new. Going forward.

Scotty: I like it.

Brad: When people that are gonna. The only people who gonna be using Salesforce is me and my direct team.

Scotty: Got it.

Brad: And our support staff and then everybody else is gonna use this other system.

Scotty: Cool. [20:54.3]

Brad: So, they're gonna, you know this is over the next 60 days. That's my biggest push is to start recruiting business development reps and loan officers. But I'm building out the system to make my offer stronger.

Scotty: Love it.

Brad: So, I actually, I can something different than other companies.

Scotty: And I think, hope, I'm not speaking out loud, man. I think it's think we're gonna be on Agent Mastermind too, right?

Brad: We are. I have, yeah.

Scotty: We get to see it maybe first, second or third. I don't know. Put me in the lineup wherever you wanna put me man. But dude put me in the line. Can't wait to see it.

Brad: Yeah. We have the realtor CRM that's gonna be.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: Dropping over the next, it's pretty much.

Scotty: Can’t wait man.

Brad: But it's funny, like my whole life is surrounded by CRMs. I have Jungo, I have Jungo. I have the front-end CRM I built for the mortgage business that my VAs work out of and the one I was just mentioning in that loan officers and BDRs will be working out of.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: I have the realtor CRM, Server, a CRM, and then I had to go to CRM, for services, to sell it. So, I have four CRMs on, more working on right now, but in the next week or so I'm gonna start onboarding my beta group. I have about five realtors that have opted into purchase the monthly subscription. Added lifetime discount for the first 10.

Scotty: Sweet.

Brad: So, I'm thinking in the next month or so we'll be on agent mastermind. [22:03.3]

Scotty: Good deal, man. I can't wait brother, can't wait. That's gonna be exciting day, one exciting day for you man.

Brad: Yeah dude.

Scotty: And I get to put it out there to the world. Sweet dude. So, Hey guys Brad Brondt, unbelievable stuff. We talked about a lot of stuff. BDR business development rep you know, that's what that is. We should probably do a whole podcast on that. We won't cover that today, but if you guys want to know what we're talking about, we talked about Thor’s hammer, we talked about all kinds of stuff. If you go to thelobc.com, it's a strategy call. Sign up for strategy call. Guys, we're all on the same river. Just we're a little farther ahead of you on the river. Just catch up with terminology so when you hear us talk about it, join us on the Loan Officer Breakfast Club. and Brad, I don't wanna bog you down cause we get tons and tons and tons of listeners on this podcast. So, what's the best way to follow you if you, follow your journey, cause I know you got a lot of stuff going on. What's the best way so we don't bog you down? I want that CRM to finish, man. [22:51.3]

Brad: Just send me a request on Facebook, I'm on there.

Scotty: There you go.

Brad: And I said this before, there's two Brad Brondts. I think the other one's Bradley Brondt, that's my dad. He's an older guy, obviously he's my dad and he is a biker. Like you'll know the difference.

Scotty: Okay. That’s funny.

Brad: Send me a message on Facebook. I guarantee if you connect with me here on Facebook, my VA is gonna reach out to you so you can see like that very first com conversation, how it works, you know.

Scotty: I love it. I love it.

Brad: Yeah. I'm here to help people. I think that I'm glad that you mentioned that cause just kind of ending this out here, I think that we all have adopted this abundance mindset and I think that we're all in the same trench and we all have something really cool that we're doing that's different from the next. So, I like to share ideas because I've learned so much from this group and I continue to do that. So, if you're watching this or listening to it, feel free to reach out to me on Facebook. If you need anything, I'm here to help. I'm never too busy. [23:37.6]

Scotty: Awesome man. Love you bro. Honored to be a part of your life man, and excited to see what you got coming. You always have something epic. So just keep up the good work man. And let's just help a ton of people help a ton of families help a ton of everybody. So, I appreciate you man. More than you know.

Brad: Yeah man. Right back at you brother. Happy to know you.

Scotty: Yeah man. You too, man. So, Hey guys, thanks for listening to Millionaire Loan Officer powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals, Loan Officer Breakfast Club. If you wanna strategy call again it is thelobc.com. Hit there, sign up for a strategy call, man. We'd love to help you just bring you up to speed and we'd when we'll look forward to seeing you on the web or on the next podcast. Thanks so much, guys. Have an amazing day. Be safe. Take care everybody. [24:15.7]

I'm a Millionaire Loan Officer.

Thank you for tuning into the Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host Scott Hudspeth, don't forget to visit MLOlive.com to have your questions answered. See you next time. [24:34.9]

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