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Posting on Facebook is easy. But building a brand on Facebook can be very difficult.

How do you get exposure on Facebook?

You post original content at regular intervals. But there also is an algorithm you must crack.

Facebook branding expert Jessica Hooks manages MLO Kristin Morgan's online image.

Listen now to discover how you can build your brand on Facebook!

Show highlights include:

  • How being consistent with your marketing acquires new clients (even if you already have regular business) (4:07)
  • Why sharing your story on Facebook builds stronger relationships with your clients and realtors (9:17)
  • How getting zero Likes on Facebook for a year straight forges your brand (15:02)
  • Why picking one symbol builds your brand (and how you can represent it everywhere) (17:06)

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Welcome to the “Millionaire Loan Officer” podcast with your host, Scott Hudspeth, sharing tools, tips and strategies, so that you can go from a mortgage loan officer to a millionaire loan officer. It's your host, Scott Hudspeth.

Scott: Hello, everybody. This is Scott Hudspeth with Millionaire Loan Officer, powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals and the Loan Officer Breakfast Club.

I'm super excited. Maybe the first—first, for me—on Millionaire Loan Officer, I have the one and only Jessica Hooks, the marketing-branding guru. I don't know, I guess that would be the appropriate title. Kristen might disagree with me on that. She'd probably have better words than that.

But I sincerely appreciate you taking time out of your day to be here with us to share with us how you've helped Kristen Morgan, who was on my podcast not too long ago, to just build an amazing brand, be visible in the marketplace. [01:09.5]

Tell us a little bit about you, Jessica. What did you do before this and who are you, and how are we even here together?

Jessica: I worked in the commercial insurance industry and I had a baby, so I decided to leave and stay at home with my son. While I was at home with my son, I started up a small photography business, and then, shortly after that, my husband and I decided to buy a different home and I reached out to Kristen and she was the person who did our loan.

A couple months after we closed, she reached out to me and asked me if I would be interested in joining her team and I had such a good experience with Kristen that I was like, absolutely. I am all about everything she stands for. I wanted in on this. I joined her team about two years after I left my insurance career.

Scott: Wow, and if you'd only done the loan with me. No, I'm joking, I'm joking. I know she's listening, so I had to throw that out there. That is super cool. Have you done other marketing before or was it just photography? [02:13.5]

Jessica: No, just the photography business. I had friends that had used me and a few referrals from them, and after that, I was like, Okay, I need to figure out how to get more business, and one of the things was to start a Facebook page, and so I did that, but then nothing was happening. I was like, Nobody is seeing my stuff. What do I need to do?

I googled, “Why is no one seeing my business Facebook?” and it just brought up all of this stuff about algorithms and branding, and I just went from there, just having that photography business and learning a little bit of marketing from that. Especially algorithms, social media's algorithm, it is a pain sometimes, and so, fortunately, from that photography business, I had a little bit of that knowledge, and so when I’ve got on board with Kristen, she had a Facebook page and she had a little bit of branding, but no one was really taking it over, so I just stepped in and picked it up and here we are. [03:09.0]

Scott: If you didn't hear that, she said, I just went on Google and googled, “Why are people not seeing me on Facebook?” Is that what she said?

Jessica: Yeah.

Scott: Unbelievable, and all this stuff would come up and you just said, All right, I'm going to weed through it and do this and do that.

Jessica: Yeah.

Scott: What do you think, knowing what you know now and what you've learned over the past—I don't know, how long has it been? A year? Have you been with Kristen for a year?

Jessica: A year and a half.

Scott: A year and a half, okay—and just FYI for everybody listening. Kristen, I think, broke the $50 million mark last year.

Jessica: She did.

Scott: She was on my podcast two weeks ago. Unbelievable. I think the year before you, before you existed, it was maybe half of that.

Jessica: Yeah.

Scott: Yeah, so somewhere in there, so being visible, we've proven, does make a huge difference, but I think being visible in the right way.

Jessica: Right, yes.

Scott: You can put crap out there. You can put good stuff out there and, obviously, Kristen's thing is her red high-heeled shoes.

Jessica: Yes. [04:00.4]

Scott: And, of course, her red boots and everything red, so I was actually telling my daughter about it and she was like, Oh my god, that's so cool, over the weekend.

But what do you think was the biggest thing for you when you started doing this? What was it that kind of took hold and you were like, All right, now we're getting some visibility from those people that, okay, I'm trying to do stuff? What would you say would be the first thing to do, first and foremost?

Jessica: Be consistent. Be consistent, because when you first start it, you're still not going to be seen, so just being consistent with it, using the same fonts, using the same colors, kind of doing the same thing on a schedule, not really missing days.

Now, there were some parts where it said to post at specific times, but I have found that once your algorithm is out there, that part doesn't really matter, but just being consistent and posting every day or every other day. Whatever you want your schedule to be, be consistent and stick with it. Stick with your same fonts, stick with your same colors. And trying to post things in the beginning that make people interact with you, so you want to post something that people will comment on. [05:08.3]

Scott: Gotcha, okay, very cool. Do you think it has to do with the high-heeled shoes, or if I put them on, do you think I'd have the same result? I'm just joking.

Jessica: It definitely is. I think so. It definitely is, because everywhere we go, there's always someone that's like, Oh, I know you, you're the lady with the red shoes. I think having a logo or something that represents you makes a huge difference, yes.

Scott: Yeah, good point, good point. When you pick something that's going to be you and your brand, would you say, go with it and something that you know you personally like and are excited about every time you put that in your branding?

Jessica: Yes. Yes.

Scott: Awesome. Awesome. First and foremost, persistent, consistent. How often, and maybe this has changed, when you first started putting content out there for Kristen? Was it every day, once a week? Really, what did you find was the good number? [06:03.2]

Jessica: When I first started putting your content out, I was posting something every day. Now my schedule is every other day, but trying to always have something in what's called your story. Are you familiar with what a story is?

Scott: Yeah, story. Yeah, Facebook story.

Jessica: Yes. Always having something in your story. If it's a picture of a home that we closed recently or sharing a post that one of our realtors have posted, just always having something but not necessarily posting. For me, I try to post every other day, but every day have something in the story, and I try to use the story as where we support our agents by sharing their posts through our stories, so that we're not filling our entire page up with a bunch of different realtors, but we're still supporting them by putting them in our story.

Scott: Gotcha, and the story, correct me if I'm wrong, it stays up for 24 hours, correct?

Jessica: Yes.

Scott: Okay. Do you sit down at the beginning of the week and go, All right, I’m going to post this, this, this, so we hit every 24 hour throughout the week? [07:03.0]

Jessica: Yes.

Scott: You schedule it out, is it a week or a month out, or just is it kind of relevant, whatever is happening today?

Jessica: I try to do a week out and I have specific things that I do every other day. We had two closings last week, but they're not actually scheduled to be posted until the end of this week. I have a method of how I do everything.

Scott: Awesome. Can you schedule out stories? I didn't even know you could do that. Can you schedule out a story?

Jessica: No, not to my knowledge. Every day I have realtors that I have favorites in, so that I see their stuff first thing, and that way I can immediately, as soon as I see it, share it to our story. Now, your Facebook post, there is a feature, if you have a business page, that you can schedule out your post, yes.

Scott: Gotcha, very cool. When it comes to sharing, you have favorite realtors, which I love, just showing them love and being there for them. Do you take what they post and then share it, or do you just post it yourself and your own type, in Kristen's story? [08:01.4]

Jessica: Sometimes I take it and make my own post out of it, but the majority of the time I post it in Kristen's story. But I have a personal relationship with each of these agents like Kristen does, and so I share it on my personal page, too, but, first and foremost, on the business page, yes.

Scott: On the business page, okay, business page and then you can share it to your story.

Jessica: Yeah.

Scott: Awesome. I don't know the answer to this, so I'm just going to ask, do you do branding for agents as well or is it just Kristen, putting her stuff out there and making her visible?

Jessica: It's just Kristen. Now, agents that come to me and they're like, Hey, I'm kind of struggling with this. Could you help? Absolutely, I'll put together something for them or whatever it is that they're needing, but I don't create content or anything for them. I'll take their listings. If they have a new listing that's going to go live, I’ll make a template and I’ll just post their listing in there and we'll share it, like, Hey, check out this listing from so-and-so, but I don't create stuff on the side for any of them. Not really, no.

Scott: Okay, and the reason I ask that question is a lot of people think or a lot of loan officers think you have to do stuff for agents, and I'm glad you answered it that way, because you don't. [09:07.0]

Jessica: Yeah, I mean, little things like sharing their listings and share, like if they make a post, I’ll share it on the story, but I don't create things for them the way that I create them for Kirsten.

Scott: Gotcha. Of the homework that you did and the study that you read, is the story where eyeballs go? Why is this story so important, the Facebook story?

Jessica: I think, because, a lot of times, people start watching one story and it just automatically goes to the next one, so it's just an easy way to be seen because it automatically goes from one story to the next. If someone sees your story and I'm after you, they're going to see me. They don't have to do any search work for it. They're not having to scroll. It just pops up.

Scott: I don't know the answer to this. Maybe you don't either, but does Facebook have algorithms for stories or does it just put it there no matter what?

Jessica: I'm not a hundred percent sure on that either.

Scott: Okay.

Jessica: I haven't done a whole lot of research into stories, but I have noticed on my personal Facebook that the people that I interact with the most are who I see first, so I think there is some kind of algorithm there. [10:10.0]

Scott: Yeah, and the cool part is, I know this, I mean, we all want that little shot of dopamine, right? You see who actually sees your Facebook story.

Jessica: Yes.

Scott: It's kind of cool if they click on it. They're tagged.

Jessica: Yes. Yes.

Scott: Which is pretty cool. To post to her Facebook business page, do you use [platforms]? Are there different platforms where you just put it in there and schedule it out? Do you use any of that or do you just schedule it right inside the page?

Jessica: I create all of her stuff on Canva and I save it, and then I don't-- I could schedule it from Canva. Canva does link up with her social media platforms, but I'm most comfortable with the feature that the business suite in Facebook offers. I'm most familiar with that one. I'm most comfortable. I write it on paper first, what I'm going to do, go into Canva, create it, save it, and then go into the scheduler inside of the Facebook suite -

Scott: Love it.

Jessica: - and post everything to be scheduled out. [11:08.2]

Scott: And you can post pics, video, anything you want.

Jessica: Yeah.

Scott: It can be as crazy as ever, right? You can put hashtags in there, you can plug, as if you're posting it and then schedule it.

Jessica: Yeah.

Scott: Love it. Love it.

Jessica: It shows you the preview. It shows you a mobile preview. It shows you a web, a desktop preview, everything that you need to see.

Scott: Do you strategize with Kristen or is it just like, Hey, here's what I'm going to do, or do you just do it and go, Hey, hope for the best, or how does that all work with her?

Jessica: A little bit of both. Some things, I just kind of come up with and create on my own, but there are other times that her and I sit down and we're like, Okay, especially with TikTok and that's something that we're just now getting into, so we do a little bit of that with her TikTok, trying to figure out, Hey, what is it that is different that is you, that is our brand, that is going to get someone's attention? and grab onto this.

Scott: I love that.

Jessica: With that, I’ll start. Yeah, we sit down a couple times a week and come up with content.

Scott: Cool. Does she call you and go, Hey, post this or post that, or, Hey, put something together for this? Does she do that or are you a hundred percent in charge? [12:04.4]

Jessica: Yeah.

Scott: Yeah? Okay, you guys probably have fun with that.

Jessica: Sometimes she'll find something and she'll send it to me, and it kind of puts my schedule out whack because so then I have to start back over, but, yeah, every now and then, she'll text me something and be like, Hey, can you make me an image that says this and put it this way? I just jump straight on it and get it out there.

Scott: That's cool, yeah. Darn it, Kristen, leave her alone, right? Awesome. Do you think it's really just being persistent and consistent? Do you think that’s the secret sauce? I mean, because I’ve met and was able to spend some time with Kristen, which I really enjoyed, and she's magnetic. Right?

Jessica: She is.

Scott: Everybody that meets her, she's magnetic, and she's just from the heart. She truly cares. She's all that stuff. Is it just she's really good at having that come through video or pics or is there anything else besides the persistent and consistent? [12:54.1]

Jessica: A lot of it is, too, I spend a lot of time shadowing Kristen. I spend a lot of time with her around her agents, around her clients, and so her culture, taking that and putting it out there, I think, is what works so well for us, because, like you said, she is warm and magnetic, and she's smart and she's experienced. Taking all those things and trying to create social media content from all of that, trying to portray who she is, but through social media, I think that is what helps a lot.

Scott: Yeah, and, I mean, everybody knows that if you do that, you'll have success, right?

Jessica: Right.

Scott: What was it for you guys? Obviously, I told her this, I'm like, I didn't really see you, I knew of you. But then, all of a sudden, it was like, poof, she just appeared, right? Was it you coming on board going, Hey, this, do this, this, this, this and this, and then she just kind of appeared, because it was a huge switch.

Jessica: Yes, because I had to break that algorithm and, honestly, I started my consistency about this time last year. I'm pretty sure it was at the end of January that I started with the consistent posting schedule and it has taken me a long time. [14:09.4]

But I think when you started seeing everything was when I broke through that algorithm and finally was able to get our page out there, because when you first create a business page, it doesn't show in your regular scrolling feed. It won't show up. It won't show up, and so that's when I googled, “Why is my Facebook page not showing up?” and that's when I learned about all the algorithms and how to beat them, and how to get past them and boost them, and all those things.

It has taken me a year, but I’ve had to be consistent, even when I would post something that people didn't like. I could post something and not get one single like on it. I had to be consistent and still do it the next day, until, finally, it just broke through and now we're showing up in your newsfeed as soon as we post.

Scott: Yeah, all the time. It was unbelieve. It was like, whoa, doing something right. I think that's where a lot of people fail. They put stuff out there persistently and consistently, but they don't do it the right way. They don't do it long enough. [15:03.0]

Jessica: Right.

Scott: Are there any secrets that you could give us that you’ve found over doing this for a year and a half that might help somebody besides just, Hey, you’ve got to keep with it, whether you get zero likes? I mean that's hard, right? You put something up and you're like, Oh, man, that one hurt, I didn't really get anything, or I’ve got one like or two likes. Anything that you would say to somebody that's trying to be more visible?

Jessica: Try to post things and in a question form that get people to interact on your post. The more that people actually comment on a post, the more your algorithm will be boosted. Trying to post things, like one of my things that I posted when I first started was called a “This or that?” and I would do white cabinets and espresso cabinets and say, “Hey, which one of these would you pick?” and it would make people comment. “Oh, I would pick this one.” Doing a little bit of that, not too much, just a little, just to get engagement.

We have found that doing small giveaways. “Hey, we’ve got this $10 gift card to Starbucks. Comment below. How many pairs of red shoes do you think Kristen has?” and so that got a lot of engagement. [16:07.5]

Scott: Excellent. I should have done that. I should have done that on the podcast, been like, Hey, comment on this podcast. That's awesome. Questions, “This or that?” I love the “This or that?” I love that and then just making people comment about it. I mean, just as simple as a gift card.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was told that Facebook will show a small portion of your friend list when you post something or your followers, and then if they get more likes and comments, then they'll show it to more and then more and more. Is that how you're beating the algorithm?

Jessica: Yes. I always tell my team, Hey, if you see that I’ve just posted something, like it and interact with it. I kind of have them on board to interact with it, to help, so if you're a loan officer and you have a team, if they see your post, just have them like it and interact with it.

Scott: That’s a great idea, so friends and family, too, man. Hey, if you see my post, do me a favor. That helps me. Like it. Comment on it. Yeah, interesting. Interesting. [17:07.2]

Not knowing somebody, what would you tell them to get started with? What's one of the first things that you would do with social media to start being more visible? Because I know people buy cameras and they're still in the wrapper when I meet them six months later, and they're like, Oh, man, I spent all the money on that, but I can't bring myself to do it. What’s one thing that you would share with somebody to get started with social media, knowing what you know now?

Jessica: Find your brand, find your thing, find your logo, and start with that. Kristen’s was obviously the red high heels. The very first thing that I did was create the logo, and anything that I’ve created for content, I always made sure to slap that logo on everything, even on “This or that?” slapped it at the bottom. Finding a logo or something that represents you and your brand and putting it everywhere. [18:01.8]

Scott: Awesome. I don't know if you can share this or not, but what's next for Kristen's brand? I mean, it's already so big that it's unbelievable. I don't know if maybe she's looking at you, going, No, no, no, don't tell him.

Jessica: I think right now we're trying to get on TikTok and figure out how to work that, but we have some swag. We have some shirts that have our logo on it, and when we do events, like we have a golf club community close by, and when we do events, we have swag that just has our logo and stuff all over it, so really now just getting it printed and out there.

Scott: Awesome. Awesome. So cool, Jessica. I think it's amazing. I think you're amazing. I think it's amazing what you've done for Kristen. Unbelievable. Any final words for our listeners here at the Millionaire Loan Officer?

Jessica: Just stay consistent. Learn your loan officer. Learn their culture. Stay close by them, and take that and make a brand out of it. That's basically what I’ve done. I've just studied Kristen for a year and a half. I've watched her interact with clients and I’ve watched her interact with agents, and I see what's important to her and I have found a way to just create that and make social media content out of it. [19:06.2]

Scott: Love it. Yeah, you're extraordinary at it. I always love seeing your stuff and I know you're behind the scenes doing it, so congratulations to you. I hope to meet you someday at one of these events. I think you'd enjoy meeting a bunch of people. I appreciate you more than you know, and congratulations to your success.

Jessica: Thank you so much.

Scott: You're welcome.

Jessica: And thank you for having me.

Scott: Yeah, you bet. Hey, guys, this is Jessica Hooks, marketing and branding extraordinaire for Kristen Morgan. Unbelievable stuff she does, so if you're looking to be more of all, it might be a good idea to find yourself a marketing guru that can help you take who you are, what you believe in and what you do, and put it out there for the masses to see and it's just amazing what happens when you do that. The big thing is helping people remember who you are and what you do for a living, and Jessica has been that person for her.

Guys, thanks for being here. Again, this is Scott Hudspeth with Millionaire Loan Officer, powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals and the Loan Officer Breakfast Club. I appreciate everyone for listening.

Do me a huge favor, if you will. Email support@TheMarketingAnimals.com if you do a five-star review on Millionaire Loan Officer. A five-star review, take a picture of it, email it to support at Marketing Animals, and we will send you a Mortgage Marketing Animals mug. All right? [20:13.8]

All right, guys. Thanks so much. Have a great day. Be safe, and we'll see you on the web. Take care, everybody.

Thank you for tuning in to the “Millionaire Loan Officer” podcast with your host, Scott Hudspeth. Don't forget to visit MLOLive.com to have your questions answered. See you next time.

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