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When it comes to making your life better, waiting for an “opportunity to knock” only makes days worse. And even if you are suffering difficulties now, it doesn’t mean you will find the same problems tomorrow.READ MORE

It’s easy to forget the value of something in life among social status or a price tag. And above all, the need for more.
But true value has a blinding purpose (even if you don’t see it yet) and it’s ready to change your life for the better.… READ MORE

Helping others and giving back to your community goes beyond the click of a computer button. And while screen time has promising results, most people try to look good rather than be good. 
So how can you empower and uplift others in everything you do? READ MORE

While some of us spend our lives looking for blessings in the midst of chaos, others spend their time being the blessing. And by treating others with a willing heart and open mind, the world slowly mends itself from hate and division. READ MORE

Through the challenges of 2020 comes a unique opportunity for churches to rise up and think through issues together. And if you’ve lost your faith over the last year, just know there is always a hope-filled conversation to have. READ MORE

Do you have the drive to get out of bed each morning and live life with a fire in your soul? We’ve all got big dreams, but most people don’t know what it takes to reach them. Or even think their dreams are attainable.… READ MORE

Between politics and a worldwide crisis, it feels natural to worry. But worrying can also make problems bigger and rob you of any perspective if it hangs around too long.
Learning to work alongside the unknown and embrace the things outside of your control only makes life better for you and your loved ones the ones you love.… READ MORE

With the world moving at the click of a button, most of us have forgotten what it’s like to wait for something. But if we’ve learned anything from the great minds of Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill, it’s that the waiting that shapes your talents into their greatest achievements yet.… READ MORE

You can describe society in a dozen different ways, but ‘respectful’ might not come to mind. A time when you could have an argument with someone and shake hands at the end is long gone. 
Many people don’t respect those they disagree with, but they couldn’t be more wrong. READ MORE

There’s a famous saying that you should “never underestimate the power of your words.” But how many people actually understand the magnitude of that power? I’ll give you a hint – most people think their words are completely harmless. READ MORE

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