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If you’ve never heard of the word ‘gusto,’ it means doing something with zest or a spark. That’s the way most of us want to live our lives. 
But most people don’t live with gusto. They’re stuck in their comfort zones, which prevent them from taking on the challenges they need to grow.READ MORE

The world tries to measure a man through status, education, and looks. But that’s not how you become a man of true wisdom and character and build a legacy that lasts. 
It’s about carrying the right traits and being authentic.READ MORE

Wisdom is ‘inner intuition’ or a deep knowing of something. And while we have the capacity for good sense, it can get mixed up in the noise of our busy lives.
Everything is about instant gratification (instead of sound judgment and common sense).… READ MORE

We all like music, TV and conversations, but you might be surprised by the damage noise can do (even when you’re having fun).
Clogging your brain with loud sounds, alerts, and pings leads to a poor sleep schedule and sabotages your ability to focus.READ MORE

Momentum can move you forward almost effortlessly – or keep you stuck wherever you are. 
When your positive habits gather momentum, success is on autopilot. But when laziness, complacency and negativity gather momentum, it chains you to the status quo. READ MORE

Just as people consider a juice cleanse to get rid of toxins in their body, a mental cleanse helps you get rid of the emotions and experiences weighing you down daily.
And when cleansing your soul of emotional “junk,” you are often left with clarity, creativity, and mental wholeness – ready to take on the world and renewed in your spirit.… READ MORE

It may not come as a surprise that being resourceful is your “secret weapon” to powering through goals and quickly adapting to new situations. 
But resourcefulness isn’t about having everything – it’s about using the tools you already have for the results you want.READ MORE

We all have the desire to be happy. A happy life gives you confidence, success, and a purpose in everything you do. But embracing happiness can sometimes feel out of your control (especially when you’re facing tough times in life).… READ MORE

The lack of a unified message in the world has certainly made it easy to judge others (or even face judgment yourself). But making assumptions and shaming others doesn’t help you find common-ground in a problem, it only creates a stronger divide. READ MORE

Stress probably feels like an inevitable part of your everyday life (especially over the last year). But spending your days worrying about every little thing doesn’t make life better, it only makes you feel less in control.READ MORE

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