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How much ‘real’ brainwork should you aim to get done in one day? I’m not talking about zoning out in meetings or reorganizing your stationery drawer. And this isn’t some trick question.
When you’re stressed to near breaking point, the last solution you’d imagine is to do less.… READ MORE

The fact we call it a ‘balance’ automatically implies something is negative and we need to equal it out. The truth is that we’re always having to give up something – whether it’s time with our loved ones, time working on our business, or time doing what we love.… READ MORE

It’s impossible to share what you don’t have. If you lack the reserves of energy to keep you balanced, you’re unable to give your best to your kids, spouse, family, and business.
Today’s episode is all about showing you why your notion of selfishness could be completely backward. … READ MORE

How does one become healthier, wealthier, and happier than everyone else around them?
Most people will believe it’s genetics, luck, or something they’ve got no control over. But really? It all comes down to the one little habit ‘Daddy’ shares with you today.… READ MORE

The ‘Daddy’s Working’ Podcast is uniquely designed for guys who want to create a better work-life harmony to become a better Dad, Father, and Son.
Like you, the host of the show Jonathan Rivera is an Entrepreneur in the trenches. … READ MORE

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