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If you’re not growing, you’re dying. And if you’re at a point in your business where growing more feels hard, you might feel stuck.
You might feel like others are lapping you, like you’re getting left behind.… READ MORE

As a business owner, you want to perform at your absolute best—whether that means closing deals, creating new products or working effectively so you can stop working all day and spend more time with your family.… READ MORE

Tired of having to prove yourself?
Spending all your time trying to convince someone why you’re the best choice for them, call after call, over and over again? It’s not exactly fun when you have to sell yourself so hard.… READ MORE

“No one on his deathbed ever said, I wish I had spent more time on my business.”
~Paul Tsongas.
I’d imagine getting to the end of the line and realizing you’ve got regrets is one of the most challenging feelings ever.… READ MORE

Everyday we are reminded that we need to do more and that we need to have more.  It can be intimidating.
If you’re tired of seeing people around you doing better than you and you’re disappointed with your progress and where you are, today’s episode is for you.… READ MORE

Muscle memory is the act of completing a physical or mental task to the point where your body learns to complete the task more efficiently but with less ‘processing power.’
Although your muscles don’t have brains, skills become ‘grooved’ in your mind through motor memory.… READ MORE

This could be a tough one to understand. Because the truth is, if you ever feel completely satisfied with everything in your life, chances are, you haven’t set the bar high enough and have probably given in to the temptation of accepting mediocrity.… READ MORE

How much ‘real’ brainwork should you aim to get done in one day? I’m not talking about zoning out in meetings or reorganizing your stationery drawer. And this isn’t some trick question.
When you’re stressed to near breaking point, the last solution you’d imagine is to do less.… READ MORE

The fact we call it a ‘balance’ automatically implies something is negative and we need to equal it out. The truth is that we’re always having to give up something – whether it’s time with our loved ones, time working on our business, or time doing what we love.… READ MORE

It’s impossible to share what you don’t have. If you lack the reserves of energy to keep you balanced, you’re unable to give your best to your kids, spouse, family, and business.
Today’s episode is all about showing you why your notion of selfishness could be completely backward. … READ MORE

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