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Today the script is being flipped.
I got bored of talking to myself and decided to invite my friend Joe Lieber onto the show so he could share his wisdom with you (and it makes my life much easier!)
Joe has been in the real estate game for 22 years.… READ MORE

As podcasts continue to EXPLODE, more and more people are jumping in head-first with the goal of leveraging themselves and their business, not forgetting the potential for an additional revenue stream.… READ MORE

Your subconscious mind is like the auto-pilot switch on an airplane.
It’s been pre-programmed to follow a specific flight path – and it’s impossible to deviate from unless you change directions programmed into it first.… READ MORE

I was talking to my buddy the other day. We catch up whenever we can. We were on the phone grabbing a quick chat, reminiscing on the ‘good old days.’ I asked him… “hey man, how you doing?”
His response?… READ MORE

The default for almost all Entrepreneurs is action.
We share a common belief that no amount of success is ever enough. We’re always pushing the envelope. But no matter how much of an insatiable drive we have, we understand that there are certain things we must do in order to continue our growth.… READ MORE

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who once said…
“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”
For most of my adult life, I’ve pursued the principles of innovation – the things that force me to upgrade my life.… READ MORE

If you’re a fan of ‘The Secret’ – and you’re perfectly content wishing your life away – this one’s not going to be for you. Run away.
But for the rest of you…
This episode is all about why you’ve been sold a big fat LIE.… READ MORE

Do you ever blank on what to say? Maybe you’re on a sales call and awkward silence ensues after a tricky objection. Or you’re writing and rewriting an ad with nothing good spilling onto the page.
The reason is simple: You don’t want to say the wrong thing and lose the people you serve.… READ MORE

Referrals make sales a breeze. They already trust you, know what you can help them with and they’ve heard a testimonial.
But there’s a big problem with referrals: You have little control. You don’t know if your clients know anyone who needs you.READ MORE

We all have moments when people get under your skin. You can easily dismiss some, but sometimes emotions get triggered and make you say things you might regret.
In this episode, you’ll find out about the 3 questions you need to ask yourself when you’re getting emotional.… READ MORE

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