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Your subconscious mind is like the auto-pilot switch on an airplane.

It’s been pre-programmed to follow a specific flight path – and it’s impossible to deviate from unless you change directions programmed into it first.

Most people have accepted their own pre-programmed flight paths – the ones that have been given to them served up through TV, Radio, Movies, Commercials, Family and Friends.

Adaptive tactics that have allowed you to survive – but certainly haven’t allowed you to thrive.

Today I’m flipping this faulty script on its head and giving you some practical steps for reprogramming yourself so you can become the YOU that you’ve always wanted to be.

Show Highlights Include:

  • My Saturday Zen: A weekly habit to help fuel your success (0:30)
  • The most destructive limiting beliefs about money, and how to get rid of them (8:50)
  • Is the love of money really the root of all evil? (10:30)
  • Practical steps for fixing your faulty subconscious programming to get what you want (12:25)
  • My Morning Formula: How I own the day and control my life (15:20)

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No don't go in there, Daddy's working.

Jonathan: When I was a kid living in Brooklyn I loved, loved, loved Saturdays. You remember Saturday morning cartoons? Man, I don't know if they still do that but a big bowl of cereal, blanket and pillow on the floor and Saturday morning cartoons was my Zen. I loved that because I guess the school week was out or maybe because they played cartoons all day and they didn't usually do that. I don't know what it was but I loved me some Saturday morning cartoons. So you're probably wondering, why are we talking about Saturday morning cartoons? [0:01:01.3]

I don't know but I can tell you that now that I'm grown up, I still look forward to Saturdays but for totally different reasons. Saturdays is when my Investors Business Daily comes. It's once a week. It's about investing and I love, love, love that newspaper. It's so insightful, it gives me lots of ideas and lots of research, and it's my favorite read of the week. I also get the Wall Street Journal but that's six days a week, it's not quite as special. Anyways, there was this article in there where they talked about making positivity a habit. Being positive can be made into a habit. I'm not going to quote that whole article. You can get a subscription to it if you want to check it out. But fuel success right, change your input, target negative behaviors, perform a regular litmus test, think young, consider new possibilities, embrace discomfort, and evolve. [0:02:10.9]

Now that I'm looking at that article, now I see why I liked it and why I wanted to talk about it because that's what we talk about on this show all the time is that evolution, that eternal quest to get better and I like that they just put it in there as make positivity a habit, make growth a habit. Why can't we make growth a habit? One of the ways to do that, I actually talked about this on the last show and it's something that's been on my mind for a bit and I wanted to just wrap with you about it and get some ideas out there because it's not going to be everything I have on this but the idea of the programming that you receive and how most people just accept the programming that has been given to them. Served up by television, by the news, by radio, by the movies, by commercials, by what your wife wants or your spouse wants ... all that programming that you have received and not necessarily wanted doesn't always serve you. [0:03:20.5]

And like I said we talked about that a little bit in the last show but you have to understand especially with your parents that they did the best they could and that's all we can do as parents is the best that we can. But us, we're lucky; we are here together right now. We are more evolved. We have more at our fingertips. We have the internet. We have the libraries. We have cool people that we can connect with. So we have more resources than our parents did and therefore, we should be able to do just a little bit better. Just a little bit better than they did with the programming that we are doing with our children. But first and foremost, you need to know that your programming is screwed. [0:04:03.2]

When you realize that then you can do something about it. And so yeah, your parents – let me tell you a story about my dad so you get an idea of where he came from. Dad has always been so proud of being in New York because when he was a kid, he was actually in Puerto Rico and I don't know if they lived on a farm or what but he used to tell me horror stories about having to go to the bathroom at night and he didn't want to go. It was only if it was an emergency because if he could hold it, he would hold it. But they did not have indoor plumbing. They didn't have a toilet in their house. They had to go out to a latrine, is that what you call it? An outhouse? You know a little wood building around a hole in the ground where you take a dump. He told me how disgusting it was and how the bugs were so scary. He would just rather not have to go out there. [0:05:05.5]

But imagine the move from there to New York, to the city; seeing those skyscrapers and all the cement and glass and all the beautiful, different cultures and everything. I mean what a huge change. One of the things that I never really got and it took a long time. In fact, I only just realized this in the last couple of years but my dad, he is insane with vocabulary. When I was a kid he would make me read to him the encyclopedia. He would make me do vocabulary words. He would teach me all these words and I was like, "These are dumb words; who's ever going to use these?" I still remember them to this day, right now, I can remember some of them like obtuse and what's another one he got stuck on.... I don't know. Succumb he loved that word too. It's just like I don't even use these words and maybe I should, I would sound smarter. [0:06:04.4]

I have got a different perspective on it but I wondered why he was obsessed with it and then I saw with my little sister and I do have a little sister. After mom died, dad got married again and started a new family. I've got like a 12 year old sister, I'm 30 years older than her. But he did it with her too, he did this vocabulary thing and he would be teaching her all these weird words and went further and had her doing the Gettysburg address. I wondered why, why? Why is he obsessed with vocabulary? I thought about it and I thought about it some more. When he came to New York, he didn't know any English. He did not know English. So this guy ... look he comes from a place with no indoor plumbing, he doesn't know any English, and now he's got to
make it in the big city. That's tough. I'm pretty sure I've asked him about this now. [0:07:00.4]

If not, I need to but it was that vocabulary and learning words and teaching himself how to speak English that was him getting better, getting better, leaving behind where he came from and improving his life. You know, think about it. We take it for granted. I take it for granted. I speak English. I don't have to learn English but he had to fight and he was like 10 or 11 years old when he came over. He had to fight to learn English and that is one of the reasons why vocabulary is so important to him. The reason I'm talking about this is because that is where he came from. He came from Puerto Rico over here and he had to fight to just speak the language. Yeah, he passed that on to me but that was a good – I guess it was good to learn and it was good to expand my vocabulary and it was definitely good that he made me read. That was definitely good. But that's where he came from. [0:08:03.1]

I have all those advantages. We have all those advantages. If you're sons of immigrants, you have those advantages as well. But his level is different than where I want to go. See he set me up with a base and that base is useful but now if I want to reach next level I got to climb up another rung. I got to climb up another couple rungs and there is new bases that he isn't even aware of. That's why I say cut your parents a break. They did the best that they could with they had but you got to go find the truth. You got to go find what's true for you. Speaking of my dad, here is one of his famous lines. It's something that I didn’t realize was a problem until way, way later and it affected me badly. It goes something like this. [0:09:00.1]

"Dad, hey let's go Disney. We want to go to Disney that would be fun." "I don't have money for Disney, I'm broke." Okay. "Dad, dad, I'm 16. I want a new car, I got my license." Because back when I was a kid when you turned 16, you got your license unlike the kids today who don't want licenses and I don't understand why but that is a story for another day. "Dad, dad, I want a car." "I don't have money for a car, I'm broke." Ay, chihuahua! I'm broke. He will still say it to this day. That's what is fascinating. He's not broke. He's got money. He's got a big, beautiful house, giant backyard. He's like on an acre of land over in Daytona with a gazebo. He's got a gazebo. I mean this guy...but he will still use that "I'm broke" thing. This is just bad programming. If you grow up with that then you think that's normal like I did. [0:10:01.6]

I thought "I'm broke", that's like wear that as a badge of pride. Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me? I'm broke. I can't stand that and when he says it, I'm like ughh it irks me. I don't say anything, I respect him. It's his language not mine. It's bad programming. For me, it took many years to break free of that and in fact, I believe it so much I made myself broke. If I had money, I would find a way to get rid of it. What else falls along those lines? I'm broke...Money is evil. You heard that? Money is the root of all evil. What? Money is the root of all good. If you got money, you're able to help. If you’ve got money, you're able to take care of yourself. If you got money, you can do things. Money is the root of all good. Another one I don't know if this comes from the Bible or where but "If you're poor, you're happy." The poor people are the happy people. Okay. I’m pretty sure that you can have money and be pretty happy. [0:11:06.0]

I'm fairly certain that having money makes happiness a little bit easier. The reason I know is because I have had no money and I've had money and I like having money much, much better. It suits me better. It makes me feel good. It makes me look good. Why am I talking about this? It's because this is examples of bad programming. Things that have been ground into your head and you don't even know where they come from and it's not like your parents or your family or friends are doing this on purpose but they are dragging you down with this. That's why I say you got to realize the truth. Your programming is faulty and the only way to fix is to actually do something about it. Well, first things first. Obviously, you got to recognize like I said recognize it and realize that your program is faulty. [0:12:01.0]

And when you are aware of that you can actually do something about it which makes you super powerful. You realize how powerful you are – you can do something about that. You can choose to do something. That choice to do something is freedom. You want freedom there it is; the choice to do something about it. But here's some things like if you want to work on your programming, you got to realize that the program that you're running is faulty and you got to introduce some new things into your life. If you're not already doing this, if you're not being grateful everyday then you're not going to be happy. If you're not giving people credit like your parents did the best they could, give them credit. You don't have to take their advice but give them credit. If you're not taking responsibility in saying that I have the choice to change this and if you're not taking action on making that change then you're never going to break free of this faulty programming. But once you know that the program is faulty, you can start doing some thing like being grateful, taking responsibility and taking action to make a change. [0:13:16.1]
So to take this idea of programming to another level, right now you are on track. You are making a good decision if you're listening to this show; you're working on reprogramming yourself. I don't want you to fall short of everything that your future holds for you. You got to reprogram. The first thing I recommend doing is going to wherever you listen to podcasts; Google, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Pandora, wherever you're listening to me right now and clicking the subscribe button. That's right. Subscribe to this show, take action, and make a commitment to reprogramming yourself, reprogramming the way you think and getting better results, getting a new base, taking it up a level.

I mean I could just drop the mic right now because I already gave you the secret: freedom. It's taking action, being responsible, knowing that you want to change, and doing something about it. So when we are talking about programming there is a lot you can do. You can subscribe to the show. You can subscribe to other shows like this one to help your programming. You can buy books. You can get in masterminds but the one thing that would be super fast for you right now and I'm going to do a giveaway I guess. I didn't realize I was going to do that but I talked in the last episode about the "Morning Formula" that I learned from Chris and Taylor, The Smartest Guys in Marketing. [0:15:08.7]

Yes! You can find them on our website of course. Two super, swell dudes. I have worked with them for years. Loved them. Love their program, Client Kit and that was one of the best investments I ever made in my business and I'm so grateful to them. So thank you, guys, if you're listening. This Morning Formula thing is one of the best ways I've ever seen to reprogram yourself. I talked about in that last episode; I had this very vivid picture of my dream and being in that penthouse and just waking up in the morning and going out to the balcony. This is all from my morning formula. It's part of my visualization in the morning. First thing I do is visualize what I want my perfect life – I think they call it the vision map; what I want my perfect life to look like. [0:16:01.6]

The cool part is this is ever changing. I'm getting ready to update it again but this is one of the most powerful ways that I have found to motivate me and to get me in a better mood and to get me just more excited the day. Starting with that vision map and with the morning formula before I do anything else before I workout is just going in and doing some programming. The same way that you go to the gym and I hope you're going to the gym because if not shame on you but same way you go to the gym and you're programming your body to get stronger. You got to program your mind to get stronger because if you're not doing that you're not going to be happy. You're going to be scared. You're going to be thinking too small. You're not going to be changing because you're stuck. I don't want that for you. So check out, here's what I want to do. You want to be more fulfilled? You want to be happier? You want to be a better dad/husband/son? You want to be more present? I'm going to give you a template of my vision map, the A.M. Formula. [0:17:13.0]

In fact, I think what I will do is I will create a video going over how I use it and that will help you out quite a bit. But I'm going to put that right on the website. So this episode is #29 Reprogramming Yourself, so look for this over at DaddysWorking.com and when you find it, there will be a template for the A.M. Formula, the pieces that you need to program yourself in the morning, to give yourself a head start, to give yourself a clear head, help you be a better dad/husband/son. It's something that I love and I want to share with you guys. [0:17:50.3]

So let's do a quick recap on programming. Your parents did the best they could. They didn't have all the opportunities you had most likely so keep that in mind and accept the truth. The truth is that they did the best they could but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best for you. So you have to realize the truth; your programming is faulty. You got to do something about it. You got to make a change. You can reprogram yourself. You can be happier. You can be more fulfilled. But you have to be proactive. You have to be intentional about updating your programming. I told you; you go to DaddysWorking.com look for Episode #29 Reprogramming Yourself and in there I will give you a tool I use for my Morning Formula – the vision map. I will give you an outline of how it works so that you can start reprogramming yourself today. [0:18:47.6]

Phew! Giving it away. This is just opening the door because in the future I want to talk more about money and finance, a couple of my obsessions – investing. So in order to do all that you have to make sure you have the right programming. Next time? What's coming up next time? We will be talking about three ways to profit from podcasting. That's right I've got three ways our most successful clients are profiting from podcasting. We give that all to you in the next episode. Thank you for tuning in. Remember go to wherever you listen to podcasts and hit the subscribe button so you do not miss another episode of Daddy's Working. Thanks for tuning in and we'll be back in your earbuds next time. [0:19:46.8]

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