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Are you an employee, manager, or CEO in your business? Everyone likes to think they’re a CEO, but a look at your business tells a different story.
The reason you’re not getting the results you want is that you’re approaching your business like a manager (or worse yet… an employee).… READ MORE

The online marketing world is full of liars and thieves. They prey on inexperienced entrepreneurs with smoke and mirrors designed to part you from your money.
But if you arm yourself with some basic information, you can protect yourself (and your wallet) from the frauds.… READ MORE

The internet marketing show for smart marketers only.
If you’re easily offended, or a  guru fanboy, then this isn’t the marketing show for you.
If you can stomach Jay’s cultural insensitivity, sarcasm, and completely inappropriate dark humor, then he’ll give you the success secrets behind the $1B companies he’s worked with, and show you how to systematically scale your affiliate marketing and internet marketing businesses.… READ MORE

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