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The online marketing world is full of liars and thieves. They prey on inexperienced entrepreneurs with smoke and mirrors designed to part you from your money.

But if you arm yourself with some basic information, you can protect yourself (and your wallet) from the frauds.

In this episode, I share obvious signs that a “guru” is not what they claim, why marketing platitudes are poison, and the most important number to track for exponential business growth.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why 99% of internet marketers’ “accomplishments” are worthless and the only thing you need to look at before you give them any of your hard-earned cash (3:12)
  • The surprising reason marketers fail despite having all the data they need to succeed (5:02)
  • The one number to focus on if you want to explode your business results without wasting tons of time (7:37)
  • Why tried and true marketing strategies are killing your business (8:59)
  • What Jewish Rabbis can teach online marketers about building a phenomenal business (11:11)
  • A simple email any business can use to boost open rates and sales instantly (14:03)

If you’re an online marketer tired of struggling, go to JaysMastermind.com and get your copy of The Billion Dollar Framework today.

Read Full Transcript

Welcome to Jay's mastermind.com podcast. The only show in marketing that couldn't care less about your fancy little feelings. If you're a smart internet marketer, that's serious about success, then put on your big boy pants and enjoy this episode with your host, Jay. [00:20.1]

Jay: Wow. Okay. And welcome to the first ever episode of the Jay’s Mastermind podcast. I am your host, Jay joined by the prettiest eyebrows in marketing, Jonathan Rivera. How are you doing man?

Jonathan: I hope you allow me to use that for my next website. Thank you.

Jay: Yeah, you could definitely use it. But man, Wow! Where did you find that chick? Like I was telling you the whole Veronica, the voice I'm calling her Veronica, the sexy Britt that actually counted us in. Like whenever you actually sent that to me, I was just like going through like all of the different edits and sound clips, but then as soon as I came across her, she was like, Hey, you are listening to Jay's mastermind. I was like, yes, ma'am I am; I didn't even finish a couple of Kleenexes later. I was like; this is the chick for the opening. But knowing my luck, you know, like I'm doing this, she's probably some like, you know, 400 pound Betty that probably has multiple roles and stuff like that, which kind of leads us into this first episode, which I kind of entitled ‘The insane ramblings of an internet marketer’ because for the longest time, like I stayed out of it, like I've stayed out of the whole internet marketing sphere. [01:32.6]

So, you know, a little bit of calibration, whenever I say marketers or marketing, you know, I'm really talking about the people within the internet marketing community or really what they kind of consider online entrepreneurs. So anyone that's actually trying to promote a business, anything along those lines, so, you know, just kind of level set that. But I didn't actually, for the longest time I've held off on doing either this podcast or actually doing any type of products and stuff like that, because honestly, I didn't want to, but recently I feel like the godfather it's like, man, I, you know, like I was trying to stay out of it, but they're pulling me back in. Because I'm just, I would rather trust Jeff Epstein, to babysit my kiddos than half of the crap that is actually being spewed in the industry. It's a lot of it is just the blind leading the blind. So without further ado, let's kind of jump in. I thought for this episode we have a couple of minutes I’ll just talk about a couple of reasons why I think internet marketers fell from kind of my perspective. If we have time, we can do the whole verbal hand job as far as, why should you listen to me? Which I absolutely hate! What are your feelings on that John? [02:38.7]

Jonathan: I thought that we were going to spend the whole episode on that.

Jay: Why you should.. But it's the only thing and maybe I'm wrong with it. I understand, I understand the reason why they do it because it's build a credibility and all this other kind of stuff. But at the end of the day, you know, at least whenever like I'd watch a webinar, stuff like that, I could care less about really the person, how great they are, I just want to know what they'll do for me. And that's really my mentality whenever, like I actually try to teach. It's like I could sit there and tell you about my income claims. I can tell you how much I'm spending per month in advertising. And I can tell you about all the different agencies that I've built out of. I can tell you from all the billion dollar companies that I was able to actually run digital strategy for. I can do all of that, but none of it makes a hill of beans or none of its worth a hill of beans and less the people that are actually listening can actually take the advice that we do and actually be able to replicate it, right. Because a lot of times, a lot of it's just a lot of smoking mirrors I find, you know, within the industry. And that's, I think really the main reason why I wanted to get into the reasons why internet marketers fell. [03:39.7]

So if you were to guess a couple of top items on my list, what would you say in your opinion? Because you talk to a lot of different aspiring entrepreneurs. For those of you who don't know, Jonathan Rivera is actually the owner of The Podcast Factory. So if you do need to podcast, make sure to go check him out and tell him Jay sent you, a little plug for you, Sir.
Jonathan: Thank you.

Jay: We kind of doing this all over again. You know, it was very enlightening, right? Because I've built myself an organization, a team, and a framework to where it basically isolates all of my weak points. So this whole Jay’s mastermind you know, the podcast, the billion dollar framework, the flagship product that we're going to be releasing, it's all done independently by myself. No team, no identity, no anything on that because I've actually got out of the internet marketing community roughly about eight years ago, you know, like I've been doing online marketing for over 16 years now. [04:32.7]

So, you know, not a new cat by any means, but then I decided to say, Hey, instead of going out there and trying to, you know, pedal clipping products, let me actually go make money. So that's what I did. I joined kinda like the corporate community, but really what I found and this is one of the top reasons on my list, as far as the reason why internet marketers, marketers, aspiring you know entrepreneurs, all that kind of stuff. I'm just gonna call them marketers from this point on. Fellas, honestly, they don't have a clue about business, right? They are majoring on all the minors. You'll see them talk about, you know, like bounce rates and click through rates and what is my CPLs and what kind of offering and all these different funnel type of things. And, but their majoring all the minors, whenever they should be learning about like budgeting and forecasting and P&L management, right? So this is actually the language of business. [05:21.7]

Whenever I intentionally got stupider about marketing and smarter about business, that's whenever like my income actually exponentially increased. So I used to be the smartest person in the room, right? Because I started off actually doing direct sales copywriting. And that's how, because I come from a background of being a pro musician, you know, touring for a better part of a decade, did a lot of work with the classic rock hall of famers. So whenever I knocked up my ex-wife, it was like all of a sudden I'm faced with the reality. Do I continue to go be the rock star playing a 280 shows a year? Or do I actually be a good dad? Well, I chose to be a good dad. So I got off the road, but I went from making a hundred or over a hundred thousand dollars a year as a touring musician to $9,000. [06:04.7]

So I had to talk my way in to get a big boy job. They were like, all right, what's your experience? I'm like, I can, you know, do a keg stand and do a lot of Coke. And obviously that's not a marketable talent, but I did do a lot of work with A&R Development, so I was able to talk my way into doing marketing. Oh no, like I, I know brand development, I know marketing all this other kind of stuff. So I started with that and got success. And I went to SEO realm, got success, got into paid search, got success. And I started basically mastering all these different skillsets. But all of that to say this, I got up to the point to where I cap or I tapped out my earning potential at about $42,000 per year.

Jonathan: Oh, that’s it? [06:45.5]

Jay: Yeah, just $42,000 per year. I was the smartest person in the room, right. But I kept getting these jobs. So where I was making all of this obscene money for all of these companies, but I was the specialist. They would call me in to talk about all the fancy click-through rates and cost per clicks and leads and bounce, you know, how do we grow? Like our email list and our client acquisition. I was the one doing all this work and I was making $42,000 a year. But whenever I actually started shifting to start learning about penal management and profit and forecasting and the stuff that business owners actually care about, that's whenever I started becoming a trusted advisor in those rooms. And then I started going from being the smartest person in the room to the highest earner in the room, right. And it's because I knew how to speak the business at the end of the day the only thing that really matters is what's your rate of return? How much money are you getting for every dollar that you put in? All of the other stuff is busy work. So that's one thing that I would have a whole series that actually want to talk about as far as the different mindsets that basically will determine your success. Another reason why I put on here, reasons why marketers fell is they actually buy into the platitudes and the hype. Do you know what platitudes are? Jonathan? [07:56.3]

Jonathan: It's just words that don't really mean anything.

Jay: Yeah. Its stuff that sounds smart, but whenever you actually drill down to actionable, then you know that there's no substance with it, right? So, so you actually see this a lot because a lot of people that actually are following either gurus or following the marketing advice, they are like, man, that guy's a really great marketer because he is saying stuff that sounds good and ultimately what they agree with versus stuff that actually challenges them to grow. So stuff like people only buy from people they know, like and trust. Well, I mean, that sounds good, you know, but the reality is not, you know, that that's not true. Or the fortune is in the list. Oh my God, the fortune is in the list, yes, this guy is great. Let me buy his training. But at the end of the day, having a big list of people who don't buy, it's like having a box of vibrators, you know, it's all buzz and no satisfaction. And just have a whole show of that that I want do that talks about just the stupidest stuff marketers say. Because again, it's the illusion they buy into the illusion kind of like the smoke, the entertainment factor of marketing, but they forget to actually critically think. [09:09.4]

If you're an online marketer, who's tired of struggling, tired of the BS and tired of buying course after course with nothing to show for it. Then the choice is clear, go to Jays mastermind.com and grab your copy of the billion dollar framework today. [09:26.7]

Jay: So, that’s that's the reason why again we were talking about some of the books on my shelf before we began. Do you know what I like most about the Jews besides their contribution to a more aerodynamic penis?
Jonathan: Oh please tell me.

Jay: It's the concept of way that they are tied. Have you ever heard of the term Rabbi?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Jay: All right. Rabbi, what does it mean? Do you know?

Jonathan: That's like their priest, isn't it?

Jay: Well, it's kind of like their priest, but the way that it's translated into a Western mindset is teacher. So most people think Rabbi means teacher, right. But actually it's the whole difference between kind of like the Eastern culture and then the Western culture, right. But it doesn't actually mean exactly teacher. What we say a teacher means that we're being dictated to and learning. Yes. You know, like do whatever the teacher is telling us to do the concept of what they taught was the, it's more like a wrestling coach, right. [10:19.7]

It was not to necessarily tell you what to do or how to be, but really ask questions that you then took and you wrestled with to make it your experiential knowledge versus just what somebody taught. And its really, whenever the Romans took over, you know, the pretty much the whole freaking world, you know, that they were like its ultimate authority that because I said so, right. So then what we've actually taught even our children and by the way we've been raised is basically you have to listen to authority and it's a, because I said so. But what do three-year-olds do? You know, they're just saying why? You know, they're critically thinking why? So it's like, Hey, you should do this. But, but, but why? And also the whole concept of a Rabbi in discipleship was that the fact that it was more of a do as I do and less of a say what I say, right? So it was actually perfect. I was like, man, this is, I'm totally gonna use this fodder. And, and the, the recording today is, cause I actually got a paid ad on my Facebook last night that said, discover my free traffic strategy. [11:23.1]

Jonathan: That’s gotta keep em thinking...

Jay: It's a paid ad. Here's my free traffic strategy that gives you a bazillion dollars per month or whatever it is, right. But it's a paid ad, right. So what these people going to do? They're going to be like, Oh my God! Like all the smoke entertainment. Yes, free traffic. They're going to go to it without stopping and critically thinking. Okay, honestly like free traffic is whatever. If you buy into it, nothing's really free and usually get what you paid for and more of that to come. But the free traffic aspect on the paid ad, maybe you should start doing what they're doing. You know, obviously they're sitting there investing in the paid traffic, maybe you should do that. You know, was it paid ads going into the free traffic offers? Also another reason why I think most online marketers struggle or fail is they actually try to be clever and cute, right. Once you actually know something, I think that that's more danger than good, basically having a full bookshelf but an empty bank account usually means that you need different books, right? [12:18.8]

So kind of a real life example, simple is always more profitable than clever and cute. So I had actually a client one time that was in the dental space, they were like one of the largest dental agencies, you know, for dentists. He comes from, he plays what the 20 or $30,000 for the Dan Kennedy Sell. And I look, I personally love Dan Kennedy and I've learned a lot from Dan Kennedy, but it's more like, all right, well, how can you take that and utilize that into your business? How can you wrestle with it instead of just doing a, this is what I say, type approach, right? So every single email that he would send out would be this long form, Dan Kennedy, hard hitting cells in your face copy of the doom and gloom. And what happened they actually built up a list of right about 10,000. This is B2B 10,000 doesn't sound like a lot, but this is all B2B of dentists, right? And every single time that they would actually send out an email and they would get roughly between a 3 to 5% open rate and you know, it'd be like 180 days and it was most of their list from even opening their email, right. [13:19.1]

So simple is always more profitable meaning whenever I came in, I just basically started sending emails like, Hey, real quick, can we talk on Tuesday? And then the subject line would basically be like, look, we just want to see whether you're still interested in growing your business or growing your practice. If so we think we can help because, you know, on average we have a 30% annual growth among our dentists that we personally do for. Guess what? We may not be able to help, but it's worth at least 30 minutes, you know of your time to see if we can grow your business by 30%. Would you be interested in setting up a call for Tuesday? And then it took the average open rate from like a 3 to 7%, all the way up to a, I think that one was like a 43% open rate and we reduced our cost per acquisition from a $12,000 client cost per acquisition down to 2000. So again, you don't have to be clever and cute. Not everything has to be this long form sell. Sometimes just getting straight to the point is a heck of a lot more profitable than being simple. [14:12.5]

And then a couple of more things here that I'm wrapping up because we want to kind of keep this short and sweet. For more information on the shows are all of my ramblings that I'm actually going through and make sure that you actually go to Jaysmastermind.com and also like on all the social channels that you can because I'm actually going to be doing an After burn series where all the stuff that I wish I could have said, but I was a little bit too hyper to go through and I'm actually going to do additional videos and follow up, so more content to come. But a lot of the people don't realize that even if they do happen to come across people who know what they're doing, you know, like “that the gurus” out there, right. Even if they have great training, they don't realize that they're actually being played with. [14:52.5]

Because Arnold Schwarzenegger, I believe it was on the Johnny Carson show said that initially, whenever he wanted to start getting into bodybuilding, he went to the gym that all of the biggest body builders at that time were going. He was like still in his teens, his early teens. And he goes up there and he's like, “All right, well train me, I want to be able to do what you do”, right. So they did and they were playing with him, like really, really hard. So I think after like two or three hours, they're saying like, look, lift more, lift more, lift, more, do this, do this, do that. And then he rode his bicycle on his way home and he actually fell over because he couldn't feel his legs anymore. Going back then they were actually laughing at him. So that's the thing, even whenever there's good training out there, a lot of people are teaching too high of a concept versus where people are at currently, and that's what gets them in trouble. [15:38.0]

So basically to recap, you want to basically learn about business, which we're gonna help you on this show and while we also send some resources as well, just go to Jaysmastermind.com again, another plug there. Quit buying into platitudes and hype, it's not a do what I say, but do as I do. You know, if you're noticing, if something seems a little bit too good to be true, then oftentimes it is right. You know, don't try to be clever and cute. Don't try to fall for the gimmicks and do some cheesy fake, you know, scarcity and stuff like that. Cause it's unethical one to do that and basically just making an offer that people actually want to buy that you just have to say like, look, do you want this or not? And most of the time they'll say yes or no. Then you can actually utilize that data to the scale. And basically be careful with biting on more than you can chew, you know, buying from guys who spend a 100,000 200,000 per month in advertising is great as long as that, they're actually breaking it down and say, all right, like here's what you do with your first a hundred dollars, right? [16:33.4]

So like our business or my core business that I do right now, we manage over $10 million per month in advertising, right?. You know, there's a little verbal hand job for you. So far this year, we've already managed $70 million worth of advertising, but it's breaking it down. I can say like, look, I'm the Gordon Ramsey here is how to make this fantastic meal and have you buy into a cookbook. But at the end of the day, you need the step by step recipes of here's what to do with your first a hundred dollars. You know, instead of trying to be a gourmet chef, figure out how to handle a knife, how to not cut your fingers off. You know, the proper ways of preparation and basically being able to scale up from there. So with that again, go to Jaysmastermind.com and we look forward to talking to you on the next episode.

Jonathan: You can't leave it just like that. You got to give us a little teaser of what's coming up next time. [17:22.7]

Jay: What is actually coming up next time is whenever I talked about the business mindset is I'm actually going to go through different pillars. You know, really the three main mindsets so way that you're either going to be an employee, you're going to be a manager or CEO. That the common things that I hear is people are trying to say that their CEO, but they act as a manager. So again, it's kind of funny; we can already leave this end because we were talking before the show. It's okay to not be okay. It's okay not to be perfect, right. So you know, even a lot of people talk themselves out of action because you know, like what if I mumble, you know, like what if I have all these emboli isms? I think that's an actual word, maybe it is. You know, what if they don't like what you know is all this kind of stuff. So, you know, all that stuff's going to become over the next episode. But here's actually a one promise that I'll make is that by the end of the season, if you actually subscribe, stay tuned, I'm going to basically go through a process called ‘The Billion Dollar Framework’, that'll actually show you in 10 minutes, how to map out a six figure business. So if you want to do that, definitely subscribe. And what about that? Does that work Jonathan? [18:28.4]

Jonathan: Listen man that’s about it, you turned professional on me, I love it. So that is a wrap with the Jays mastermind podcast episode number one. We will be back in your ear buds next time. Thanks for tuning in, [18:38.9]

This is ThePodcastFactory.com.

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