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Young confident woman in red cape and mask
On a beautiful late spring afternoon, two men joined the same opportunity.
They were very much alike, these two men.
They were both in their 50’s.
They were using the same funnel and promoting the same offer.… READ MORE

Do you consider $10,000 per month a good goal to strive for?
Most people do.
But Tellman Knudson, master hypnotist and the “Stan Lee” of e-mail marketing, wants to strangle those people.… READ MORE

Here’s one sales secret nobody talks about.
Before the prospect can buy what you got, she needs to get what you sell.
In other words…
If she feels stupid about your product… if she doesn’t understand it… she won’t pull out her credit card.… READ MORE

Have you ever seen guys and gals that write every single day, without fail?
They not only become better writers.
They create more content, get more exposure and eventually earn more than us who write less.… READ MORE

Do you have a dead list?
Do you feel it hasn’t been monetized as it should?
Is it collecting dust, as you’re too confused at to what to do with it?
If you answered yes to the above questions, the simplest way to remedy that is to start e-mailing your list.… READ MORE

What can villains teach you about persuasion?
According to Ben Settle, world leader in e-mail copywriting education, quite a lot.
Now, I don’t want you going around killing people.
But I want you to start thinking of villains as people who against the established order of things.… READ MORE

Do you know what you miss every time you try to sign up people for your opportunity?
It’s the one thing necessary that will make them feel understood and accepted.
If you do this one little thing you will send subconscious signals to their brain that you can be trusted.… READ MORE

Today Nate Rifkin hops on the call with me.
He’s generated $5 million for Agora Publishing, the biggest internet marketing company in the world. All thanks to his sales letters and e-mails.
Listen as Nate reveals trick after trick such as why your e-mails should make your prospect’s life worse…
Why super benefits on your subject headline won’t get you read anymore.… READ MORE

Is mobile traffic necessary for your business?
Should you ignore it like everyone says you should?
Do you believe that people will never buy from their phones?
If you are unsure about the answers, today’s episode will be a treat for you.… READ MORE

How can you create an aura of authority that will make your market trust and follow you, without looking desperate?
A hot-button question.
So I hop on the call with the best guy out there to show us the nitty-gritty – Michael Mansell.… READ MORE

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