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Picture me standing in front of a mirror in my living room.
I’m 18 and 31 pounds overweight.
I’m buck naked.
And I’m ashamed.
I’m ashamed for becoming the tire-wearing fatso that stared back at me in the mirror that day.… READ MORE

That’s the #1 most common behavior I see online.
No wonder.
When you’re brand new, that’s all you can do, really…
You just model after the gooroos…
Do as they do in hopes to get the results they get.… READ MORE

Storytelling is the best tool you can have in your arsenal as a business owner.
Stories eliminate any doubt your prospects might have and create proof out of thin air.
But people either don’t use them or look like fakes when they do.… READ MORE

Here’s the truth about making a solid, six-figure income online.
You don’t need to recruit thousands upon thousands of people.
You only need a dozen of high-quality superstars.
But how can you find them?… READ MORE

You know Bruce Lee from his movies.
To be honest, most of them are mediocre.
The real genius of Bruce was found into his deep thinking.
If he was still alive today, he would be an awesome marketer.
In fact, one of his lesser-known quotes made a huge impact on me.… READ MORE

Here’s a fact for you:
Only 10% of people are ready to buy when they see your offer.
The other 90%? It’s a different animal that drives newbie marketers crazy.
Those poor souls don’t realize how simple the solution is.… READ MORE

Everyone online wants to be regarded as a pro by his audience.
Too bad most people end up looking like amateurs.
And by amateur, I don’t mean unskilled.
I mean approaching business in a way that keeps you lower in the food chain.… READ MORE

Buddha said “Life is suffering.”
Best selling author, Mark Manson takes it a step further.
“Embrace that life sucks sometimes.”
I don’t care who you are, your life is going to suck.
You’ll think you’re inadequate, that others have it better and the world conspires against you.… READ MORE

After nine years in the online marketing world, I still see the same mistakes over and over again.
Some of them are small.
Some are huge.
But none of them compares with the cardinal sin of online marketing.
In fact, one recent interaction brought this horrible sin to my attention.… READ MORE

The power to increase sales.
To keep customer satisfaction up.
To win one of every three arguments you have with your spouse.
It’s not a superpower ripped by a Marvel hero.
It’s the power of negotiation.… READ MORE

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