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Head to Head, toe to toe, dollar for dollar which one’s more profitable?
Email and Facebook are like apples and oranges.
Both are fruit, but hard to compare.
In today’s episode I answer this question once and for all.… READ MORE

If you’re struggling to close prospects who show interest in your business opportunity, pay close attention to this episode.
There’s one tactic I always use no matter what I’m marketing that gets me more sales, more customers and more good will than any other marketing tactic I’ve ever tried.… READ MORE

If there’s one thing you can use to dominate a marketplace it’s a no brainer offer.
The kind of offer that makes people go “OMG, where do I buy that?!”
In fact, there’s billion dollar companies built around just one no brainer offer.… READ MORE

My clients are often shocked to discover I’m reluctant to embrace social media marketing.
It boggles them to know 90% of my income comes from my list.
And some of them feel I’m just too stubborn to see the writing on the wall.… READ MORE

I received a ton of fan mail asking to share how I rose from a life in the immigrant ghettos of Israel to becoming one of the world’s leading authorities on traffic generation.
Here’s the story of how I pimped my life!… READ MORE

Nobody’s safe from traffic SCAMs.
Even grizzled marketing vet like me walks into carefully orchestrated and choreographed traffic-buying traps every now and again.
Like this one time when I bought over $10,000 worth of clicks from a solo ad seller I met at the Solo Ad Summit in Orlando.… READ MORE

I just returned from 2 back-to-back marketing seminars.
Traffic Seminar in London where one of UK’s top marketers Shaqir Hussin presented his best and most up to date Facebook Ads strategies.
And Russell Brunson’s Funnel Hacking Live 2017 where Russell revealed (amongst other cool things) his FB ads campaigns.… READ MORE

At which point do you just give up on your list?
Most people set their list expiration date at 14 days.
That seems to be the norm.
Are they right to do it or are they’re leaving an incredible amount of money and awesome customers on the table?… READ MORE

There’s a common military misconception that states military personnel are robots.
Supposedly, these people blindly march into battle just because they’re given the order to.
But that’s not true.… READ MORE

After studying under the best (and the worst) of marketers on the entire planet, I conclude:
Tons of people know how to market well.
Some know how to teach it.
Few know how to teach it well.
The top earners and the super affiliates know how to get prospects to march down to the order forms credit card in hand.… READ MORE

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