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Leadership search and business recruitment concept as a group of pawn chess pieces and one individual standing out with a king crown cast shadow as a metaphor for the chosen one.
“You’re an asshole”.… READ MORE

Ever wondered how some people always sell high ticket opportunities while you struggle with a $7 product?
I mean are they magicians of some kind?
They are humans like you and me.
But they have a technique up their sleeve that’s a game-changer.… READ MORE

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(c) Can Stock Photo Inc.… READ MORE

Ever heard of making money while you sleep?
If you’ve been on the internet for more than one second, you have heard it.
Tons and tons of “gurus” boast about doing it.
Here is the truth.
Most of those losers are living on their friend’s couches and don’t make a dime.… READ MORE

Did you know that pick up artists are better in business than you?
It’s true.
Influencing girls and people is second nature to them.
You see them rolling and think “how do people fall for that?”.
Yet they take home the girl.… READ MORE

How saturated is your niche?
Chances are, if there’s any money in it, it’s drenched with competitors.
How do you stand out?
How do you make people not only pay attention to you, but be dying to work with you?… READ MORE

I hate my dad.
I hate him because he is stupid.
Well, he’s smart. He’s actually an engineer, but he doesn’t act like one.
He’s totally irrational and often irresponsible with his money.
Which is why I spent the first three and a half years of my internet career bootstrapping my business.… READ MORE

What stops you from being successful in your business?
How come you can’t generate sign ups, people often ignore your emails and your phone calls and you feel like crap most of the time, questioning whether or not starting an online business was a good idea in the first place?… READ MORE

What is the one element that will separate you from everyone in your market?
In today’s episode, I reveal what customers look for in order to feel confident you can lead them.
You also learn why procrastination can and will kill confidence (and a simple way to protect yourself)
What to do if you are second-guessing the path you have taken.… READ MORE

Are people interested in doing business with you but they never seem to take the next big step?
This can be a problem that takes away potential clients and costs lots of money.
Thankfully, for today’s episode, I invited John Lavenia, who already made an appearance on the List Building Lifestyle on episode 13 to help you tackle this pesky little problem that stands between you and enormous profits.… READ MORE

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