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The ethical lines of Internet marketing are blurred.
Everyone knows it.
Very few people talk about it though.
And plenty of people exploit it.
Which makes it ever so difficult for a beginner to choose a mentor.… READ MORE

Sometimes even taking a piss can be life changing.
Orlando, FL.
August 2012.
I’m standing at the urinal. The bathroom door swings open and a guy walks in. His face is familiar. It’s Tom Beal. It’s the guy behind the syndicate which created Internet marketing legends such as Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker and Jeff Johnson.… READ MORE

I spent the first 2 years online chasing bright shiny objects.
I was a sucker for anything new and exciting.
And if it claimed to solve all my problems overnight, all the better!
Obviously, and you know this, none of that crap ever worked.… READ MORE

Some marketers (like yours truly, Ben Settle and Doberman Dan) hate it.
While others swear by it.
Until now I kept the List Building Lifestyle primarily about email and paid traffic.
But after being invited to a couple of Google Hangouts by Chiara Francica, the Flakebook Queen, I decided to reciprocate and bring her to the studio to rap about organic Facebook marketing.… READ MORE

Ever played slots?
Me neither.
Turns out though, there’s ton of people who do.
Why do they play?
Most will tell you they’d like to make money, hit the jackpot, that sort of thing.
But the way slot machines are designed, the chances of that happening are slimmer than slim.… READ MORE

Which one’s more powerful way to present your product:
1) Amazing new software which builds landing pages.
2) “I’ve used this new software to create a landing page which finally allowed me to leap over the technical barriers and start building my list.… READ MORE

What’s the perfect content-pitch ratio?
Frank Kern once said it’s 80% content and 20% pitch.
I used to stick to this ratio until I realized I wasn’t making any money. All this “value” I was giving away for free conditioned my list to take take take but not buy.… READ MORE

One of the reasons email marketers fail is because they write boring emails.
Why their emails are boring?
Because they’re (for the most part) product-focused.
They write about the features, benefits and price of their offer.… READ MORE



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