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It’s the one element in marketing that separates the winners from the losers.
It used to be easy to fake it.
You could photoshop income statements and write your own testimonials.
Nowadays, it’s different.… READ MORE

Would you take life advice from an Armenian immigrant
who was chased by police helicopters a few years ago?
Most people wouldn’t.
But those people would miss the awesome advice Bedros Keulian would share with them.… READ MORE

It’s a joke.
There are people who think their online businesses are enough to make them millionaires.
Don’t make me laugh.
You can have the greatest funnels.
You can be a member of the best companies.
You can have high-quality traffic served to you on a silver platter from me, the King of Listbuilding.… READ MORE

Making big money with tiny lists.
It’s the unicorn of online marketing.
People know how it looks like but they have never seen it done.
This stops today as my man Michelangelo Lopez joins us.
He has done the impossible.… READ MORE

Admission time:
I didn’t speak to my wife for two whole days.
There was a small communication gap that made both of us fight for no reason.
But in all my glory I fixed the problem using a simple but highly effective principle of human psychology.… READ MORE


When you start out online, you are a nobody.
People don’t listen to you. They don’t trust you. They wonder who the hell you are.
The online gurus might say that it’s impossible to make a name for yourself.… READ MORE

True story.
Customer shouts:
“Igor, enough with all the questions! I don’t have time for this back and forth! Just give me the freaking buy link already!”
What did we do?
We didn’t give him the buy link.… READ MORE

A few years ago, Ryan Hauser reached a low point in his life.
He put a gun to his head.
A second before pulling the trigger he asked:
“Is there anything else left for me in this world?”
Fast forward to today.… READ MORE

You are a marketer.
And what do you do as a marketer?
You make people understand that you have a solution to their problems.
But you fail to make them trust and buy from you.
And this prevents you from cashing in mucho dineiros.… READ MORE

Infotainment is still a mystery to most marketers.
Those who get it – make a ton of money online.
Those who don’t – struggle for years. Then they quit.
So I thought my next guest should be someone who can teach you infotainment in less than 20 minutes.… READ MORE

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