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I made my first half a mil online without going to a single seminar.
The first seminar I flew in was the Manchester JVZoo summit and I didn’t even promote JVzoo products.
I went just to see what the noise is all about.… READ MORE

“Igor, what’s the average conversion rate with your traffic for <<fill in biz opp here>>?”
This is by far the most annoying question we get at Igor Solo Ads.
Not because I can’t identify the average.… READ MORE

Last week I got on a call with a new friend.
She’s a woman in her thirties and she’s involved with several MLMs.
She asked if I could help with traffic for one of the programs she mentioned.
And I said – probably not and gave her a bunch of reasons why those specific MLMs weren’t a good fit.… READ MORE

My wife and I are in New York.
We’re racing through time square.
We’re heading to the “Stardust Diner” which is famous for it’s broadway-level performing waitresses.
Suddenly I see a large black dude who’s selling tour bus tickets point at me and yell:
“Hey, white dude!… READ MORE

You finally decided to go all in.
You join a business opportunity.
You buy an Aweber account.
You run a Facebook ad.
You show up for the weekly training call.
You’re being a good sport.
And the results just don’t seem to show up for you.… READ MORE

I used to run the largest coaching program in the Solo Ad space.
But I got tired of babysitting people.
And now I only privately work with my Solo VIP Club members.
The VIP club is where work with beginners.
I help them become top earners.… READ MORE

Meet Bob.
Bob joins a business opportunity.
Bob tries to make money and fails.
Bob decides its not him for and goes back to a boring job.
Six months later Bob realizes he hates his life and tries again.
This time with a different business opportunity.… READ MORE

I was never good at closing.
You can say, I was the polar opposite of a great closer.
Sometimes I’d throw the sale BEFORE stepping into the close, because I was afraid of rejection.
But it all changed when I adopted a different habit.… READ MORE

I spoke to a client on the phone the other day who admitted:
Igor, the one thing I realized since I started in February is the internet is a very competitive place!
That’s right, Amico.
The internet is extremely competitive.… READ MORE

What does “Brand Yourself” even mean?
According to the a gooroo FB live I saw the other day it comes down to posting motivational wallpapers on your Instagram.
And it also requires you to shoot YouTube videos talking about your dog.… READ MORE

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