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I hate Facebook ads.
I’ve done several episodes where I do nothing but waste precious air time on explaining why Fa-cebook ads are overrated.
Yet, I couldn’t resist sharing my best anti-Facebook rant yet.… READ MORE

You’ve got to hear about Pavlov’s evil twin.
Let’s call him Alfred.
Alfred’s experiments aren’t for the faint of heart because he likes to experiment on dogs by zapping them.
Why? Is he a sadist?… READ MORE

Here’s several major epochs in my marketing journey.
But there’s one particular period that shaped my life.
It was the micro-era when I got into blogging.
It was a difficult time for me. I struggled to find the time to write.… READ MORE

My older brother calls me up and he ask:
“Brosef, I’m thinking of changing professions. I thinking of getting out of what I’m doing right now and I think of getting into Shopify.”
My response:
“Okay, broski, but why?”
“…because it seems like very easy and fast business I can put together, doesn’t require a lot of money to get in to.”
If you’re considering to get into any business with same reasoning, don’t make a move until you listened to this episode.… READ MORE

Neither my wife nor I are party animals.
We prefer quiet movie nights to a night out.
Last week, after tucking in Erika, we decided to watch a Tom Cruise movie.
There’s one movie where he’s a novice NASCAR driver with an attitude problem.… READ MORE

Ever had a prospect opt in, show tons of interest and then disappear?
Not experience buyer remorse.
Not complain about your price.
Not change his mind.
Just disappear.
Happens all the time, right?
Would you like to know why?… READ MORE

I try to keep an open mind when it comes to traffic sources.
I try to give each traffic source a fair shot.
Over the years I’ve tested virtually every major traffic generation tactic.
You name it – I’ve tried it.… READ MORE

One year ago I was minding my own business typing away at my trusted MacBook pro in the ol’ coffee shop.
I patted myself on the back for writing the 7th email for the day.
I looked up looking for Shoshana the waitress and noticed something weird.… READ MORE

November 2010.
Mark Zuckerberg is about to launch Facebook messenger.
He’s so confident it’s going to kill email he calls it the Gmail Killer.
Zuckerberg predicts that in a few years people will abandon email and communicate exclusively on social media.… READ MORE

There’s nothing new about Crypto biz opps.
They’ve been around for a few years now.
Nobody paid attention because no one took BitCoin seriously.
But since China adopted BitCoin into it’s economy the market turned.… READ MORE

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