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I’m working on the Ultimate Guide To Solo Ads.
A huge portion of the guide talks about email marketing.
It covers everything – from daily frequency and formatting to how to minimize your spam complaints and get away with pitching in every email.… READ MORE

Squeeze is the gateaway into your funnel.
It’s kind of a big deal.
Imagine if you could double your opt in rates overnight by tweaking your squeeze page.
Wouldn’t that put your money in your pocket?
Of course, it would.… READ MORE

Scarcity works. It can easily double your conversions. But you have to do it right. Most marketers do it wrong. In this episode I explain why prospect can’t fight scarcity as a selling tool and how to do it the right and ethical way for any product.… READ MORE

It seems like every podcaster’s wet dream is to score a big shot interviewee.
It may be an internet marketing guru, a best selling self help author or even someone who’s famous for being famous.
Podcasting is all about social proof.… READ MORE

It’s a fight to the death.
The survival of your business is at stake.
We put 3 of the world’s heavyweight email service providers to the test:
Aweber vs Getresponse vs Mailchimp
Who delivers better?… READ MORE

Few email marketers understand the definition of SPAM.
According to ISPs it’s anything the reader thinks is SPAM.
Solicited or unsolicited.
That means, even if you’re emailing an opt in list…
And even if you’re sending out awesome content, value and candy…
You’re still at risk of being flagged as a spammer.… READ MORE


The upside of solo ads is that they’re not as mainstream as other traffic sources.
This means you don’t have to deal with saturation and high CPC.
But the downside is it could be difficult to know where to buy solo ads that convert.… READ MORE

When I first got into affiliate marketing in 2009, all I wanted was to become a super affiliate.
It’s a term used to describe affiliate marketers who make $10,000 per month.
I envied marketers whose names glittered on the product launch leaderboards.… READ MORE

“Maybe I just don’t know enough about driving traffic.”
Every marketer has that feeling sooner or later.
And every other day some wannabe guru is hawking another course.
They all promise the same thing.… READ MORE

We’re bombarded with over 14,000 marketing messages a day.
The marketing onslaught continues 24/7.
It’s inescapable.
Ads follow us around in the malls, on TV, on radio, on the parking lot, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and even in bed.… READ MORE

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