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The number of real estate investors is growing. So is the amount of seminars, courses and coaching programs. Some of them are great, but many come from amateurs who don’t care about you.
And when you learn from someone who doesn’t do deals, you’ll never do deals either.… READ MORE

Google is a great ally. When your Google Ads convert and you’re topping the search rankings, real estate investing is a dream.
But if you’re not there yet, you might think Google hates you—even though you do everything they advise you!… READ MORE

Most investors are more interested in finances, management and processes than online marketing. While all those skills are useful, marketing leaves a big gap.
That gap is often filled by bad marketing advice from fake gurus, agencies who overpromise and underdeliver or marketing templates that haven’t worked since 1998.… READ MORE

You can know everything about real estate, go to every seminar and hire every coach. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to get things done. If you waste your time on social media instead of checking off to-dos, you’ll never maximize your potential.… READ MORE

You know wholesaling, rentals, fix & flips and a dozen other ways to make money in real estate. And you probably like one better than the rest.
But let’s be real: All of them can be headaches. Rentals are high maintenance, wholesale has small margins and the expenses on fix & flips is high.… READ MORE

You probably have long-term visions. Building your dream for the next 20 years. Exploring the world while living off of your properties. Giving your kids what you never had.
But in times like these, you need to get a result now.… READ MORE

Let’s face it: In these crazy times, you can’t run your business as usual. You can’t meet anyone in person, the economy is down and nobody knows what’ll happen tomorrow.
That doesn’t mean you have to put your business on hold.… READ MORE

In an economic downturn, you can’t rely on what used to work. Being reactive won’t help you thrive.
If you want deals, you have to innovate.
Today, you’ll hear from an investor who solved his business problems by innovating.… READ MORE

In a post-crisis economy, less people buy vacation homes, invest in rentals or move away from the home they know. Even if there’s still enough sellers, you can’t make money by holding onto an empty house.… READ MORE

In times like these, it’s easy to forget the bigger picture. But the market was culling real estate businesses before the crisis hit. Silicon Valley stormed the market with VC millions and competing investors popped up everywhere.… READ MORE

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