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Getting started as an investor is the hardest part. You’ve got all this information, but you don’t know where to start. And while you watch others close deals and quit their day jobs, you’re still stuck in the “getting started” phase. 

Today’s guest Dara Abasute took action right away instead of waiting for everything to be perfect. And in this episode, you’ll hear what strategies and tactics she used to start a successful real estate investing business together with her mom. 

If you’re still thinking about getting started, this episode is for you. Listen now and become the investor you know you can become. 

Show highlights include:

  • How adding a second person to your business can help you turn “lost” leads into signed deals. (12:15)
  • This underrated and underpriced form of marketing is Dara’s main source of leads (the only technology you’ll need is 143 years old). (13:10)
  • Why not to outsource some parts of your marketing—especially if you spend too much time doing it. (13:50)
  • Why you need a website—even if you plan to do no online marketing at all (ignore this and you’ll lose the trust of leads you might otherwise have closed). (21:10)

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You're listening to the REI Marketing Nerds podcast, the leading resource for real estate investors who want to dominate their market online. Dan Barrett is the founder of Ad Words Nerds, a high tech digital agency focusing exclusively on helping real estate investors like you get more leads and deals online, outsmart your competition and live a freer, more awesome life. And now, your host, Dan Barrett.

Dan: Hello everybody and welcome to this week's REI Marketing Nerds podcast. As always this is Daniel Barrett here from AdwordsNerds.com. How are you, you wonderful people? I am very glad to be back. For you, you might not have noticed a small gap but I certainly did. I have actually spent the last week over in the Netherlands. [0:01:01.5] I was sick. My voice was a bit raspy so you might notice some hoarseness in this episode, apologies for that but very, very glad to be back in the office and talking to all of you. I got a really interesting conversation this week. I'm talking to Dara Abasute, she is a real estate investor along with her mom, down in Atlanta. Just a really fascinating person. You know one of the things that I love about this conversation is that Dara and her mom are relatively new to real estate investing but they have been absolutely killing it and it all started kind of randomly. But throughout their whole journey there is this theme of them taking action and not waiting for everything to be perfect and getting out there, putting themselves out there and making things work and it's just one of those things where if you've been in this business for awhile or you're just getting started; listening to someone who has been through that experience recently and talking about how it felt and what they had to do. [0:02:07.4] It's just so valuable to kind of connect you back to your own roots and connect you to what you're going to need to move yourself forward so I don't want to waste anymore of your time so without further ado, let's get into my conversation with Dara Abasute.

Dan: Alright everybody, welcome. This is Daniel Barrett. I am here with Dara Abasute from Properties ATL you can find more about them at sellmypropertyATL.com. Dara, how are you?

Dara: I am wonderful, Dan, how are you?

Dan: I am doing also pretty well. I think I mentioned before we jumped on that I'm a little bit sick so my voice is a little bit raspier, nasally or whatever it is. I apologize for that. Of course, I also some kind of construction going on outside my office so it's going to be a noisier podcast than normal but hopefully that will be okay. So I'm guessing from your domain name that you are down in Atlanta is that correct? [0:03:03.1]

Dara: Good guess, yes, I am.

Dan: I am very smart that is how I knew that. Cool, so tell me a little bit about how – so right now you are investing, is your primary market Atlanta?

Dara: Yes, my primary and only market for now is Atlanta or metro Atlanta so surrounding counties.

Dan: Is that where you live?

Dara: Yes, yes, it is.

Dan: Cool. How long have you been investing?

Dara: I started investing in 2016. It will be three years.

Dan: What made you make the jump into the investing world? I mean it's interesting to me because you know before I got involved with investing and working with investors as clients I didn't know that real estate investing even existed. So how did you first come to figure out investing and how did you decide to get involved? [0:03:59.2]

Dara: Yeah, that's a great question because just like you I didn't know real estate anything existed. I just knew that I lived in a house and that was about it. So I actually got introduced to it, I had just graduated university up in Pittsburgh and I moved back home here in Atlanta and I knew that I wanted to take a gap year between undergraduate and grad school. I had plans and dreams and goals of being a physical therapist. So in my gap year, I was working, traveling and also applying to schools. It kind of hit me hard actually that I didn't get accepted to any grad schools that I had applied to, any program.

Dan: No.

Dara: Yeah, but it's crazy because at that same exact time, I think I maybe applied to six schools, halfway through all the no's, maybe no number three or four, I was driving with my mom and we heard a radio ad about a real estate investing seminar coming to Atlanta. It was free, come out, bring a guest. I was like, "Hey, why not." [0:05:00.9] I used to watch HGTV all the time so I was like what's involved. We went and then from there; I think by the time we actually – you know there is an upsale, so we went to the actual three-day event and by the time that rolled around in the three-day event, I had heard all no's like all six no's from the grad schools. So I had already coped in my mind, "Okay, I'm not going to grad school." So it kind of happened simultaneously one door closed quite literally and another one opened. So I went to the three-day seminar and then from there I met someone who was part of ARIA down here in Atlanta and then my mom and I went out to those meetings. We went faithfully every single day to different meetings. I hit the ground running and dug our feet in. I found a mentor actually through one of those meetings.

Dan: So I'm so curious, you know, those seminars- obviously there are a lot of them. They attract a lot of people. My guess is that probably like 99% of those people never get involved in real estate investing, right? [0:06:07.8] So what was it about your situation that made you kind of really want to jump into it? It was it just like you knew that the grad school thing was kind of falling through so this was kind of seemed like a good opportunity? What do you think made you take action on that?

Dara: Like I said after I graduated from undergrad, I was getting myself out open-minded to all kinds of things like I said I was travelling, I wanted to go teach English abroad, all kinds of things interested me so when I went to the three-day seminar, it was literally influx of information, like information overload, but it was in a good way. I don't know half the things they were talking about but it was so interesting. I really do like to learn. So I just learned a whole world of things. At that time, yes, I was rejected from all the schools but also my mom was kind of getting fed up with her career of decades. [0:07:07.7] So she was on the verge of quitting or retiring from there. So all of that in one, she was looking for something new, something different and so was I and so I think both of us were just so intrigued. Because we learned about creative financing and how you can use an IRA to invest in real estate, build wealth, rental properties, all this kind of great stuff. So I was like let me give this a go. Like I said I used to watch a lot of flipping shows on HGTV and the presentation to me was very impressive, of course they get all the best personalities, all the great energy to come in. I was like I want to do this. So I think it was a combination of the fact that I was okay no grad school for me and then my mom was like I'm over this job so we were just let's try it. Let's at least just try it. [0:08:00.8]

Dan: So you and your mom invest together is that the case?

Dara: Yes.

Dan: What is that like? I’m just so curious because I love my mother, I love her to death, she is an amazing woman, Barbara, if you’re listening to this, I love you! [laughter]

Dara: [laughter]

Dan: I don’t… She’s not like coming on the board of directors here at Adwords Nerds. What has that been like? That must be really interesting?

Dara: Well, As you all the time, like I love my mom, but how I would never work for her! [laughter]

Dan: [laughter] Everyone starts that by saying, now I love my mom, I need you to know that I love my mother… [laughter]

Dara: [laughter]

Dan: But… there’s always a but! Yes, what’s that been like?

Dara: It actually has brought us a lot closer, believe it or not, because growing up, she was a pharmacist all my life and the majority of her life, and I don’t know if you know about retail pharmacy, but the hours and strenuous, like 12, 14 hours a day…

Dan: Yeah.

Dara: Five or more days a week, so I almost never really saw her. All the extracurricular activities I did growing up, sports and things like that… She had time for us when she could…[ 0:09:06.2]

Dan: Right.

Dara: I should really thank her for that, the sacrifices that she made, so once I graduated. She was still working, and she was just ready to throw in the towel so this was another opportunity also for us. We both had free time more or less at this point, we were learning it. We both started at the same… People were like, oh, did you get your mom involved? Or did she get you involved? I was like, nope, neither of us knew anything at the same time, and then we learned it all together. It has brought us closer, and then, of course, there are times that we bump heads. She calls me the boss of her. She’s like, every time people ask how it goes, she’s like, oh yeah, this is the boss, she tells me what to do now and things like that, but we have a system, and what I’ve realized is just playing to our strengths. Of course, she is obviously still my mom and I have to show her that respect, but there are things I’m like, argh, I just want you to get it done like how I get it done. I’m a millennial, she’s a baby boomer, so like technology and things like that, I’ll handle it. [0:10:01.8] Like just let me handle it..

Dan: Hmm…

Dara: And then she’s, of course, like I don’t even know how I could do this without her because she’s so much wiser than me. I feel like I’m very… Definitely not naïve, but I’m just very open and trusting in a lot of things…

Dan: Yeah.

Dara: If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know where I would be in this business, so definitely good to have, to me, it’s good to have that balance of young and older, it’s good to have that balance of I have all the energy in the world to go look at every property we can think of, and she’s more of… She’s also a very huge financial help to the business, so her capital got us started up in all our marketing and things like that. It’s definitely… Like I said, it has brought us closer. There are very few bumps and things like that where we disagree or maybe I get a little heated [laughter] or hot-headed on some certain things, but overall it’s a good fit.
Dan: It’s so interesting because your mom or your dad or your parents or whoever raised you, you literally know them your entire life, right? [0:11:03.9] They kind of occupy this weird space, but they’re not really people in the sense of you meet a person and you get to kind of view them on their own merits. They kind of occupy these larger than life roles, and so it’s kind of interesting because you kind of get to relate to your mom in a different way. You get to see her as having strengths and weaknesses like anybody else, and that must be really cool, yeah, kind of like a way to deepen your relationship in a way that I don’t think many families really get to do, you know what I mean? You’re always kind of stuck in those roles forever. You guys get to kind of build something new with each other. It’s pretty awesome.

Dara: And it is. It is awesome. My dad is in my life as well, but he wants nothing to do with the business. He’s like, ya’ll go have fun with it.

Dan: [laughter]

Dara: [laughter]

Dan: I’m sure he looks at it, and he’s like, okay it’s just let my wife and my daughter are starting a business together, I’m like, I’m going to be in the back. [0:12:00.1]

Dara: Yeah! [laughter] I’ll just cheer you all on!

Dan: So, let me ask you this. How do you guys divide up… Do you guys both talk to potential sellers? Like who does the people aspect of it?

Dara: That’s a great question. I was just somebody this too, to me the beauty of not doing this business alone at all, there is a case where I maybe said the wrong thing to a seller or they’re like, oh, this girl… Like who’s this little girl? I’m too young or whatever. They don’t take me seriously. We like tag team certain things. A lot of times we just divvy up the work, but if it’s a situation where it’s like, oh, man, I said the wrong thing or I should have said this, it’s like, hey, mom, just call this person and act like you don’t… Just act like a completely different stranger or whatever the case is and get this deal locked up. We definitely have tag team. That’s one of the great things I like about having her or just any partner in general. If…

Dan: Yeah.

Dara: If I mess up in something, then somebody else can pick up the slack, but definitely I think I’m more of… We’re both really good with people, great with people, I guess…[ 0:13:05.1]

Dan: Yeah.

Dara: And so we are both really good with cold calling, and that’s our main form of marketing, but we just divvy it up so say if we have, like, I don’t know, 500 calls or so, she’ll do half, I’ll do half, and then we’ll go from there.

Dan: That’s interesting to me. I think… Let’s talk about cold calling a little bit because cold calling is a really popular form of marketing for real estate investors, but I think most investors, like most people, are kind of terrified at the prospect of cold calling, right? Like we’ve all had the bad experience where you’re sitting down to dinner and somebody calls you trying to sell you something if you just…

Dara: [laughter]

Dan: If you can murder that person over the phone, that’s probably what would happen.

Dara: Right.

Dan: I think many people are very nervous about cold calling, and so I think when lot of investors do cold calling as a marketing channel, they outsource to some company because they just don’t want to deal.

Dara: Um hmm.

Dan: What’s been your experience cold calling? [0:14:00.7] What makes you kind of feel like that’s what you’re good at? You know, what do you do on those calls that you feel like maybe makes that a little bit easier on you or a little bit more likely to go well with the seller?

Dara: That is a great question, and I think that for me, this is going on our third year of doing this. I’m like, Dara, you have to let go of the reins. Like let it go, outsource this because I want to free up my own time, but however this might sound, I really don’t feel like anybody can do it better than me. I don’t know. It’s just, I really have a thing for building relationships with people no matter how deep or how long they last or how shallow the relationship may be, but I really feel like one of my strengths is building rapport with people. So even if this person… I mean, we’ve been on the phone, I’ve been on the phone with sellers for 15 or however long, and even if they don’t want to sell it, I feel like I truly have gained something from the conversation or they’ve gained something from me, whether it’s maybe not this house. Maybe… You just never know. I look at people… You just never know what you can get from somebody, so I treat everyone with the same space, even those who cuss me out… [laughter] Oh, my, gosh! [0:15:08.4] Those that cuss me out, I literally have a smile on my face over the phone, and they can hear it, and it probably pisses them off or something, but I just feel like I’m a very people person, and it was never an issue for me or I was never afraid to get on the call, especially… Like I said, I had a mentor. He gave me a script, so once I had something to say, and I knew what guidelines, what I needed to say, I just re-mixed it, made it my own, and then went from there. The same with my mom. She is a very, very talkative outgoing person. That’s why I think we should outsource it because we can’t be on the phone for so long with people the way we are… [laughter]

Dan: [laughter]

Dara: Honestly, it’s like, all right, next call, hurry up! [laughter] But maybe, I probably honestly truly did get it from her, so she is really great with people. That was her business, so she interacted with customers all day, every day.

Dan: Yeah, that’s awesome.

Dara: Yeah, I’m likewise so…[ 0:16:02.9]

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Dan: When I was in college, my part-time job was I worked for what they called the Annual Phone, which is you had to call alumni, and they give you this script, which is like, oh, this is Dan calling from UMass Amherst, like what’s up, and they’d be like, hey, and you’d be like, I was wondering what was your favorite thing that you used to do on campus. I’m a 19 year old just calling this 45-year-old woman to ask her what’s cool to do on UMass campus or whatever, and it was always such a weird experience, and it was kind of the same way where I never did very well on it, mostly because I just ended up talking to people for way too long and forgetting to ask for money, all this stuff. [0:17:27.3]

Dara: Um hmm… [laughter]

Dan: But I think that’s… We’re laughing about it, but at the same time, I think treating the people that you’re calling like people who you can actually connect with is pretty huge because nobody likes the feeling of like you’re getting a call where this person just wants to get something from you…

Dara: Um hmm…

Dan: And they’re just kind of… They’re looking to get through that process as quickly as possible and dump you out the other side, so I think the fact that you guys actually connect with the people on the phone and actually can carry on a conversation with them is probably a pretty big part of your success. I mean, would you agree? [0:18:06.2]

Dara: I definitely would, and like I said, I got to a point where I was like, okay, Dara, you maybe want to outsource this just for time’s sake and efficiency, but I also said that I don’t think anybody could replace me, so… I get the same calls to what we… We obviously live in a house and people are cold calling us too, so I always stay on the phone with these people just because they’re like me, I just want to hear what you say too, and so I’ve come across a few cold callers, and they have a script I can tell, and it’s just straight to the point. It’s just right to the point, like, oh, how long have you lived here? What’s the mortgage? Da-da-da… And they just had these questions, and it’s like okay, well, this isn’t a good fit, I’ll call you later or here’s my offer, and I’m like, oh, okay… You know? And then at one point, I was like, oh, let me maybe copy that and get a script that’s right to the point to bust out more calls, and then I was like, it just didn’t feel right for me. [laughter] I was just like, I want to know about your day. Now I know about the dog in the background that’s barking, and… [0:19:02.5]

Dan: Right. I think you’re right, that there’s a logic to the idea of you’re just trying to disqualify people as quickly as possible so you can move on, right?

Dara: Yeah.

Dan: I think that makes sense if you’re doing things at a certain scale, but you know, I don’t know, I think in the end, having a conversation with someone and making a connection is pretty important because even if they’re not ready to sell you their house, they might be sometime in the future or they might know someone who is.

Dara: Um hmm.

Dan: No one ever refers anybody to the person that cold called them and was a jerk, you know what I mean? Like that’s never going to happen. What is your current marketing setup look like? I know you said cold calling is your primary channel. Is that all that you guys do? Have you tried other stuff in the past? What’s your marketing setup?

Dara: Yeah, when we first started, I think we tried everything you could think of. We did the bandit signs. My first deal was actually from a yellow letter, and that was something that me and my mom… I even got my brother set up too, and we would literally hand write them, hundreds and hundreds of letter by hand…[ 0:20:03.1]

Dan: Yeah.

Dara: You know how many we did, we’d just be writing, so we did outsource our direct mail, but since then, I think we just focused just strictly on cold calling, and then actually this year is when… Actually, sometime last year, but we kind of kicked into a higher gear this year. We went online, finally got a website and everything, got social media…

Dan: Yeah.

Dara: For us, it has been very big year, I would say, we use social media. We have a website, and then we also looked into ads, so SEO as well as PPC…

Dan: Yeah.

Dara: And Facebook ads so we definitely moved online too because that’s the future. That’s technology. Everyone’s Google searching everything, so…

Dan: Yeah. I mean, also too interesting because it’s like something I always point out is all marketing channels overlap somewhere, right? I think it’s like very normal if… If someone called me and said, hey, I want to buy your house… [0:21:04.5] Even if I was very interested in that, let’s say I’m a really motivated seller, I know for me personally, I would l want to go and then Google that person’s company.

Dara: Yeah,

Dan: You know what I mean? It’s… I kind of need some kind of secondary verification to know this is an actual thing that’s happening. I think it’s interesting and probably a really good idea that you guys are doing some kind of online stuff because I’m sure it’s going to kind of increase the effectiveness of the other stuff that you do at the same time.

Dara: Um hmm, definitely. And you’re right. So many people will, when I’m on the phone with them, they’re just like, oh, what’s your website? Or even on the phone, they want to look me up right then and there, [laughter], and I’m like…

Dan: Yeah.

Dara: I’m good.

Dan: Do you really lean into the fact that you’re like a mother/daughter team in your marketing?

Dara: It is so funny that you ask that. It wasn’t until literally, like maybe last month, recently that we started doing Facebook ads that we played into that. [0:22:04.3] We never really broadcast mother/daughter, but I’m sure you’ve seen like the bandit signs or maybe Craig's List ads, like hey, my mom buys houses, I just put out the signs, something like that…

Dan: Yeah.

Dara: Yeah, so that’s not anything I’ve ever done or said until we did create a Facebook ad account and things like that, and it was like okay, mom and daughter buy houses…

Dan: Yeah.

Dara: We weren’t sure what that would look like, what that would get as far as marketing goes. Now, in person, everybody knows we’re a mother/daughter team here in Atlanta and things like that…

Dan: Yeah.

Dara: Everybody loves that, but as far as our marketing, it’s never… Literally, we went sent our direct mail, it was separate. I had my name on some pieces and postcards, and she had her name. It was never…

Dan: Um hmm.

Dara: I think we wanted to do… Maybe because we wanted to do the tag team route, but you know…

Dan: Yeah, and I think that’s really interesting because obviously the tag team thing has worked really well for you guys so you don’t want to mess with that all…[0:23:00.2]

Dara: [laughter]

Dan: I think people would really respond to the whole mother/daughter thing, and I think partially… I’ve talked about this before on this podcast, but as like an investor competing with other investors, Atlanta has got a lot of investors in it. It is certainly a competitive market, it’s so rare to have a company where you can actually connect with them or that stands out in some way. I always tell the story. I had a coaching student come through one of our kind of education programs where we teach investors to do online marketing, and he was in Houston. Houston is a really competitive market. It’s really, really busy, and he was a nurse… He was a full-time nurse, so he was working at the hospital, investing part time, and his website ended up being Nurse Buys Houses, and the logo was a dude in his scrubs, and he just really leaned into it, and people really connected with that. [0:24:02.2] It gave it like a back story, right? When people said why are you doing this again? He’d be like, well, I work full time, and I love my job, I still want to do it, but I’m just kind of saving for retirement. This is how I do that, and people were like, oh, right, right, right, cool! You know what I mean?

Dara: Yeah.

Dan: They just immediately connected with that, and I think any time an investor can give some kind of story, something that’s unique and stands out about it… Like you were saying, those my mom buys houses kind of things.

Dara: Um hmm.

Dan: It just makes it different enough that it kind of lodges in peoples brains. They kind of know what to expect. It’s not some faceless we buy fast cash, you know what I mean? You don’t feel like you’re selling your house to a pawnbroker. You feel like you’re selling it to a mother and a daughter. That whole story of not getting into graduate school and your mom not wanting to be a pharmacist, like that’s such a cool, like superhero origin story! [0:25:00.7]

Dara: Yeah, well, it’s great that you say that because I never even thought about it. I never even thought about taking that angle until like I said recently on Facebook, and that was just a trial, like, hmm, let’s see how people respond to the mom and daughter thing. Honestly, I will heavily move towards that angle, and I love the nurse… I love that Nurse Buys Houses.

Dan: Yeah, well, and I think too it’s like… I think people are intuitively afraid of investors, right? Because it’s like if you know someone’s job… Your whole business, the reason you make money, is because you buy things for less than they’re worth, right? So that’s the whole investing business model, is I buy this house for less than it’s probably going to be worth. You know you have to work and you’ve got to rehab it and it’s not like whatever... But people hear than, and they’re like okay, so they get real tense…

Dara: Um hmm.

Dan: They’re kind of like afraid of investors, like they’re going to get conned out of selling their house for something and they’re going to get hurt in that process, and it’s like, oh, like this is mom…[0:26:06.1] It makes it so wholesome, somehow, you know what I mean? [laughter] It’s like… American flag and apple pie… Mom and daughter buys houses… It’s a cool angle there. I think that’s neat. So, yeah, I’m all for it. What do you guys… So you guys are doing the Facebook ads. I know you’re doing SEO. What is your goal for this? Where do you want to take this business eventually? Are you and your mom both full-time in the business right now?

Dara: Yes. Yes, we are.

Dan: Where do you want to take it? In your wildest dreams, what does the Properties ATL kind of empire look like? Is it relatively small and it’s providing a living and retirement for you guys? Or is you managing teams of national people all over the place? What does it look like? [0:27:01.3]

Dara: Yeah, that’s a great question, and is for me, or for us, is definitely not the national thing. We definitely want to keep it relatively small. I would say smedium – so in-between small and medium!

Dan: Hmm.

Dara: [laughter] Yeah, so it is definitely our vehicle, our way of building wealth and my mom is currently in retirement so this is what’s feeding her and us. Currently, what we have been doing is wholesaling, and we’ve acquired a few properties and held on to them, so I think what we see long term is it being more of a buy and hold strategy. We want to break into multifamily as well, but I think we would just want to keep it in Atlanta or a local empire. We don’t care to have a team of people and their franchise and you’re in all these different markets. Now as far as virtual wholesaling, that’s something we’ve considered as well, but I don’t think that we want to bring it to a company that one day we’d be able to sell, things like that, so… It’s just us, literally mom and daughter buy houses. [0:28:04.1] We just want to acquire property just so we can get that passive income.

Dan: Yeah, I think that’s awesome. I think… There are so few business that are as good as investing that creating a business model where you don’t have to be… It’s not like you’re tied to a desk 24 hours a day. You know what I mean?

Dara: Yeah.

Dan: I think it’s like if you want to create a multimillion dollar pizza end buyer, well guess what, you’re there all the time…

Dara: Yeah.

Dan: It’s kind of what it is. It’s very hard to get out of that, and I think whether it’s passive investing or it’s multifamily or whatever it is, it seems like the perfect match for you guys, and I know you guys are killing it.

If people want to find out more about you or they want to know what you guys are doing online, is there a place where they can find you or learn more about you guys? [0:29:00.4]

Dara: Yeah, definitely. We do have our website that people can visit. I personally just branched out on my own. I’m still in real estate and whatnot, but I do have a YouTube channel where I teach people about real estate investing…

Dan: Cool! Okay! Cool!

Dara: Yeah, so the website is www.sellmypropertyatl.com...

Dan: Okay.

Dara: And my YouTube is just my name, Dara Abasute.

Dan: Okay, so Abasute, just so people who don’t know. It’s… The whole thing is D-A-R-A, and then Abasute is A-B-A-S-U-T-E. Is that correct?

Dara: Yes, that is correct.

Dan: All right cool. Again, look up that on YouTube, and they’ll be able to find your channel?

Dara: Yes.

Dan: All right, awesome. And definitely, I will… When this podcast goes live, you guys can go to www.adwordsnerds.com/podcast . We’ll have links to both the Properties ATL website and to Dara’s YouTube channels. You guys can go ahead and check out the stuff that you guys are putting out because I think that’s super awesome. [0:29:59.4] One of my favorite things about the investing community is how everybody kind of puts back into it and helps teach the next generation of investors, so I think that’s super cool.

Dara: Absolutely, absolutely. And I found a really big liking in teaching, and I’ve had a whole new following on YouTube that I never even managed would ever be the case, so I’m loving it, I’m loving it…

Dan: All right, cool. Well, it’s been awesome to get to know you a little bit, Dara, and I have to say, I think you and your mom have really found something special there, and like I said guys, if you are in the Atlanta area and you’re looking to sell a home or you want to follow up on Dara and her mom and see what they’re doing, their website is www.sellmypropertyatl.com.

Dara Abasute, thank you so much for coming on the show! I really appreciate it!

Dara: Thank you, Dan. It was a pleasure. I had so much fun!

Dan: All right, cool! We’ll definitely have to do this again sometime, and I will talk to you very soon!

Dara: All right, thank you. Have a good one!

Dan: All right, everybody. That was it for my conversation with Dara. She is a really amazing person. [0:31:01.1] Like I mentioned, I’m going to put the links to Dara’s YouTube channel and her website over on www.adwordsnerds.com. You can find all the show notes for this episode and the other episodes we’ve done at www.adwordsnerds.com/podcast, and you can check out the other episodes as well. And hey, if you are listening to this, and you’re getting value out of the show, I would really love it and appreciate it if you could leave us a review. Leaving us a review on iTunes or Stitcher or iHeartRadio or wherever you’re hearing this, really helps other people find the show, and I’d really appreciate it. So if you could just go and leave us a review, good, bad, or indifferent, I read every single one, and it means a lot to me. I will talk to you guys next week. Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook at our free Facebook group, the REM Marketing Nerds Group. You can get there by going to www.adwordsnerds.com/group, and I will be talking to you very soon. Cheers everybody, bye!

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