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I’m revealing some dirt on Dave Asprey, too. (The bulletproof coffee guy.)
Dan and Dave haven’t innovated anything.
What they’ve done is… well… let’s say they “appropriated” already existing stuff.… READ MORE

“To do business, you can either focus on proximity or you can focus on positioning.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
The median age of millennial buyers was 29 years.
Main Topic:
Politicians, The Media and Real Estate Vultures
I saw some interesting things this week from the political world and real estate world…
Harry Reid, departing Democratic Senate Minority Leader, said he had no regrets about lying on the Senate floor that Republican Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes.… READ MORE

I just wanted more traffic.
Don’t we all?
So I hit up an expert for advice.
That’s all I wanted. Something like, “do this… don’t so this.”
“Use this media, this way. Avoid this media.”
Or some stupid simple formula that would let me turn on the traffic like a fire hose.… READ MORE

“Don’t confuse being systematic with automation. Too many people are looking for “I want to do it once and never do it again.” That’s automation. That’s completely different than a system.READ MORE

I’ve confirmed this hundreds of times over the past 20 years.
And I’ve gotten so good at it I can predict, with 97.4% accuracy, if you’re gonna succeed or fail.
I can make that prediction after observing you and finding out which of these two types of person you are.… READ MORE

1. Keving Rogers Copy Chief: http://copychief.com/
2. The 60 second sales hook: http://60secondsaleshook.com/
“But the reason I don’t call it a “pitch” is because it’s not meant to close the sale.READ MORE

So you think everything is going to be alright when you amass a fortune?
Yeah… I used to think that, too.
But you couldn’t be MORE wrong.
Everything will be alright when you master THIS.
Consequently, more than likely NOTHING will be alright until you get this skill embedded into that over-sized cranium of yours.… READ MORE

“Bullets should not give it away. They should create curiosity. They should create intrigue. They should create mystique.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
Digital Marketing Spending Averages 2.5% of Company Revenue
Main Topic:
Focus On Developing SKILLS In These Three Areas Gets You More Leads, More Sales & Decreases Your Marketing Costs (Right Before The Episode We Do With Kevin Rodgers)
Skill #1: Headlines (Copywriting 101)
Skill #2: Storytelling (Copywriting 201)
Skill #3: Bullets (Copywriting Mastery)… READ MORE

I got a question for ya…
If I walked into your home or office today…what would I find?
I’m not talking about computers, printers, pens, notepads, pics of your family, liquor, weed, rolling papers… all the normal stuff.… READ MORE

“What could be happening is people aren’t spending enough money to see it really take hold and so they get stuck at 10%, because they get a little scared.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
10.4% The amount of revenue that was spent on marketing by small business http://www.gartner.com/technology/research/digital-marketing/digital-marketing-spend-report.jsp
Main Topic:
How much money should you spend on marketing
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